Jeff Sessions uncovered a new Obama scandal that is a game changer

Barack Obama’s eight years in office saw his administration scheme to cover up multiple scandals.

Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in charge, he is rooting out corruption no one ever new existed.

And he’s just uncovered one Obama scandal that is a game changer.

The allegations of sexual misconduct that are tearing apart Hollywood, the media, and Washington finally reached the Obama administration.

A Department of Justice Inspector General report trashes the agency’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations beginning with the Obama administration.

Breitbart reports:

“Trump Justice Department Spokesman Ian Prior said that they were “very disappointed with the issues that occurred in the Obama administration” over reports of sexual misconduct at the DOJ.

In May, Inspector General Michael Horowitz alerted the DOJ via memo to potential “systemic issues” with the way that sexual harassment, groping, and other misconduct was handled. Many of these issues took place during Obama’s tenure in the White House, although some have continued into Trump’s presidency — with the latest complaints as recent as August 2017.

Examples include Office of Immigration Litigation attorney Victor Lawrence, who allegedly “groped the breasts and buttocks of two female trial attorneys” at a happy hour, without suspension or any loss of pay. While his supervisory roles were restricted and his title changed, the Obama administration was concerned that his loss would “deprive the government.”

Several other attorneys even received awards following complaints against them. One female attorney characterized the response to their behavior as a “free pass.”

This should surprise no one.

The Democrats are the party of Bill Clinton and Al Franken.

So Barack Obama’s administration getting dragged into the muck to mistreating women is no surprise.

Do you think this scandal will ruin Barack Obama’s legacy?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. We need to forget the past and concentrate on the future of our newly elected President Donald Trump, because the Democrats and old school Republicans are in a all out war to get Him out because they now fear he will and is exposing just how bad they have been screwing US the American workers and Middle Class of all colors and Parties.

    • unfortunately too much traitorism & corruption, the ZITS are going to have to be popped or gangrene will set in… it’s NOT GOING AWAY ON IT’S OWN BY ITSELF…!# PURGED!!!#

  2. he is a poor image to start with an belongs in prison for giving away billions of dollars just too start and did not are about the American people when he took lavish vacations.

  3. Which President before Obama spent a Billion Dollars of the public money on Christmas vacations over the 8 years of his presidency ? We all got ripped off by Obama.

  4. The media will only report on what happened in the Trump Administration and they won’t report one word of what happened during the Obama administration. Because the media is totally corrupt and don’t care about the truth.

  5. Who really cares what the worst president in history leaves as a legacy! It’s just a shame that we ,the American people, still need to pay him for the damage he has brought upon us.

    • The fool posing as a “Man” and a President has no legacy to pass along and THANK GOD FOR THAT.
      Gone and forgotten is the best legacy the United States could possibly experience
      and the sooner the better. He, OBAMA, is a bitter pill we must swallow and hope there is no heartburn produced from it.

    • The entire Obama administration, especially Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, all of his anti-American czars, and Michele and Barrack should all be in prison for life for treason and being enemies of the US. Those 8 years were all one big scandal.

  6. The regime of Barry Sotero aka the Fraud in the WH was concieved with malicious intent in mind, it was the goal of this admin to change the course of American history, traditions, values and policy, making America a 2nd rate nation was the intent..They have been exposed by their own deeds and acts of subversion and in some cases treason, the left now has it pants below it’s knees and can on longer act rational or with any dignity of which they had little as it is….Now comes the shrieking, yelling more lies and unreliable accusations to deny their intent, acts and results..America is going to see the US Constitution at work, the rule of law reasserted and the strangle hold of suppression removed…We will have experienced the lesson of real corruption of our nations politic and I hope to God we have learned this lesson well…..MAGA…..America for Americans…..

  7. The Bath House Barry Dictatorship had some many gates that if all were fully investigated and adjudicated they would make Watergate look like a minor traffic infraction.

    • #1 WHAT LEGACY??
      He is a radical, racist scumbag that did everything possible to ruin our country!! Subversive traitor is more like it!! I want to puke every time I see that clown!!!

