Jeff Sessions was called out by the last person he ever expected

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is back on the hot seat.

Sessions was called out for his behavior in the Russia investigation.

And no one could believe who accused Sessions of not doing his job.

Fox News host Sean Hannity tore into Sessions for his inexcusable behavior in the Russia investigation.

First, Sessions recused himself.

That led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Now Sessions has refused to hold FBI and DOJ officials who authorized the spying on the Trump campaign accountable.

Breitbart reports:

“Your federal government has been using opposition research to spy on a political campaign,” Hannity stated. “This should rock the soul of every American in the country.”

Hannity said the dossier, full of “Russian lies,” was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton.

“This is what happens in banana republics,” he later added.

Hannity went on to call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do his job.

“Jeff Sessions, where are you tonight? Your nation needs you to do your job tonight,” he said.

President Trump has repeatedly ripped Sessions on social media for his recusal and refusal to prosecute obvious criminal wrong doing committed by Hillary Clinton, James Comey and others.

But Hannity – who is a key Trump confidante – criticizing Sessions on TV sends a signal that once the Mueller investigation is over, Trump may fire Sessions.

Do you think Donald Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his conduct in the Russia investigation?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I THINK THAT they would ALL b afraid ???? of Judge Judy because she would whip them all into shape. But she is definitely a perfect fit

  2. If our President Trump fires Mrs. SESSIONS NOW the Left Wing Nuts cases will want to start the BS RUSSIAN hoax -TRUMP MAN HUNT all over again and the F’n SWAMP WILL let it happen.
    THAT little Beading eye ???? worm Rosenstein should be canned as well but it would start the BS of obstruction all over again.
    SESSIONS WILL BE FIRED UNLESS HE been holding back on a stack of inditements waiting for the time and the time is now

  3. Mr.trump: you are losing many followers by keeping jeff sessions as a.g. please tell us if there is a reason for not replaceing him .

  4. ANYONE OF THESE BUFFOONS WHO OBSTRUCTED should be charged and procuted. And have to return their salary while they were sitting on their asses doing nothing

  5. The DOJ is Obama’s DOJ with Sessions just doing nothing. He should have been fired when he reputed himself on Russia

  6. Good bye Jeff! I always thought you a quiet, but brave man, but it’s become obvious that I was wrong! It’s time to step down. Don’t make Trump fire you! You got your highest position yet and flubbed it!

  7. Sessions is OK but in way over his head. We need Trey Gowdy in there. He will kick butt and take action. How ever, lets wait and see what Mueller ends up with. You can bet he will unload everything he has just before election time.

  8. Sessions should be fired and then investigated himself.
    Besides not doing his job, he is helping everyone else who should be prosecuted slip away to this point. Now finally the truth will come out slowly but surely, and the rats in the woodpile are trying to find a secure hiding place.
    Take away their government pensions if they are caught and convicted of their crimes! This is all very sad! We have seen enough of this corruption in our government!

  9. Jeff Sessions is laying it big time on the illegal immigrants now to make sure it keeps him in some good stead with Trump. Whatever he’s recused himself from it’s most likely something that would come back biting him in the rear end. Immigrants don’t have that much power and Sessions doesn’t worry about their influence and sending the dogs after him.

  10. Fire SESSIONS NOW. Why pay him for a job he won’t do. He knits & picks at various things to make himself appear worthy. Simply NOTot doing his job FIRE him.

  11. If AG Sessions is not going to do his job, he should be replaced immediately in my opinion. Fire Mueller and jail all the crooks.

  12. Followed closely by Rosenstein & Mueller……for starters! Dump Wray shortly thereafter then remove security clearances from a whole bunch of the traitors!

  13. If he doesn’t fire Sessions he will have a lot of explaining to do.Sessions is hurting him every day and for no good reason. He should have been fire a long time ago and replaces by someone that would look at the facts, no like Sessions does he just plain looks the other way and sits on his butt.

  14. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  15. Sessions is a questionable choice for any position. What does our President see in him? Is this a case of keeping your enemies close?

  16. Sessions needs to go now. Each day that passes is one more day the deep state continues to exist. We need to break this house of liars down now

  17. I think the President should have fired him along time ago. I was so disappointed in Sessions, I thought he stand up and get the job done. My next choice was Trey Gowdy. I like how he is so strong and doesn’t back down. I think he should at least be given the opportunity to serve.

  18. It’s way worse than that . He is allowing the Deep State to continue to lie etc at will he refuses to file charges on balant crimes that have been committed.
    Please President TRUMP FIRE THIS LOOSER NOW.

  19. President Trump MUST FIRE JEFF SESSIONS as soon as possible. He is against the president and he is not doing his job. He was the worst choice of the prsidend to nominate him for the job.
    Dr. N. Moisidis P.E.

  20. Like it. If you are not going to do the job the without fairness. Then it is time to go. The evidence is there, it is not fair to the citizens to ignore it.

  21. hmm. I don’t know ALL the ‘realskinny’ (but some ‘skinny’)
    & neither
    does Any0ne here. ‘Hold Your horses’.

  22. Sessions should have been fired the moment he recused himself from the investigation the whole thing reeks of setup Trump should have never trusted a lifelong politician to do the right thing.

  23. Sessions needs to go ASAP
    The American People need “ A CONVENTION OF STATES ” to take place to remove all the career useless politicians which is probably about 90% or more and then TERM LIMITS FOR SURE

  24. Sessions was the biggest dissappointment ever! Should have had his ass kicked out long ago. He is RINO number three behind only Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell!!

  25. Jeff Sessions is a HUGE disappointment. If he thinks his illegal immigration work is going to save his reputation….it won’t! He should be able to walk and chew gum. When this Mueller witch hunt is over Trump should indeed fire him!!! He is a joke! If he really believes in his own recusal…he would HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE NEED FOR ROSENSTEIN’S RECUSAL!!!

  26. Rosestein need to go alright……. Go to F’n jail.
    IT’s a real shame to watch the complete failure of our legal system. The Democrapz have committed crime after crime and it’s like it a big mistery. We have the liars club in public lying but it’s like who the F cares:
    Liars club – Comey , Mcabe , Bennen, Tapper , Rosenstein, Strock, Hillary and this is just for starters. And SESSIONS is no where to be found???

  27. I’m so sad & angry What Sessions has become!! He
    Use too speak up & stand for things when he was a Senator!!
    When was appointed he refused too be a part of. The
    Russia investigation & knew there was nothing too it!! He just
    Didn’t want too stand up for the man who chose him
    Too be attorney General!! No Democrats would do that!
    He’s a big disappointment !! I hope Trump does
    Fire him, he’s just afraid of standing up too the deep
    State or the Dems!! Sadly mr. Sessions , you should
    Step down & do the right thing & let Predifent Trump
    Who will actually do the job !!

  28. We need these F’n criminals in jail now!!! They will turn on one another like chumps that they are
    WE NEED THE “ CONVENTION OF STATES “ to restore the country back to the legal citizens

  29. Pres. Trump,stop draining the swamp with a spoon. Pull the damned plug. Can them all. The people will back you.

  30. I agree. He is either being blackmailed or threatened. I also think John Roberts was as well. When he fixed it for Obama care to pass the Supreme Court.

