Jeff Sessions uncovered a new Obama scandal that is a game changer

Barack Obama’s eight years in office saw his administration scheme to cover up multiple scandals.

Now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in charge, he is rooting out corruption no one ever new existed.

And he’s just uncovered one Obama scandal that is a game changer.

The allegations of sexual misconduct that are tearing apart Hollywood, the media, and Washington finally reached the Obama administration.

A Department of Justice Inspector General report trashes the agency’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations beginning with the Obama administration.

Breitbart reports:

“Trump Justice Department Spokesman Ian Prior said that they were “very disappointed with the issues that occurred in the Obama administration” over reports of sexual misconduct at the DOJ.

In May, Inspector General Michael Horowitz alerted the DOJ via memo to potential “systemic issues” with the way that sexual harassment, groping, and other misconduct was handled. Many of these issues took place during Obama’s tenure in the White House, although some have continued into Trump’s presidency — with the latest complaints as recent as August 2017.

Examples include Office of Immigration Litigation attorney Victor Lawrence, who allegedly “groped the breasts and buttocks of two female trial attorneys” at a happy hour, without suspension or any loss of pay. While his supervisory roles were restricted and his title changed, the Obama administration was concerned that his loss would “deprive the government.”

Several other attorneys even received awards following complaints against them. One female attorney characterized the response to their behavior as a “free pass.”

This should surprise no one.

The Democrats are the party of Bill Clinton and Al Franken.

So Barack Obama’s administration getting dragged into the muck to mistreating women is no surprise.

Do you think this scandal will ruin Barack Obama’s legacy?

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