      • The Obama’s were a sick people who tried to completly ruin our Country and nearly did But now we have President TRUMP.GO TRUMP.

      • I would vote to expose Barry Sotero to the fullest and afterwards expunge any and all deeds that bear his signature…You cannot condone the acts of a outright Fraud….his place in our history would be a blank and a lesson about communism……

  8. This “JOKE” Obama, first has to have a legacy before he could worry about a ruin his legacy. His legacy is cover ups and scandals, thief, murders, and bad deals. you have to do something to have a legacy this man is a ZERO, Thank God for Trump.

  9. Well obama had three Gay Lovers Die within a year when he first ran known as Bathhouse Barry on Lakeshore Drive Traveled with a Gay College Roomate to his Country where he couldn’t have with a American Passport My Money says he also had a British Passport Kenya was under British Rule, he pushed very hard for gender free Restrooms, and had a Man Michael LaVaughn Robinson for a Wife. That’s just for Starters..!!!!

    • I live in Alabama; voted for Sessions for senator several times; BUT I am disappointed in him as AG. I thought he would have been more forthright and stronger. Love is Wilcox County accent; but not much else he’s done. Actually what HAS HE DONE/

    • if you missed it he was seen frequently in gay establishments when he lived in boston.
      there have been numerous source accountings & sightings of obama’s interaction & involvement

  10. It’s one thing to know about an illegal action or scandal, and quite another to take active and determined steps to bring them to indictment and prosecution. So far, it seems that the GOP Congress has talked at length about a number of Obama era scandals and outright criminal action, but have shown a definite lack of interest in prosecuting any of them. From “Fast and Furious” to the IRS, to Clinton’s emails and Benghazi, the Trump DOJ could have enough work for 100 AAGs.

    • One at a time and these criminals will be jailed – must start somewhere and drain the swamp !
      God Bless our President Trump and keep him safe

  11. Evil can’t see its own evil, so no, nothing will happen to them. But their judgement day cannot be ‘delayed’. When it comes, they cannot escape judgement then. So yes, judgement for their crimes WILL BE DEALT HEAVILY AGAINST THEM! Even if they don’t believe in God, God still is their judge.

  12. Nothing about fraudbama, nor his criminal regime was anything but “sleazy”, ugly and illegal; it’s past time to make them pay the full price for their anti-American criminality and treason.

    • Actually, and since you asked…..I do not even for a moment believe there is anything left that could be said about Obama and his Term of ruining this Country, that could add anything at all in negative comments.
      He has said and done, he and his People, any and all things repulsive, divisive, disgusting, rude and on and on and on that could be done…He is a PUTZ and total treasonous ass.

  13. According to the FBI, Obama was born on August 4 1961 at 7:74 PM
    7 lbs 10oz 18″ long 6″ wide shoulders Birth certificate #32018 Delivered
    by Dr James O.W. Ang’awa at Coast Providence General Hospital
    in KENYA And apparently no one cares God help this Country

    • Irish Lad, I believe everything you are telling us about Obama’s birth. It is what I have thought all along. Everything he did as president should be revoked as he was ineligible to be president. He should be tried and thrown into prison for this and many other things.

          • Whenever I see a post like hers I get a visual of them sputtering and spitting all over themselves as they type out their post. If they think it’s impressive at all, they’re making a pitiful mistake.

        • When Obama starts to behave with the same respect and consideration afforded by every other exiting president, there won’t be anything left to say. As long as he continues to sabotage this country and falsely believe he’s still in charge, which BTW has never been done by any other exiting president in our history, people will stay upset, and rightly so. That said, once done with your post, I hope you had a tissue nearby to wipe the spittle from your face.

    • I have believed this from day one and called a lot of names because of it. I don’t know how obvious something has to be before people will see the truth!

  14. Our government will never go after Obama, no matter what laws he breaks.
    Even though Obama is only half black, if our government was to arrest Obama, put him on trial and convict him, they would give him a pass and do nothing to him, because they know there would be riots by all the blacks across the nation, just because they feel he was being made an example of because he’s black.