  31. Sessions needs to fire Rosenstien and take control of obligations he was entrusted with as attorney general. His excuse of not being involved in the Russian witch-hunt has run its course. Rosenstein is going down and Sessions will go down with him if he doesn’t start taking charge of this situation. The problem with Trump firing Sessions is congress would have to approve of a new AG and you know what a problem that will be. So, the one we need to get rid of is Rosenstein and Trump can appoint his replacement. So for the moment, lets just concentrate on the immediate problem; Rosenstein…

  32. We all need to support the “ convention of states “ and please everybody pass the word and sign up now.
    Your fellow American

  33. I agree. He is either being blackmailed or threatened. I also think John Roberts was as well. When he fixed it for Obama care to pass the Supreme Court.

  34. When it comes to JEFF SESSIONS we think there ar smarter people out here than most of our Government that has the say so on SESSIONS. WE said he had the back bone of a jellie fish and he is proven it. HE WANTS TO BE FRIENDS TO EVERY BODY EVEN THE CRIMINALS.. JEFFIE THAT CAN’T BE YOU HAVE TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THE CRIMINAL, NOT ASK THEM OUT TO LUNCH..


  35. He should clean house of all the Bama leftovers plus JS and all the other morons that can’t do their jobs.

  36. What the hell, is Jeff Sessions the only attorney in the country? Can someone else file suit against the suspects? Seems to me there is enough evidence a first year law student could file charges and get the conviction. Something else much more nefarious going on here.

  37. Think Jeff Sessions has been deep state establishment for a long time before he was appointed A G. The only thing he was good for as a senator was “pony shows” to keep us thinking we still had a two party system. Our government has been run by the central hub of the new world order’s “shadow government” for many decades with lots of pony shows from both elected democrats and republicans.

  38. I agree with all the comments, Sessions is a thorn on the American people,sure didnt think so when he was so busy supporting Trump during the campaign,now he has turned on Trump and is a RAT.

  39. Sessions is nothing more than a scared little weasel controlled by the left. I bet he was swept up in filegate and is being blackmailed by Hillary.

  40. I totally agree. Let the Injustice Department with one sided justice and even witch hunts to find scum be the Justice Department again.

  41. I agree with Oland Davis,hard to trust runts.
    I heard on Fox News that senate majority said to the president,”If you fire Sessions the senate will be to busy to confirm another person for AG this year.”Therefore Rosentien will be AG until the senate has time to get another person confermed.

  42. I believe it’s time that we the people demand not ask demand a special counsel to probe into the background of Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff sessions, the Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton another communist traitor to the United States, Valerie Jarrett, van Jones who shoots his mouth off a lot, John Kerry a coward and best friends too Hanoi Jane,

  43. Arletta, I’ve been telling my wife all along that Judge Jeanine Pirro needs to be in his seat although she said she will not take it she will get things done agree with you 100%

  44. Trump needs to get rid of Session he is a big disappointment to all. Trump needs to put Judge Jeanine Pirro in his place she would be the best.

  45. Jeff Sessions is more than a dissappointment and needs to be fired. He and Rosenstein do absolutely nothing besides add to the national debt, right along with Robert M. PLEASE get them off the payroll!!!

  46. Now’s not the time….. maybe after the Senate elections. In the meantime…. send him to summer camp or something! Keep him busy with other things and out of trouble. I’m sure Trump can find someone else to agitate Rosentine and his buddy.
    The Senate would never give Trump another Attorny General right now. The Senate is good as dragging their feet, as kids are about going to bed on time!
    The current Senate now is rather disfunctional right now, because of the upcoming elections.
    They really need to dump as many of the Rinos and Democrats that they can to really get anything done and to be more supportive to our President.

  47. I am more concerned about the FBI DOJ,S S
    Sessions has been a hughe disappointmrnt to all conservatives. Also concerned with lack of accomplishments with House and Senate leadership and N C DC. They promised a lot and delivered little, un like our PRESIDENT and he has and is delivering unlike the above.

  48. I have a 12 year old daughter with more intestinal fortitude than Jeff Sessions! He is a spineless ground slithering snake that has manipulated himself to his position just to block any action towards those that should have been prosecuted and jailed by now. I can’t think of a more despicable person than Jeff sessions. FIRE HIS FILTHY SCUM BAG A** NOW!!!!!

  49. I think Jeff Sessions should be given the opportunity to resign and if he refuses then fired. This would be the honorable way to handle it. If Mr Sessions wants to preserve any of his respect as a long term senator, then this should be the way to go.

  50. Not one for the reason the special prosecutor was appointed, and none for the obvious crimes committed by Hillary Clinton with regards her handling of highly classified information. We have a two tiered justice system: one for Republicans and ordinary citizens, and one for Democrat politicians.


  52. Uh Scott, if you think back to the Benghazi hearings, one of the biggest frustrations for that congressional committee was that they were stonewalled on receiving ALL the docs they requested from Hillary’s legal team & state dept. It went nowhere because they were denied their requests. And as far as the Mueller probe…that “special counsel” was set up to find collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But he had NO specific guidelines within which he has to stay. So since he found no evidence of collusion in the Trump campaign, he has moved on to turn over every stone on ALL involved with Trump and go after any & every infraction they’ve ever done!! Look at the indictments so far; NOT ONE had ANYTHING to do with their involvement with the campaign. All the indictments involve OTHER infractions, like money laundering, not filing FARA forms, etc. So Trump is totally accurate when he calls the Mueller probe a ‘witch hunt’.

  53. Jeff Sessions has failed the President and American People and he should either in-revise himself and do the job he was chosen to do and go after Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Obama, and a host of others . If he can’t execute the law then RESIGN!

  54. To all Americans:
    We need a “ convention of states” please everyone look it up and sign it up. We need to take our country back for “all the trash “ that is ruining it
    Let’s rock


  56. People were worried about Trumps’s handling of the meeting with Putin. I am much more worried about the threat that Sessions has received if he helps the present administration or Trump. It was the first thing that came to my mind when he behaved the way he did after getting his position. Something is very disingenuous here- and smells of deep state threats. !

  57. I agree with you on Sessions. I really believe that he is being threatened by the deep state, or at the least does not know what to do in his new job. Either way he needs to man-up and if being threatened, he can get protection for himself and his family from our government, if he lets them know he is under threat.

  58. Jeff Sessions supported President Trump at the beginning of his campaign. Now we know why! To be a mole in the campaign, to gain President Trump’s trust to work against him, & to be the key to appoint a special council after he was elected by recusing himself & not even discussing it with the newly elected President! He does nothing
    to stop the corruption of the DOJ & FBI or to stop the
    withholding of information! He is no Attorney General!

  59. As a native Alabamian who has consistently voted for Sessions for senate; I am totally dumbfounded as to his non-action toward Rosenstein, Wray, and the FBI in general????

  60. We need a “ convention of states” please everyone look this up and sign up. We the people need to retake our country- government

  61. And the facts have come in that he did not need to recuse himself, and did so the wrong way! How dumb is that. Seems like he must of been doing at the time, what he was told to do. Not only recused himself for Russia, but everything HRC! SO what the hell is he there for? COVER! Then as time goes along, Many things have been brought to our Attention, which is the job of the Acting AG, which Would be SESSIONS, He hands it over to Rosenstein! If someone does not have the ability to see this for what it is, Really need to get your head checked. No one would put a Second rate Citizen on a Pedestal in real life on any Joe blow job, and say “GIVE THEM TIME” after a year and a half of failure and effecting the whole Company! Hello? you would have been handed your paycheck and a boot in the ass out the door! Stop holding any Government officials to higher standards then what is expected out of us Peons.

