Jeff Sessions told Tucker Carlson one truth that left viewers’ jaws on the ground

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making a comeback.

And it’s right as the impeachment fight heats up.

Jeff Sessions told Tucker Carlson one truth that left viewers’ jaws on the ground.

After weeks of speculation, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally made it official.

Sessions is running for his old Senate seat in Alabama to unseat Democrat Doug Jones.

But Sessions faces one big obstacle: the fact that he left the administration on bad terms with Donald Trump.

Sessions addressed those concerns by telling Carlson that, even though he left the administration under difficult circumstances, he never bashed Trump on TV or betrayed him in a tell-all book.

Breitbart reports on the back and forth with Carlson:

SESSIONS: When I left President Trump’s cabinet, did I write a tell-all book? No. Did I go on CNN and attack the president? No. Have I said a cross word about our president? Not one time. I will tell you why. First, that would be dishonorable. I was there to serve his agenda, not mine. Second, the president is doing a great job, for America and Alabama, and he has my strong support.

CARLSON: He has your strong support. Do you have his strong support?

SESSIONS; Well, I hope so. I think he will respect my work. I was there for the Trump agenda every day I was in the senate, no doubt about it. I was the first Republican senator to endorse him. We pushed the immigration agenda, his trade agenda and began to work for a realistic foreign policy that doesn’t get us into endless wars. He was right about all three of those. That’s where the American people are, and this Republican Congress and the whole Congress needs to listen to that.

There were definitely hard feelings between the President and his supporters toward Sessions because of his recusal in the Russia Investigation.

But as Carlson points out, Sessions is one of thew few Republicans in Washington, D.C. who can be counted on to support the President’s “Make America Great Again” agenda out of principled conviction.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



  1. Jeff Sessions you are a weasel.You as the Attorney General recusing yourself from the Russia collusion hoax was a knife in the back to this President. Whatever credibility you may have had went down the toilet at that moment. You exposed yourself for the POS you are right then and there. You are a Big part of the Corrupt Washington Establishment. You could have stopped this phony Russia Collusion witch Hunt but instead chose to go along with your cronies and throw this President under the bus. Now here you are wanting to reclaim your Senate seat.Make all the excuses you want but I hope the voters in Alabama see right through your charade. What goes around comes around Jeffrey, have you by chance met KARMA???

  2. I come here to read the headlines, but totally disgusted by the hate mongers on the left. I am sick of name calling and lies being spewed like an erupting volcano it is so sad to see the division and how low the dems and their agendas are affecting America. the more someone lies does not make it true. Trump2020

  3. All the Republicans are traitors to this country because they support a serial sexual assaulter and life long traitor. Trump is a cowardly draft dodger but fawns over military men and athletes. He even said that he thinks he deserves the Medal of Honor and Nobel Peace Price. His arrogance, racism, constant bragging, insults, lies, whining are all disgraceful. His alienation of our allies, his effort to fix two Presidential elections are traitorous, plain and simple. Hell is too good for the scumbag.

  4. I will try this once more Jeff Sessions has selective memory. He did not do the job as AG and that is why he was let go. What makes him think people did not see this and want him back. Mikey is right President Trump had and has done nothing wrong. You want to drain the swamp then set limited office on the house and the senate. President Trump will get his second term because that is what the American People want. Take the voter fraud out by deporting Soros for he can stand for his war crimes. Jeff Sessions may have told Tucker Carlson that he never said a word against President Trump but that is where his selective memory comes in.

    • The voter fraud is by the Russians with Trump’s approval Mary. Also the REpublicans have created voter fraud by gerrymandering districts and suppressing the votes with their crazy laws like a driver’s license isn’t good enough to vote but a hunting license is, stopping Sunday voting which enable black residents to vote after church, and restricting hours in many states. You have to study this. You are right about Sessions, he is a white supremacist and back stabber.

  5. Jeff Sessions always reminds me of ‘Ernie, The Keebler Elf’ with those darn ears. Like him or his work or not, he still is just a cookie peddler to me. LOL.

  6. Brainlessman please! cease with the complete gibberish, thank you from the bottom of the hearts of all of us sane people.

  7. Rewedright your server processing speed is as painfully slow as many of the other so called patriotic newsfeed/blogs, “slower than tar in January, I posted basically the same comment twice because although I was repeatedly told my comment was already posted it was not displayed.

  8. “Do not trust the little weasel considering he allowed that traitor Rod Rosenstein to oversee the Mueller Witch Hunt, no Mr. Trump find someone else to run for and endorse for Senatorial position in Alabama.

    • Really only Trump and Sessions know the extent of personal damage done between them . Trump does not hold grudges. He even let Hillary go soon after he won. At a rally chanting “Lock Her Up!” and Trump said .” Ahhh Noo naw .. I don’t think we’ll see that. Naw she suffered enough with the loss.” Now it’s biting him in the butt.

      • Tucker,come on.The “bad feelings” between them was all optics. You’ve known Donald Trump for a long time. Do you really think the recusal wasn’t part of the plan?

  9. “Do not trust the little weasel considering he allowed that traitor Rod Rosenstein to oversee the Mueller Witch Hunt.

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    • Clearly you ate a foreign enemy Julio just as the illegal alien Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” is.

    • wrong. Consensus is the FIRST refuge of the scoundrel, refers to climate hysterical fake science, & is from Michael Crichton. So the moral is never trust anyone who has RAT in their name, & doesn’t drink from a glass measuring cup. True story.

    • julio
      You’re going to be so triggered when the American citizens vote in Donald Trump and the Republican Party into all three branches of government in 2020.

      The polls in 2016 had Donald Trump losing by a landslide to hillary, and we all know how that turned out. Now the polls for 2020 have Donald Trump leading. hillary was a better candidate than any of the current democrat candidates and she lost by 77 electoral college votes. Doesn’t look good for the democrats candidates.

      The democrats only have themselves to blame. For the last 3 years, they and the msm have done nothing but attack DJT and try to pass off an illegal coup attempt as an impeachment inquiry.

      American citizens expected the congress to focus on working to improve the lives of Americans, not illegal aliens or the rest of world, definitely not trying to remove a duly elected president.

      There are a lot of democrat supporters who are waking up to the lies from schiff, pelosi, schummer and nader.

      I was going to mention aoc but I think that she struggles to dress herself each day and doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to play a integral part of the coup.

  12. His attitude on marijuana is antiquated and Alabama needs to join the growing number of states legalizing it both medically AND recreationally. He was a non-AG reclusive himself prosecuting NO ONE he should’ve!

  13. Jeff Sessions made his statements and a commercial for one person, that person being Donald Trump. The ultimate sycophant in a sea of sycophants, groveling at the feet of the stable genius.

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