    • There is absolutely NOTHING that would surprise me about the BIG ZERO’S EIGHT YEARS OF AMERICAN DOWNFALL AND DISGRACE! You can also include SLICK WILLY’s Terms of disaster and CROOKED HILLY’s DISGRACEFUL term as SECRETARY OF STATE, from her responsibility for the deaths of 4 men at Benghazi, and the sale of 20% OF US URANIUM, and the enrichment of the CROOKED CLINTON FOUNDATION that is FILLED with DISGRACEFUL BRIBERY MONEY FROM THE Russians to the rest of the eastern nations that have benefited from her stint (ALMOST TYPED STINK) in her “PAYOFF POSITION BY THE BIG ZERO FOR LETTING HIM RUN FOR PRES FIRST!!! ANYONE DOUBT THAT???? We also cannot let HORRENDOUS HOLDER off the hook, either, cuz he also had to sign off on the URANIUM THEFT!!!

  15. Obama is not stopping after the presidency. He went to Asia right after Trump Asia visit. He still has considerable influence around the world. Even Prince Harry wanted to invite him to the wedding.

    There is a need of exposing his true color, starting with his Hezbollah scandal. More are to come.

    • It is illegal for any American citizen, and that is all Obama is, to interact with foreign governments undermining American policies. The AG needs to arrest him.

    • The invitation to Harry’s wedding comes about as the saying goes ” bird of the same feather fly together they all have been involved in the millionaire jet to the sex island for sex with young girl SEX SLAVE GIRLS” Harry is no angel he might be a prince but a prince of sex along with that hollywood rat.

    • Prince Harry?? We’ve dealt with stupid Englishmen before! We used to row across the big river and steel their soft white women off shore where they swam out to our boats!! ;-P

  16. obama has one big legacy that he will carry with himself for the rest of his life and that
    he did his upmost to to drag this country as deeply into the hole as he could, and if crooked hillary was elected hr would have succeded. thank god that enough of us deplorables saw the light and put donald trump in the white house.

  17. Don’t hold your breath on this one folks. We have seen this over and over countless times before. Every day someone comes up with something that will absolutely have Obama indicted and put in jail. As usual, it all fizzles out. Time to take a reality break people. Nothing is going to happen to him. Does anyone actually believe the Democrats and RINOs have the courage to do anything about this? Noting will come of this.

    We are coming into an election year. I believe that the only thing the RINOs in Congress will try to do with this is to gain brownie points with the voters. Remember last year when they were all promising to repeal Obamacare and secure the borders? Have they done that yet?

    I would like to see Obama on the hot seat just as much as anyone else. If he goes down, that would set off one big chain reaction. The Democrats and the RINOs can’t afford to let that happen. Like Hillary, Obama knows what closets have skeletons. If he goes down, a boat load of people along with many members of Congress could go down with him and Sessions knows it. All the politicians in Congress also know it.

    The only people that will be prosecuted will be the scapegoats forced to take the rap for him. As long as the people allow it, he will continue to be above the law thumbing his nose at all of us. I would be pleasantly surprised to see him in an orange jump suit and handcuffs. Not going to happen.

    • That’s why NOBODY it “touching” Hillary either, if she would get ARRESTED, INDICTED, TRIED and CONVICTED, MANY, MANY more would end up in the “same” boat with her, the boat called “BEHIND BARS”, so, she has her PROTECTION just like Obama, and so they keep going around “SPEWING their “VENOM” freely and without FEAR….!!!! The ONLY thing the “People” really could do to get RID of them for GOOD and have the rest of the LIBDEMS disappear into the sunset, is to hire some really, really GOOD snipers, whose names should always be filed under “TOP, TOP, TOP, TOP SECRET”, NEVER to be found out, that’s in my humble OPINION the ONLY way to get OUR country back, because NONE of them will ever be PROSECUTED and “We the People” will NEVER, EVER get JUSTICE…!!!