  62. That would be great. And Doopi and the rest of the know nothings on the view or whatever they call that full of crap show would go nuts. Judge Pirro would be a great fit

  63. Yes fire him yesterday, and all the RINOS and then all the LEFT Leaning SCUM from the SWAMP.

  64. Sessions has been nothing but a HUGE disappointment for the President and the TRUE AMERICANS that live in OUR great country. TRUMP NEEDS TO FIRE HIM NOW!!!

  65. No doubt. All the deep state Libs of course want all their diversions left in place in hopes of committing voter fraud this November. This is a no brainer to fire Sessions he has shown nothing but incompetence or is covering for the deep states criminals

  66. Having your own Opinion is one thing, Telling the American People Basically to STFU is a other for stating their Opinions. Offensive. How Dare you accuse Americans who Voted for our POTUS of Meddling! We as Americans, Taxpayers in a free Country have the right to JUDGE what ever POLITICIAN is in OFFICE and State our OPINION. Exspecailly One as Such Importance as the AG! When we are living in a Lawless Country and all the Proof is out in the Open that the AG is MIA, even More so for the American People to want him Fired. Apparently you are just a other left liberal who is very happy with the No Action AG Sessions. GO check with the Demorats, the Liberals and apply you Position there where it is Deserving. You will find Much Meddling, Obstruction, Collusion, On a daily base. So please, go try to SHUT THEM UP.

  67. And Seems GOP is Not out there Campaigning for any of the Candidates! Appalling. All we ever see is endorsements from our POTUS And he will be the only one who shows up for a few. WHEN Are these RINO Rats Ever going to STAND UP FOR AMERICA? Sure get their Emails wanting MONEY. They should be Out their fighting tooth and nail for every Conservative seat. I am afraid most of them is in bed with the RATS.

  68. Harvey, The American Patriots get enough Crap from the liberal Left and Shut down. It is offensive your statement I am sure to most. You sound like just a other Leftist trying to Shut up those you don’t agree with. Telling the American People they are “Meddling” For speaking their Mind? How dare you, There a MANY DAMN Demorats, Liberals, You can go Voice that same Sentiment too, where it is Deserving. If you want a list, Just ask, I will be sure and let you know where you can start. Hint: Just look to many of the DemoRAT party and you can find MUCH Meddling along with Obstruction, they are doing on a Daily base. It is the American People who Elected our POTUS, And have Ever right to Voice their Opinion of what they Feel is Best for our Country! Patience has more then ran out the Lawless State we are living in.

  69. I agree with you totally. He has woosed out on his JOB. He’s playing candy-a**. He’d either better put up or get out of the office. He’s sure NOT doing his JOB.

  70. Mostly everything I read in these comments are true so I won’t repeat anything. What I will say is simple, fire Jeff Sessions.

  71. Dump Sessions now. He has never done his job in a responsible manner !!! replace him with Judge Jeanine Pirro a true Patriot.

  72. Jeff Sessions is no better than the deep state. He has taken an underhanded attitude toward our Constitutional government and our rights.

  73. I have heard this, and would be More then Shocked! None of this makes sense to me at all. But A ounce of “Believling” like a Miracle, would be they are keeping this in the HUSH, To protect lives, and when they hit, will hit hard! It would diffidently be the “Art of the Deal” If this is what Trump is Planning with Sessions in the plan, making this look like something is Actually is Not??? Never judge a book by its Cover. I would be amazed, shocked, Very happy like many Americans. I hope it is true, but don’t put much into this.


  75. not only session should be followed but also Mueller and his witch hunt team of attorneys, they have wasted enough time and American tax dollars on the investigation.

  76. Absolutely agree! I was somewhat excited when he was appointed, but quickly that elation turned to extreme disappointment. Wonder what a strong AG would have accomplished?

  77. You hit the nail on the Head!! So correct. We are in a WORSE STATE Then ever before with the Deep State in POWER! Very Scary TIMES. It is not safe and like you said, I live in CA, and have been fighting tooth and nail and very Sick of the VIOLENCE Towards the Trump Supporters, Living in a time of NO LAW, ORDER & JUSTICE. We are all well aware of how this Has Escalated, Dangerous in every Sense. I see us on the Brink of Civil War. This is a top Security Issue and at the Highest Importance. How long can Trump Supporters keep Fighting and Fighting and Actually see a Banana Republic taking place? What use to be laws, is no ILLEGAL. What use to be good Is Bad! TRUMP NEEDS TO ADDRESS THIS AND NOT LET IT GO ANY LONGER. The Issue on all the fronts here, Point Directly to AG SESSIONS. That is what has allowed all of this to CONTINUE. We don’t VOTE On AG,DOJ, FBI, This is the POTUS, His PEOPLE. DAMN IT,Give the PEOPLE SOMETHING TO SHOW, THEY ACTUALLY ARE FIGHTING TO RESTORE OUR GREAT COUNTRY AND NOT LET THE CRIMINALS RUN IT! I will keep fighting my self, but I am a die Hard. Many Conservatives are not. They Don’t want to be evolved in this Crap. Many feel it does not matter. We need to see Change where it matters, Not just JOBS. I Know Trump is doing a great job at what he was dealt. But I think he is MISSING THE KEY ISSUES of the most IMPORTANT ISSUES, and it is SAFETY, LAW, ORDER, JUSTICE, DRAINING THE SWAMP. I am fighting for all Americans, and the Children, my Children, Grand kids. Trumps Forgets not all Americans Can work, are Seniors, Sick Disabled, living in Poverty and see no light at the end of the tunnel. Those Americans have been Forgotten and I never hear it addressed. Only how many rights the ILLEGALS Have, the entitlements they get, Not those sick or on SS. Sometimes I think Millionaires, Billionaires no matter who they are, do not understand have a clue what it is like to no have gas money, not be able to go to the store through the month, hope you can get gas in your car? Poor Medical Care and being taxed to Death. Anyways that is a whole other subject. It is not a lot to ask for, when you are fighting to see we as Americans can live in a Safe America and our Constitution of the United States Actually Means Something! Now we are expected to live in Fear, afraid to speak out, live among Criminals, Realize Politicians are above the laws, impose new laws, where we are heading to a NWO Here if TRUMP Does not Stop this.

  78. Look at what has been found out as a result of this “Special Counsel”, so much dirt is being exposed on them that they have to reach up to touch bottom. Let it keep going because they are being caught in their own net. Does ANYONE really know what Mr. Sessions is doing? I think not!

  79. Absolutely Session should be kicked to the curb. I am so disappointed in him. Thought he was stronger than he obviously is.

  80. President Trump has NEVER been skittish about firing anyone. There is a reason Mr. Sessions is in the background and I think everyone may be quite surprised. Scuttlebutt is that there are 1,800 sealed indictments. They know these people cannot go through a normal day in court so look for military tribunals in somewhere like Gitmo.

