Jeff Sessions suffered the final defeat of his career that no one believed would ever happen

After Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Sessions tried to get back into politics by running for his old Senate seat.

Sessions entered the race the heavy favorite.

But it all ended when Jeff Sessions suffered the final defeat of his career that no one believed would ever happen.

Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tubberville defeated Sessions in a landslide win in the Alabama Republican Senate runoff election.

President Trump endorsed Tubberville and celebrated his victory.

President Trump soured on Sessions almost immediately as Attorney General after Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation.

That move allowed Deputy Attorney General and Deep State stooge Rod Rosenstein to take over and put the Trump administration through nearly three years of misery after he appointed Robert Mueller to conduct his phony witch hunt.

President Trump considered Sessions’ recusal a major betrayal but did not fire Sessions because he did not want to hand the Democrats another issue before the 2018 midterm election.

Once the midterm election concluded, all bets were off and Sessions was gone.

Sessions entered the race for his old Senate seat as the favorite.

In 2014, Sessions won re-election without the Democrats even fielding a candidate.

But Sessions earned Trump’s wrath during the Russia investigation and the President was never going to let that go.

Once Sessions found himself in the runoff with Tubberville, the President endorsed Tubberville.

And that was enough to end Sessions’ career.

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