  18. I’m not surprised this lying scumbag has been involved in punishable activities. I only wish he would be brought up on charges, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail along with his many cronies including Crooked Killary.

  19. The “Obama legacy,” was and is one of hate for all things American promoted from the start, racial division, a war on police, the tarnishing of the Department of Justice, the persecution of all who stood in opposition by federal agencies like the IRS and the ATF and FBI, mandated the ACA denying you choice and the freedom to retain your own PCP’s and then lied about it to the American public. He approved the Uranium one deal made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, GIVING 20% OF OUR AVAILABLE URANIUM TO THE RUSSIAN NUCLEAR AGENCY ROSATOM: An act of sheer treason IF EVER THERE WAS ONE in this disabled Vietnam veteran’s opinion; blamed the fiasco at Benghazi on a nonexistent anti-Islamic movie, took credit for the Navy Seal Team six operation that killed Osama Binh Laden , taxed American into oblivion for the sake of illegal immigrants and unvetted , so-called “refugees; some of whom were and are inimical to every concept upon which this country was founded and showed a hateful disdain for the Rule of law and the Constitution he was SWORN to defend and uphold. His sins are LEGION and NEVER has he ever been held responsible or accountable for his heinous performances when he SHOULD have been and long ago! These are not opinions, but verifiable FACTS and, when the electorate goes to the polls next November, these points and the ongoing revelations of sexual misconduct, prevarication, thievery and RAMPANT incompetence for the eight years of the Obama rule by an Emperor with delusions of Godhood and the near TRIPLING of our debt during those years should be recognized and acted upon by that electorate to remove all of them in this election and in every election thereafter for as long as it takes to DRAIN THE SWAMP OF THOSE LIKE OBAMA, ANTHONY WEINER, AL FRANKEN , JOHN CONYERS AND A HOST OF OTHER NATIONAL DISGRACES AND THE PROGENITORS OF HATE LIKE AL SHARPTON, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, RAHM EMMANUELLE AND A LEGION OF LOSERS ; ALL OF WHOM AS ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE SWORN TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; NOT TO BECOME SUCH AND WHO SHOULD BE REMOVED FOR VIOLATION OF THOSE OATHS MAKING THEM MALFEASANT IN OFFICE, AND DERELICT IN DUTY AND OBLIGATION TO THE AMERICAN CITIZEN ELECTORATE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE, NOT PERSECUTE!

    • This is what happens when racist bigot liberals elect an Indonesian raised, muslim convert, racist “community” organizer schooled in anti-American ideology from birth; look at his mentors and tell me you are surprised at his relentless attack on America.

    • Nitika63: That’s one of the best summations of Obama’s “legacy” I’ve read. And the Republicans were silent, other than a few token murmurs, during those eight years which just provides additional evidence that the two-party system is an illusion.

      But again, an excellent summation.

    • Nitika63-ditto the accolades for your summation. What gets me frustrated about the way Obama is treated like a deity by the media is that we know that they are merely terrified of being critical, because he will play that race card in a heartbeat, and what Progressive wants to be accused of being racist. So, it could be said he keeps himself in that protective racial bubble by having the card at the ready at all times.

  20. As bad as this is, with all the press info, nothing ever gets done and it’s pathetic.
    Hillary and Bill should both be in prison with all that is known about them but ARE THEY? People in office are immune to prosecution if the Clinton’s are an example. What has happened to America? Where is “justice for all?” Elected politicians should be an example of morality but they are examples of what NOT to be. Makes me sick. I’d say more but it’s “X” rated.

    • Yes SOMETHING can be done;;;;;NEVER VOTE ANOTHER LIBERAL INTO POLITICAL OFFICE; 2018/20 WILL prove if American conservatives have learned their lessons, especially the self proclaimed smarter than anyone else libertarians and independents have NOT SEEN THE LIGHT.

      • David Peacock, what you say about Obama is true. He went to a Madrassa in Indonesia which was only for Indonesians. So either his step father pulled some strings or Obama changed to be an Indonesian. Which makes him ineligible to be President.