  81. Ray a other Point also, you said maybe POTUS wants us to VOTE TO Drain the Swamp. Well bottom line there, is no matter how much the SWAMP is Drained in the Peoples Power by VOTING, A whole Great Republician Senate willing to Support Trump, Has no Meaning at all, WITH A DOJ that is Deep State, and a ACTING AG Who refuses to Prosecute any of these CRIMINALS! So if I thought that is what mattered to Trump, I would say, why Vote, because we still don’t have any LAW, ORDER & JUSTICE In this Country. The DOJ, FBI is who works for POTUS, The people have no VOTE Power over any of these Branches.

  82. If something it’s done here soon I have a bad feeling that these deep state POS’s are going to get away with these crimes directly due to Sessions refusing to do his job.
    U made a promise to uphold the law when our President offered your deep state ass the job you never should have taken. You are a failure
    Please resign ASAP and save yourself the embarrassment of being fired because that what should happen to you

  83. Exactly my thought. While others give their Life for this Country, Sessions is willing to Let the whole Country Fall to save his Own! PATHETIC! SPINELESS, SWAMP.

  84. He is obstructing Justice and needs to be fired now for incompetence and aiding and abeding criminals against the state.

  85. I think Sessions is a Disgrace and is the Insuarance Policy. None of what has gone on Since Trump took Office would be possible with out a Complicit AG! I think people are Sick and tired of the ALL talk, no actions by the republicians. We have a few fighting but the Rino’s stop them at every move! I don’t think this is at Trumps Bequest, I actually think not making a Move to Fire Session, letting this Insane No Law Deep State Stay in Power is the Wrong thing to do, and Might just make People Not go out and vote. “WHY, Nothing gets done” I see the dissapoint all over the boards and am very active. People are feed up. It would Show Trump as STRONG, And Who is in CHARGE if he fired SESSIONS NOW! That is what would get people out! Last thing, like you said, People are leaving the Rats by the Droves! True, might just be what saves us, as they are doing their own Destruction7 and many from that party are done because of their Anti American Agenda! So we will see.

  86. All I know is Mr. Sessions is for some reason-deep state is covering for that little beading eyed worm the liar Rosenstein. I my opinion Sessions is obstructing Justice. How many more balant crimes must be committed before this deep state cronie get off his ass and start naming names. What do we have a blind , deaf and dumb Attorney General.
    Indeed I believe we do
    Mr. SESSIONS u r worthless please resign immediately so we can find someone to do the job you apparently refuse to do

  87. Jeff Sessions is a partner of the Deep State. it’s impossible for him to do anything about the corruption because he is part off it.

  88. Sessions was a mistake from the first. Sessions is a wimp who looks like an apology walking, and acts like a whipped puppy. I would vote for Trey Gowdy as his replacement, and just why does Trump have to wait until Mulehead Muller is done with his rip off of the nation while he blunders around trying to find what is not there, collusion between Trump and the Russians. The only collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was with the Clinton campaign. Of course Muller will never pursue the real criminals in this case, Hillary and the FBI criminals, because he would have to prosecute himself. What they did is called malfeasance of duty, and considered a crime by any law enforcement agency that is honest and above board.

  89. Yes I believe that he should be removed from his position. It’s just like You and I if we don’t perform satisfactory we are terminated.

  90. Yes and on what Most would call A Witch Hunt Investigation what should never have began! ON top of Mueller, way out of the SCOPE of his Investigation being the Gastapo Cop he is, Getting these INDICTMENTS! Seems this Whole Shame should END, and A JUDGE CALL THIS FOR WHAT IT IS. Should not be able to Dileberatly go after “TRUMP PEOPLE” To squeeze them, find Crimes Arrest People to (END GAME) Take down the President of the United States of America! This whole thing stinks to high heavens, and all these Case’s IMO should be thrown Out, with a FIRM OUTAGE BY A LAW ABIDING JUDGE! This is not how the JUSTICE SYSTEM SHOULD WORK AT ALL. I do not feel any of these Cases should be heard!

  91. Sessions should be fired for not doing his job. Hell, if he was in the military he could be court-martialed. I think Pres. Trump should be run him out of Washington on rails now. He is a do nothing but wrong!

  92. I am convinced that Sessions is being black mailed or purposely not doing what he has to know is his job. He’s doing fairly well on immigration but there is obviously some reason he won’t touch any part of the corruption involving Hill-a-Chit and Obambam. I believe (hope) that after the mid-terms President Trump will get rid of him and/or Sessions will do what’s right. It is entirely possible that The President is keeping things this way so as to make us so determined to drain the Sewer that we will come out in droves to vote. Sessions may be doing this at the Presidents bequest.
    What ever the reason people are moving over to the Trump column in droves.

  93. I really think you are wrong. People have been over Patient on this ISSUE and very feed up. Like the other person below stated, Might be a Good Reason why Many do not go out and VOTE! Giving the DemoRAT Party a lot of POWER For way to long. Trump Needs to Show the AMERICAN PEOPLE HE IS IN CHARGE PERIOD.. Not going to be Threatened, Disrespected by a bunch of POLITICIANS. It is exactly because of AG SESSIONS Doing nothing is Why this is HAPPENING! Session is the WALL Protecting all the DEEP STATE Giving them all the POWER THEY NEED. DO you understand we have NO LAW,ORDER & JUSTICE? We will not survive as a COUNTRY. Its a big gamble where we are sitting also, in hopes the dems Don’t gain Power again? The Do Nothing Rino’s Did nothing about all this while the had the Opportunity too. Honestly, I understand why many Patriots are Losing patience and Really afraid the NO CHANGE on all these important Issues might keep many at HOME. I hope not, but don’t like to think this is what we are banking on for OUR POTUS TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING BECAUSE WE HAVE A BUNCH OF LOSERS WHO DO NOTHING NOW. That is Bad.

  94. Fire his ass I think he’s in collusion with the Democrats. If not he’s too afraid to do his job or is just incompetent and I don’t think it’s the latter

  95. I wholeheartedly agree. At one time Sessions was a force to be reckoned with. The day he took office, he tucked his tail between his legs and crawled under the table. It is a sad state of affairs. What a disappointment. He should resign before he is fired.

  96. Excellent committee. I always thought that Sessione was a swamp holdover. And I do not think that he is doing anything to back President Trump. I think he is only protecting himself from exposure of criminal activities or has been blackmailed to not interfere in matters. Either way the flag flies over his lake of doing his job still requires a fresh face and change of attitude in the attorney Generals office. Some one who supports our constitution and the American People.

  97. I like Daniel’s suggestions. Sessions has been a dull thorn in the side of JUSTICE since he was appointed to be “INEFFECTIVE” AG, and the whole DC area would be better off! He is a MAMBY-PAMBY is there ever was one, and our Pres. doesn’t need him.
    Get Judge Pirro in there and get something done, OR JIM JORDAN, who would be outspoken as well!

  98. He should fire AG Sessions and appoint a new AG like Judge Pirro and she can order Acting AG Rosenstein to give Congress all of the information it requires unredacted and if he refuess fire him on the spot for disobeying a legal order by a superior!! If a new AG fires him they cannot impeach President Trump for it !! Maybe then some of these crooked Democrats and FBI will be indicted then and we will have one American rule of law then!!!!

