Jeff Sessions was called out by the last person he ever expected

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is back on the hot seat.

Sessions was called out for his behavior in the Russia investigation.

And no one could believe who accused Sessions of not doing his job.

Fox News host Sean Hannity tore into Sessions for his inexcusable behavior in the Russia investigation.

First, Sessions recused himself.

That led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Now Sessions has refused to hold FBI and DOJ officials who authorized the spying on the Trump campaign accountable.

Breitbart reports:

“Your federal government has been using opposition research to spy on a political campaign,” Hannity stated. “This should rock the soul of every American in the country.”

Hannity said the dossier, full of “Russian lies,” was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton.

“This is what happens in banana republics,” he later added.

Hannity went on to call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do his job.

“Jeff Sessions, where are you tonight? Your nation needs you to do your job tonight,” he said.

President Trump has repeatedly ripped Sessions on social media for his recusal and refusal to prosecute obvious criminal wrong doing committed by Hillary Clinton, James Comey and others.

But Hannity – who is a key Trump confidante – criticizing Sessions on TV sends a signal that once the Mueller investigation is over, Trump may fire Sessions.

Do you think Donald Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his conduct in the Russia investigation?

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