Jeff Sessions went on Fox News and made this jaw dropping admission about Donald Trump

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is running for his old Senate seat.

Once Sessions made the announcement, the media immediately wanted to question Sessions about the bitter end to his time in the Trump administration.

And that’s when Jeff Sessions went on Fox News and made this jaw-dropping admission about Donald Trump.

The big question surrounding the Alabama Senate race is will Donald Trump attack Jeff Sessions?

Trump requested Sessions’ resign after the 2018 midterms as there were hard feelings between the two because of Sessions recusal in the Russian investigation.

But Sessions is making a major effort to mend fences with the President.

And part of that strategy is a Fox News media tour where Sessions touted his support for the President’s agenda and also noted that figures once exiled from Trump world often make a comeback.

Mediaite reports:

I think maybe everybody understands that relationship,” Sessions told America’s Newsroom anchor Sandra Smith Thursday morning. “He is a strong-willed person and he speaks his mind when he is concerned about something, but he also has a history of getting back in good relationships with people he’s had a disagreement with before.”

“I’m confident we can do that, that will certainly be my goal, but my goal first and foremost is to serve the people of Alabama and try to advance what is good and decent and right for the United States of America,” Sessions continued.

Smith then followed up by asking what Sessions thought about Attorney General Bill Barr. Trump ousted Sessions following the 2018 midterm elections and replaced him with Barr

…I am a big fan of Attorney General Bill Barr,” Sessions said. “The man is smart, he was Attorney General before, he served in the Department of Justice–he loves the Department of Justice. I have considered him a friend and served under him. … I have the highest regard for Attorney General Bill Barr.

The Alabama Senate race features a large field of six candidates.

Sessions is the biggest name and presumed frontrunner.

But as Trump has shown in past Republican primaries, one tweet endorsing a candidate is enough to propel that candidate to victory.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.