  99. Jeff Sessions should have been fired a long time ago. I think he must be working with the deep State or someone has paid him off. He has been a noose around the President’s neck since he hired him for the job.

  100. I agree with you on this. The Demrats are Die hard, never shut up. We see Nothing but Talk from the Senate, with only a few who Fight for out POTUS. The bottom line, even NUNES, and the few other, seem to be all BARK, no BITE. It gets real old. I am a die hard, Trump Supporter and have not stopped from day one. I know how important it is to VOTE. We do not even have the GOP backing Conservatives in many States! They are a DO NOTHING. So that is my thought, people are FEED UP, on many issues of no Change on the SWAMP ISSUES. The Boarders. The Crimminals, The Mueller Witch Hunt. takes no brains to see who is in Charge and running this Country. These are TOP ISSUES and Exactly why MANY CAME OUT AND SUPPORTED TRUMP. Afraid with seeing no actions, Like you said, Many well say, Why VOTE? Nothing gets done, nothing changes, It just does not matter! Trump Keeps Focusing on JOBS, The ECONOMY. Well yes this is great news, But none of this will Matter when we are over run by ILLEGALS, CRIME, NO WALL, AND THE DEEP STATE RUNNING THIS COUNTY! I Call it a Bandage for now. Many People just Don’t like Politics, don’t know all what is going on, Just the the FAKE MEDIA outlets, that is all some folks watch! All a Deterrent for NORMAL AMERICANS Who are working, struggling, trying to get by, raising kids, Dealing with Sicknesses, Just don’t have time or want to have time for this. I Think we NEED SOMETHING BIG, WHAT MATTERS TO THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS LIKE A NEW AG! Should already have been done. That is what would get all AMERICANS ATTENTION! That is the kind of News what sets off the LEFT, and all AMERICANS Would be hearing about it, and GOD KNOWS, AMERICANS ARE AWARE OF THE CRIMES OF DEMORATS! We will be in big trouble if they Take the House in NOV!

  101. hmmm…. Benghazi investigation went on for what, three years, with no indictments or convictions.

    Mueller, a year or so with more than 30 indictments, 1 conviction so far, and multiple plea deals.

  102. If you recall James Comey’s report on the Hillary Clinton email situation just prior to the 2016 presidential election, he gave enough evidence of wrongdoing on her part to put her away for quite some time. Except for the change of wording from “gross negligence” to “extreme carelessness,” which excused her from criminal prosecution, she would be in the clink by now. At the time Comey gave that report every prosecutor that was listening to it just knew there was going to be an indictment until he said he wasn’t going to recommend prosecution. Which by the way wasn’t up to him to decide. The decision was up to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the time. But of course she had had that meeting with Bill Clinton a few days before, but oh yeah, they just talked about grand kids or something like that. Right? So Jeff Sessions has a lot of evidence already to bring charges it seems to me. The question is when is he going to do something?

  103. Sorry to admit it, but Jeff may be batting lead-off on the Deep State Team! He’s been in Congress a L O N G time.

  104. All these crooks should not only be fired, they should be in jail. If Sessions will not file criminal charges against them, he should be in jail with them. If he can’t find any crimes then he’s either one of them or totally incompetent.

  105. ~ Jeff Sessions is part of the “DEEP STATE” he is Corrupt and in BED with The Clintons, FBI, and CIA Dirt BAG Tin Badge Corrupt Whores and he needs to not only be removed but arrested and brought to Court found “GUILTY” and sent to PRISON with all the Douche Bags, Obama and all his crime team , Eric Holder, Loretta Lych, Susan Rice, all of Clinton’s Corrupt Team , I could go on and on BUT WE ALL KNOW WHO THERE ARE ~~~~ NOW IT’S TIME TO TAKE THEM ALL DOWN. ~~~~~~~~

  106. I believe that Trump should not only fire Sessions, but Rosensrein and Mueller. This bull crap has been going on for over a year. Can you imagine if Obama and
    Hilary were subject to this deep of an investigation what prison cells they would both be in.

  107. I think your dreaming the dream. To bad its not true though, its just a dream. Sessions should have quit so someone more responsible could have taken over, helping the president instead of all talk no action.

  108. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION


  109. Agreeded.
    Mr. Sessions you are incompetent!!! Period Incompetent. You and the rest of your deep state liars must go. U never should taken the job in the first place. So do us tax payers who pay your salary which you are not earning a favor and crawl back under the Lib rock you crawled out of and resign …..NOW!!!!!

  110. AMEN TO THAT……….Only ones that don’t care are the liberals with their ANTI-USA chants and their evil actions……

  111. David Donaldson, I totally agree with you! Greg Jarrett or Jo DiGenova would be an excellent AG who would clean house immediately and hand down arrest warrants for the criminal acts against President Trump and the Constitution!

  112. I think you are right. Trump has his hands tied with the likes of Sessions. Trump needs to do a lot of house cleaning. Why is he so lack in judgement in keeping Obama’s cabinet playing in his back yard?

  113. I totally AGREE Session and Rosenstein should have been fired . Rosenstein should have never been appointed . With Mueller he is the SWAMP

  114. Elaine, I don’t know what planet you live on, but here on Earth it looks like Jeff is NOT DOING HIS JOB. President Trump should have fired him a long time ago. He is a scared pussy cat

  115. I agree 110%. Trump is showing weakness. I do not give a rats ass about the world stage till our home is cleaned. Trumps priority should be cleaning and fixing the crap odummer did then start dealing with other Country’s. Fire Sessions and appoint Jeanine Pirro AG. I would like to see sheriff Clark and Apiro placed in special investigations. We the people are loosing faith since Trump is all Tweet and no do. The poll numbers are down. It is the fence sitters that got out and voted to lock her up in 2016 that got Trump elected. They will and are staying home because they see a man (Trump) that lets everyone run over him and anyone who supports him. It is a damn crime to support Trump in the open. You will either get investigated or assualted in public and nothing will happen. In TRUTH IT IS NOT SAFE TO OPENLY SUPPORT TRUMP. And that is because he has let everyone from the start assualt him and his supporters. ODUMMER would have never stood for this type of misstreatment of his staff family and friends or his supporters. HIS SILENT VOTERS WILL JUST STAY HOME. If he dose not start acting persidentual WHY VOTE>

  116. Unless your blind and totally stupid everyone can see that Jeff Sessions either has something to hide or he is 100% in on these conspiracies against President Trump. Why else would he refuse to hold the FBI and the DOJ accountable? This is obvious.

  117. So tired of hearing Sessions should be fired. Why has it not happened?
    President Trump please stand up for our Country as you are doing well, but please fire Jeff Sessions. He is not competent!!!!

  118. I agree Sessions must go! They have something on him, it very obvious, he’s being blackmailed, but Sessions is so scared of it coming out, which it will. Sessions is a deep state Coward!

  119. Jeff Sessions is not the type to advertise what he is doing or who he is investigating. I believe that he is quietly investigating many of the swamp dwellers, and when he gets enough evidence on all of them, you will see indictments coming down on all of them.