  21. Everything about Barry – whoever the hell he really is – is a lie. Start with his name – Whether or not he was ever an Obama could easily be proven with a legitimate DNA/paternity test. The Obama family in Kenya has said they would like to see that happen because they feel as though they were used as pawns for his political gain. A simple again legitimate DNA test would prove if the girls are in fact Michael and Barry’s – again doubtful. Regardless of what or how many “official birth certificates” can be produced – Barry was LEGALLY adopted by Lolo Soetoro – when he was a minor – that LEGALLY makes him Barack Soetoro and an Indonesian citizen. There are no records of his name or nationality having ever been LEGALLY changed again. I doubt very seriously anything to prove otherwise would be found in ALL of those records he was so desperate to have sealed away from the American people. I can only imagine the uproar from the left if President Trump decided he wanted to have ALL of his records sealed as well. The same people who ONLY voted for Barry because he is black are now calling others racist. It is all a bunch of B.S. and needs to be cleared up first thing to do is issue a presidential order to have ALL of thoise records unsealed and lets see what Mr. Transparent is so desperate to hide. Then the legitimate DNA test and the impostor is exposed along with his transvestite wife.

    • I am afraid that we will never know the truth in our life times. May be in 100 years, some Historians will dig up the truth, but by then no one will care. Its like now, some Historians are re-looking at FDR’s Legacy and admitting that some of his Policies actually prolonged the Great Depression and what saved America’s economy was WWII and that the First Lady was a Lesbian and had a live in Girlfriend at the White House, but like I said, no one cares!

    • His legacy will be he provided Iran with nuclear capabilities. He joins other great Democrats like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter who provided North Korea with nuclear capabilities. Though Bath House Barry’s – whoever the hell he really is – accomplishments will not endear him to the U.S. or Israel he is sure to be honored as a hero by the jihadist.

  22. Democrats have no class. Obama wanted to bring white folks down and bring the image of blacks up. It is clear that he tried to manipulate the law in all kinds of ways . Remember that he said, “There isn’t even a tiny hint of corruption”in his administration. His entire administration was corrupt (I.e. Benghazi, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Hillary
    The whole justice dept, etc) . Liar, corrupt . They will all be outed now or later. Many books will tell what really happened. Not a tale of fiction. I truly believe Obama is not who he says he is. I believe he is a Muslim and that Soros picked him out because of his verbal ability and they fashioned him into a useful shill in government and succeeded in doing so. Only history will tell what is really true and only several generations from now will the truth be told.

  23. Sessions is investigating obama? Ha!
    Bullmueller! Sessions is part of the obama cabal. Obama and Hilliar are off limits as long as Sessions and his group are in charge of law enforcement.

  24. The ATTY General, Jeff Sessions needs to ” UNRECUSE himself, then appoint a Special Investigator to reveal the crimes of Hillery C., Abdin with these newely released E-Mails found on her and Weiners Laptop Computer, with highly classified docs open for all the worlds Hackers to see and devour,its time for the ORANGE jumpsuits, leg irons to to be fitted to these criminals…James, concerened, decorated war vet Vietnam 69 to 70…

  25. What legacy? This man leaves behind a trail od deceit,treason,conduct unbecoming of a decent and honorable US President. He should be in JAIL. Is this a legacy to brag about?

  26. I for one would love to see all that are guilty of any misbehavior within the Democratic party under O’s leadership(?),be charged and taken to court. However as long as we have these mealy mouth and spineless arses running the Justice dept. I do not for see it in the near future.

  27. Let’s allow the current A/G time to get the job done. It takes a lot of time to build a solid case of the magnitude required here. If the case is not built iron clad, the perpetrators could go to trial and still walk.

  28. Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lerner, Lynch, Sharpton, Cumo, and NRC Mayor are nothing more than common criminals that have a lot of clout. They should all be in prison for doing George Soros’s evil for him. Since Obama is such a racist, they can hang Michelle and Obama. This would never effect in the least. They have stolen so much from the American taxpaper.