  121. There very well may not be a successful midterm. Many are seeing no action and will stay home and not vote since it seems their vote does not matter. They got out and voted in 2016 to lock her damn ass up. Many voted on that issue alone. The numbers are way down at the polls nationwide and you know all the demonrats are casting their votes. I am scared the fence sitters will stay home and we will get Get people in office like that bug eyes twit from NY. She is all in the news and I have not seen a single thing about the person who is running for the Republican side. She is getting free national headlines daily. That is how they will win. People who do not really keep up go to the polls and vote for the person that has been shoved down their gut by the media. SO something has to be done to get the fence sitters off that fence , And that will have to be action not tweets. Trump needs to show some strength and not seem to be meek and weak.

  122. I wish what ever is happening, that the President would let us, the people know. Watching all this….I got this on you and I got that on you, and us the people not knowing what kind of clown as games are going on is ridiculous. Let the truth out now, so we can all deal with it ….and move on. Worse drug out soap opera in history. all of you step up and come clean.

  123. Keep up the pressure on Sec. Sessions to do his job for once. Keeping your head in the sand doesn’t solve a thing it just plugs your ears where you can’t hear. Sadly Sessions must go along with his number two (Lil Rob). Then fill the jails with Obama and his band of commies.

  124. Alfred E. Newman recusing himself from the investigation of now president Trump colluding with the Russian government to tamper with the results of the 2016 Presidential election speaks volumes about the people not being able to trust the AG and the motives behind what he does are does not do.

  125. Yes, unfortunately. When Alabama Attorney General Jeff Sessions was nominated for the position of the Attorney General of the United States,based on his performance in Alabama, and his endorsement of Donald Trump for President, I believed that an exceptional choice had been made. I have had nothing but regrets, and disappointment since his taking the position. He is not a powerful, forceful individual that is desperately needed in this law enforcement capacity, and needs to be terminated. Individuals need to be investigated, charged, and prosecuted, and under his purview, I do not see this happening.

  126. sessions is the swamp. he was a set up to be the trojan horse from day one . he was never truly a trump confidant . he was placed there to watch trump by other never trumpers . To the average person, his seat was safe in Alabama it took a nightmare to lose it . LOL . that nightmare came….
    if trump cant trust one of his closest friends for decades who was willing to tape him without his knowledge can you imagine how he feels about sessions?

  127. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  128. Session is not a men . A men would not let someone else do his job. I know he would do this when he got the job. He don’t know what he is doing. He is helping the Democrats. If congress don’t impeach him they are is just low life and liars.I’m sick of all congress do just have meet and don’t charge anybody with lyeingto them and they just set there and do nothing.Tell Democrats to sit up and do there job or get out.

  129. I agree. Rosenass is a puppet for the demonrats and he is hiding stuff daily. Why would you ever leave anyone in place that has proven to be working to undermine you? I would love to see Trump appoint Judge Jeanine Pirro as AG and Sheriff Clark as a Special Investigator. Wary and all the top staff in each department needs to be removed and their security clearance revoked. Trump needs to place new blood in all the top positions before anything will ever change. There are too many rats in the house and there needs to be a rat stomping. Trump is the Boss it is high time he starts acting like it. They can say sessions is doing stuff under the radar all they want. Right now there needs to be something done this Country is tearing itself apart and needs to have a healing and the only way to do that is to get to taking out the trash. I’m in shock Trump has allowed it to go on this long. Trump needs to stop wining and tweeting about it and do something. I’m sick and tired of seeing all the laws that have been broken with proof and not a single thing being done. The issues that made me vote for Trump has not been handled. I’m not the only one who is feeling this way. GET ER DONE TRUMP.

  130. I hold Mr Sessions Rsponsible for the Deep State Continuing all their Crimes against the American people. Sessions is in the Swamp, like a scared Rat. The day he recused himself, he recused himself for his Position as AG. Willingly handing over the keys to the Corrupt Rosenstein, who then Hired the Witch Hunt Mueller. How this man can even come out of Hiding on Occasion and face the American People is Beyond me! Shameful. He choose to save his Own a@@@ Not caring how many peoples lives get ruined or if the United Falls, The President fails, Allowing this Criminals Power! We are no COUNTRY without LAW, ORDER & JUSTICE. We have NO AG. We have a Obama’s America DOJ, still in power! All the Coruption, Destruction, Investigations, Money Spent on all of this and not one Criminal Brought to JUSTICE! If you look at the Disfunction this Country is in, it all points to THE AG MISSING IN ACTION! Sickened by this. I Pleaded, and pray every DAY, MR PRESIDENT TRUMP Steps up, take Total Control over this, use his Presidential Powers, FIRE SESSIONS,ROSENSTEIN NOW. There is no way I believe or fall for the Crap that it would look bad and they would IMPEACH OUR POTUS! So that tells me, Our POTUS IS THAT WEAK? Has no power, you let the Criminals stay in Power because you are afraid of them? Continue with Lawless Gestapo Cop like Power? NO. This just does not add up. Why do we have a PRESIDENT THEN? If POTUS Is actually Afraid of Taking Control we have already lost the battle. It is over until the American Patriots want to Take America Back. If he cannot Hire, Fire his own Executive branch because of Fact-less, Lawless threats from the left? You hit them head on, and put a END TO THIS! POTUS Needs to show all these Narcissistic Traitors breaking laws, he is not going to have it! Please someone explain to me here, WHY OUR POTUS IS NOT STEPPING UP! Tweets on this absoultly drive me Crazy, only shows Potus as WEAK! Does not help, because his Tweets complain as if he is Only a other AMERICAN CITIZEN Saying how we all FEEL. He is PRESIDENT. It is like you have the POWER MR PRESIDENT TO END THIS, TALK IS CHEAP, ACTIONS SPEAK A LOT LOUDER. He needs to STOP Tweeting over these CRIMINALS, LIKE HRC, COMEY! Mueller’s Witch Hunt, The Documents, Rosenstein, all of this BS. Does MR President Even Realize he can END ALL OF THIS! I support our POTUS all the time. I hate to say it but I know he is far from STUPID but if he thinks from his tweets WE ARE STUPID? I Always wonder if this is the “ART OF THE DEAL” Somehow he tweets letting the American People know he is thinking just like us, VERY INFURIATING! AND HIS DISDAIN OVER SESSIONS As it does not help him at all. If I could Speak to our POTUS at all on any Issue, I WOULD WANT A EXPLANATION TO WHY AS POTUS IS HE NOT TAKING THE CONTROL HERE AS THE HIGHEST POWER IN THE NATION!


  132. Yes he should fire Sessions. Not only is he not doing his job on recused himself on the Russia investigation put he is not holding all them in the Justice Dept and the FBI accountable that authorized spying on Trump.Why don’t you resign right now before you get fired for not up holding the law. That is what a Atty.General should do.

  133. I think somehow when Trump was elected, he was being advised who should be nominated for all the federal positions he had to fill. Somehow Trump trusted someone who gave him Sessions name. On paper he looked good, unfortunately he has turned out to be another deep state operative who actually may have an agenda to stop Trump from doing anything to find out about what was going on within the Obama administration’s criminal acts to stop Trump’s Presidency. It looks like he personally has done nothing to stop Rosenstein and Mueller investigation against Trump. Trump has been made a scapegoat for all the acts Obama’s administration did in the 2016 election. Unless we are totally wrong and indeed Sessions is doing something behind the scenes with Trump we’ll be totally surprised. I hope that’s the case.

  134. Redhawk, I completely agree with you! He should have been fired the second he reclused himself!

  135. Jeff sessions has been nothing but let down to the American people. At the time he recused himself from the Russia investigation he should have been fired. He has literally done nothing except occupy the office. This so-called investigation into Russian collusion has a mounted to a big bill for the American people. He has Miss directed The doj on what they need to do and prosecute the people that did the damage to this country. When you have Hillary Clinton and special rules for her and the the FBI and the higher-ups in the doj looks the other way. This is a huge Injustice and the wrong people get away with it. Sessions needs to apologize to the president for his bad behavior and then get fired.

  136. Why when people must go against the deep state they are afraid? Is it that they don’t want to be a victim of unknown consequences. Then they should not just excuse themselves, they should surrender their position and give up their pay and fame!

  137. Sessions is up to his lying ass mouth!! He is most definitely part of the swamp! Mueller has something on him, therefore, he is Mueller’s candy ass puppet!!Fire this little phoney bastard! NOW!!!

  138. He should have been fired the day he excused himself from the investigation of hillary’s emails. He has wimped out on most everything he should have aggressive attacked.

  139. Kent, sessions is owned by the deep state, so why is this such a shock to everyone. He never intended to DO HIS JOB except for the deep state that OWNS him! He has shown how he has protected the hildabeast and the illegal. I am sure the deep state will show their proper thanks to sessions later on…

  140. Jeff has been the most useless person in the potus administration. He needs to step up and earn his big salary. Or give it back to the people who pay it. We have a Texas saying. He has been as worthless as teets on a bore hog.


  142. He should be fired IMMEDIATELY if not sooner and replace by Greg Jarrett or Joseph
    DiGenova both of whom would clean house immediately and hasten the draining of the swamp!

  143. Trump should tell Sessions that if his DOJ doesn’t provide those in Congress with the necessary clearance, which has oversite responsibility, the documents they need to do their jobs, you’ll be fired next week.

  144. Yes fire hem, President Trump should go in and fire Sesson, and all the people in the F B I that have been bad mouthing the Ptesident all ho spyed and trying to get things on President Trump with lies and saying they were goin to stop hem from being President and trying to get false infermation on the President thay was all lies from Muller Stroik Page And Aternery General H Cliten and all of TRASH on the Democrats side.

  145. Maybe he has a lot of stuff on all the asses and is waiting to make sure he has all the lose ends tied up.

  146. I suspect that sessions “may” be investigating and making secret indictments that he cannot talk about yet for obvious reasons and that may be the reason Trump is staying quiet about him, remember Trump is “NOT” shy about firing people and I doubt that he would be shy about firing sessions, if he’s not doing his job, especially with all the problems it’s creating.
    I say give them the room to finish the deep state !!

  147. Jeff Seesions should be charged with a crime.
    He takes a salary and fails to do his job.
    He appointment has probably got to be one of the presidents biggest mistakes.
    I’d fire him. The left accuses the president of wrong doing no matter what.

  148. Sessions has no ball, no spine and has utterly let down the President and the American people as it relates to the bogus investigations into President Trump and his campaign. He is allowing Rosenstein to spearhead a witch hunt that he was an active participant in, while allowing Muller and his band of angry democrats to violate the Constitutional rights of innocent people such as Choen, Flyn, Manafort, Gates etc . . . while sitting by and doing nothing about the multitude of crimes committed by Hillary, Obama, the DNC etc, etc. Grow a pair Sessions or resign!!!

  149. Totally agree! Why Sessions hasn’t gone after Democrat abuse of power and politization of Government departments, one can only conclude he’s hiding in the coverup! There is no excuse for not aponinting an independent special counsel to investigate the DOJ/FBI, Obama and members of his administration and the obvious crimes of Hillary Clinton. One can only conclude, Sessions lack of aggressively going after the blatant abuse of power and corruption of Obama and Sr members of his administration, he’s the insurance policy the corrupt FBZi was talking about. Trump shouldn’t wait! Fire Sessions and Rosenstein immediately. He’s a complete fraud just like the Sr corrupt leaders of DOJ/ FBI. Next AG should order investigation of Jeff Sessions!

  150. All of the “yes fire him,” people including Hannity, do not have all the facts! It is up to 45 to do the hiring and firing of his staff and he has been doing that in good fashion.

    If he should be fired, 45, will do that at precisely the right time. Until then we need to stop judging Sessions and cease the meddling!

  151. YES. Don’t stop there. Fire Rosenstein for obstruction of justiceand lying to congress. Fire Mueller and his whole Witch Hunt team. Fire Wray for the same reason Rosenstein has to go. Fire all of OBUMMERS holdovers in this ADMINISTRATION. The country will be better off as a nation.

  152. you must be blind and have half a brain. Hillary is the blood sucking Putin tick. Got 1.5 million dollars out of him for her Hillary slush fund. Man, you lefties are just plain nuts.

  153. Of course Sessions should be fired. But Trump is still under enormous pressure. Even though the position of “attorney General” is a presidential appointee, Trump is still being viciously attacked by Leftist, Globalist Media.

    I detest them as much as you do. But we have to be patient and wait until after our SUCCESSFUL midterms.

    Then Trump can fire EVERYONE and it won’t make any opposition difference,

    PLEASE support conservative midterm candidates, even out of your state. Even rino’s.

    Vote straight Republican. I do. So does my wife.

    God bless all of you for being conservative.

    Only we can save this Country.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  154. Hell yeah he needs to go, embarrassing the People of Alabama,Wanted a job but only doing half of it. Pathetic. Letting the kids run the day care.

  155. All of the “yes fire him,” people including Hannity, do not have all the facts! It is up to 45 to do the hiring and firing of his staff and he has been doing that in good fashion.

    If he should be fired, 45, will do that at precisely the right time. Until then we need to stop judging Sessions and cease the meddling!

  156. President trump should not wait any longer for sessions to act. He should fire him now and get someone in that position with a backbone and end the mess that has been going on far too long.

  157. Being from “bama”,myself,I’m very disappointed in the ST ! He has NO BALLS Sessions needs to remove himself from office NOW !!

  158. David, it is definitely fear but as to what of, I don’t know. Perhaps everything you named, guilt, bribery, threats. DC is a snake pit.


  160. David, I would love to hear your “input.” It is always good, in all circumstances, to weigh what is being said and try to come up with a conclusion. Sometimes these ideas are fluid. Certainly he is up to something, but President Trump is a great strategist, and will be remembered in the future. Perhaps this is a turn in his strategy. Who knows?

  161. And Elizabeth “P” Warren for keeping on her treasonous IT man after it was discovered he was taking secrets off her computer.

  162. With all due respect, Jeff Sessions has not acted in the interests of the country ever since his “recusal”. Our Justice department is a shambles. Sessions should be replaced immediately.