  29. Lmao, liberals are such idiots they are so full of bull shit, every time they open bull shit comes out. They just keep making them self look even more stupid, ban these liberal cry babies, and democraps our country will be a whole lot better.

    • Imagine our country if media reported honestly and without bias? D.C. would be exposed for all Americans to see. Instead media enables corruption as trillions of dollars are at stake. Trillions in tax cuts handing Americans back some of their money and look whose crying.

  30. Like every thing else there might be an investigation after which there will be no conseqences. Millions spent investigating with zero consequences to anybody so why not stop all investigations and move in. Or immediately fire most of the leaches in question.

  31. When it comes down to it, our Government Officials whom are DEMOCRATS are nothing more than Corrupt, Liars, Hypocrites that cannot do anything else and OBAMA, Clintons, and many more are the WORST of the bunch…..
    Every single one of these individuals belong in front of a FIRING SQUAD or HUNG in Public to ROT….. Our Justice System needs to get off their A__s and do what is needed to prosecute them…..NO EXCEPTIONS, EXCUSES,MERCY or otherwise… NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW, NOBODY !

    • I do not believe corruption can only be on one side of the aisle, rather both. Let’s expose all corruption as corruption rather than partisan politics. Let’s unmask all the people in D.C. who offended and had taxpayers pay the settlements.

    • It will be interesting to see just how many Dems are among the 250, or so, humanoids who took advantage of the “Shush” Fund to cover their perverted acts.

      My WAG is that 80%+ will be of the Demonic-Democrat-Party.

    • You darn right firing squad I say, no more delays excuses,,lying
      Corrupt people in office ruining our country!! Especially Obama
      Hilliary, Eric Holder, and anyone caught committing a crime
      Trump and Jeff Sessions can do this!!! President Trump is the greatest
      and will do the right thing!!! Oh yes another person who thinks she is above the law Michell or Michael whichever Obama She is just
      Plain sicko!!!!

  32. WHAT “legacy”???? There’s nothing to “ruin”; that whole regime was a disgusting litany of one crime against America after another! I don’t consider “obamacare” a “legacy” worth saving, and that’s only 1 of his rotten debacles! The apology tours; Fast and Furious, east and west, Benghazi, Iran, sale of our uranium to Russia, the WORST “race” relations in the US since 1860; the division of Americans into various camps so nothing positive gets done and no dialogue is possible; the list is nearly endless.

    • His legacy is ‘ transgender’s bathrooms! PERIOD! He, his ‘ wife ‘, and everyone in the democrapic party ARE CORRUPT to the CORE! Every word you wrote is TRUTH!!

  33. Barry Soetoro has NO Legacy…Period!
    As far as the republicans go…(doing nothing to the hypocritical Democrats…) business as usual?
    We’ll see just how serious the DOJ really is over the next few months!

    • Absoluely true; the uniparty rules. Only difference is, repubs are globalists and dims are actually anti-american. There are a few repubs we can trust (freedom caucus), but no dims. And we cannot call them liberals. The big change that came when they elected a man with less experience then Jesse Jackson, in the same job, told us who they now are.

  34. Obama’s legacy is already ripped to shreds. This is icing on the cake. Those who contribute to building his Presidential Library are pure stupid…throwing good money after bad. Obama will, undoubtedly, put the skids on what ‘papers’ will be released to the American public after 5 years. Just more cover-ups…only thing he’s REALLY good at. In the meantime, his open mic on the world stage and multi-million dollar book deal are adulterated fiction.

    • Only a fool would pay the asshole sixty five million Fi a book deal and only a fool would buy the book . We have seen enough of the corrupt , skrawney African . Nothing to be seen .

  35. Nothing will happen to Obama. He is as slippery as Slick Willie and Hillariously Rotten!
    While the Dumbocrats are advertising on television to impeach Trump, the Republicans are doing nothing to go after the hypocritical Democrats in any substantial way.

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