  163. After he was confirmed he just stuck his head in the swamp. I believe he is a part of the Deep State. If not he would not have left all of Obama’s people in the DOJ Fire Sessions and all his people and appoint a new AG that will do the job appointing several special prosecutors to investigate all the Obama scandals plus the DOJ and the FBI

  164. Sessions has disappointed and let down the Americans that voted for President Trump and his agenda of draining the swamp. Maybe is just now a part of the swamp. I can’t believe this man could turn on his fellow partisans and actually America itself and let the criminals in the Dept. of FBI, CIA, and DOJ itself continue to be corrupt to the core. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS MAN??????

  165. I agree with you, he is not the same man he was prior to taking the AG job. His stance on immigration is great, but he or is family is being threatened

  166. Can you spell “mole” ?? Sessions needs to be fired and prosecuted for crimes he has committed while enlisted in the conspiracy to overthrow of our legitimately elected government.

  167. I believe sessions is a part of the plan. He was certainly quick to jump up and take the job of the DOJ head. After which it all began to happen after his recusal. Needs to be gone.

  168. Sessions is a hug disappointment to those of us here in Alabama. We expected so much ore from him as DOJ but have received absolutely nothing! Should have been fired the first week in office. Don’t believe Session could even be voted in as dog catcher after his “do nothing” tenure so far as head of the DOJ.

  169. yes fire Jeff sessions, and take the clearance away from people that are no longer with the gov, or have behavior in such a way as to lose their clearance.

  170. Yes, I agree. Sessions has had all kinds of time to prove himself and has not done so. To the contrary, he has proven himself to be a flop. Mr. Sessions, Sir, please step up to the plate and hit a “homer” and prove me wrong, okay? There is nothing that I would like better, Sir, than for you to totally prove me wrong about you!

  171. If you are correct, then Sessions needs to meet with his President and let him know exactly what his intentions are. Pronto!

  172. A great idea I just sent another one. Let’s keep the pressure on for both Mr. Sessions and the President to end this farce. We have relied on the elected leaders in Congress to help but they are all mouth in this is what needs to be done. We know what needs to be done and they need to do it or get out come November.

  173. I was a fan of Jeff Sessions, especially his stance on open borders and illegal immigration, but I have been greatly disappointed in his action or lack of action since becoming Attorney General. I believe he needs to be replaced sooner than later.

  174. I’m a psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience and a gift for reading people. I have lots of feedback on President Trump to offer, but as to Mr. Session, he clearly is scared, and there are things he is keeping secret that we do not know about. One can speculate about what that is, does someone have something on him, has someone paid him, has someone threatened him or those close to him, etc.

  175. I remember watching the dems. tear him apart during his confirmation hearings and how that made everyone ticked off. Everyone fought for this monkey and I wished he had never had enough votes making President Trump nominate someone else. I understand all to well that Jeff Sessions is trying to make sure the FBI and DOJ department doesn’t become embarrassed, little to late, but Mr. Sessions one of your jobs is to protect the POTUS and you are not doing it. Step down or be fired don’t care but you need to go.

  176. I could not have said it any better ahemtonto. Jeff Sessions has been one big disappointment. When he was chosen by Trump, I was happy and thought Sessions will have Trump’s back and back his agenda, wow, what a surprise disappointment.I personally think Sessions is being threatened, if that’s the case, he should come out with it! Break everything wide open. That’s exactly what Trump should do, demand every single document pertaining to this sham of an investigation be released to the American people, let us be the judge. After all, it’s our tax dollars paying for this sham of an investigation, we have the right to the documents. I, for one, am fed up with being left in the dark. I wrote to Trump last night and requested him to do just that. It’s all up to Trump to put an end to this. To all of you reading this comment, please go onto the President Trump site and email Trump and demand the release of all the documents. Maybe if he got flooded with this demand, he may do it. Please get those emails going! #MAGA

  177. If Putin kept killery out , he did good. And I thank him. But I don’t believe he did. She pulled the collusion with uranium. Sorry Sara. You lose. But all you liberals are losers. Your only message is to “get Trump”. Not going to happen. Wishful thinking won’t bring anything. Now stop being a bimbo.

  178. Jeff Sessions seems to be part of the plan to take down our President. He isn’t doing his job.

  179. That’s why Trump wont call out Putin. Putin’s got him wrapped around his finger and anyone with a stitch of sense knows Putin is holding something big on TRUMP…..Open your “blind” eyes!!!!

  180. I agree with Robert and others on here that if Sessions isn’t going to do his job, he should retire. As for Rosenstein and others, they need to be fired asap. All security clearances should be taken away when a new president is elected and inaugurated.

  181. Jeff Sessions has been the greatest disappointment to me in the corrupt cesspool of political maneuvering that is the farcical Mueller Russia Investigation into the purported non-crime of collusion by someone, anyone in the Trump campaign with the Russians to rig the 2016 election. Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, the FBI director and Robert Mueller, Peter Stzrok and FBI attorney Lisa Paige should all be dismissed for corrupting data and dereliction of duty. Then prosecuted for crimes against the state and attempting a coup against the duly elected President of the United States and sentenced to prison for the maximum terms permitted under the law. James Comey, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedein, McCabe, and James Clapper and Barrack Obama should be prosecuted for illegally spying on a U.S. citizen and forging a FISA warrant.

  182. Don’t fire Jeff Sessions. Recusing himself seems to have been a mistake…but I think/hope he is just gathering enough information to have the roof fall in on Hillary/Obama/Holder et al.
    Sessions had a decades long record of being and voting as a conservative in the Senate. Trust him.

  183. President Trump should be able to fire Jeff Sessions, Rosentsein, and Muller all at once. Muller has not been able to produce any evidence of collusion with any of candidate Trump, now President Trump’s campaign staff and now his whole staff or his whole administration.

    The other branches of Government should give President Trump the authority to fire Muller, and shut down this long dragged out investigation, nick name, ” Witch Hunt,” so that President Trump and his whole administration can continue to fulfill his agenda for every American citizen that voted for him in the 2016 election.

    If Jeff Sessions isn’t going to do his job, then, ” YES, President Trump should fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Muller RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. President Trump has kept Sessions in his job because he is working on immigration reform. That said, he still needs to resign as he has the whole DOJ tied up and cannot do a proper job. The one to fire is Rob Rosenstein! He’s the one holding everything up…..he could fire Mueller!

  185. Sessions needs to be replaced ASAP. Withholding evidence from congress and failure to prosecute known felons in the “Deep State” is simply ridiculous!

  186. President Trump. Please fire Sessions, Rosenstien, and take all the Security Clearences away from these idiots.

  187. If you cannot handle the job RESIGN! I and many others had high hopes for you, BUT alas you seem to spend more time hiding and defending the deep state EVIL CROOKS! Do they have something on you that WE and OUR President should know? Be a man and stand up and do the job, or do us all a favor and plain RETIRE from OUR GOVT!

  188. Sessions sure made a lot of difficulties for Trump. That’s too bad what Trump had to go thru. Indeed not fair.

    I think someone needs to interview him on national TV that he has to explain why he recused himself. To see if he makes any sense out of it.

    Perhaps in this way, Trump can decide what to do with him: keep him or not.

    MAGA for life.

  189. So far Jeff Session is a HUGE disappointment … and still I see NO IMPROVEMENT in either DOJ nor FBI in terms of credibility ,, yes Obama SCREWED them up but Session/Wray/and Rosenstain are not any better than what was there before them…. GET OFF THE COUCH JEFF

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