Jeff Sessions went on Fox News and made this jaw dropping admission about Donald Trump

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is running for his old Senate seat.

Once Sessions made the announcement, the media immediately wanted to question Sessions about the bitter end to his time in the Trump administration.

And that’s when Jeff Sessions went on Fox News and made this jaw-dropping admission about Donald Trump.

The big question surrounding the Alabama Senate race is will Donald Trump attack Jeff Sessions?

Trump requested Sessions’ resign after the 2018 midterms as there were hard feelings between the two because of Sessions recusal in the Russian investigation.

But Sessions is making a major effort to mend fences with the President.

And part of that strategy is a Fox News media tour where Sessions touted his support for the President’s agenda and also noted that figures once exiled from Trump world often make a comeback.

Mediaite reports:

I think maybe everybody understands that relationship,” Sessions told America’s Newsroom anchor Sandra Smith Thursday morning. “He is a strong-willed person and he speaks his mind when he is concerned about something, but he also has a history of getting back in good relationships with people he’s had a disagreement with before.”

“I’m confident we can do that, that will certainly be my goal, but my goal first and foremost is to serve the people of Alabama and try to advance what is good and decent and right for the United States of America,” Sessions continued.

Smith then followed up by asking what Sessions thought about Attorney General Bill Barr. Trump ousted Sessions following the 2018 midterm elections and replaced him with Barr

…I am a big fan of Attorney General Bill Barr,” Sessions said. “The man is smart, he was Attorney General before, he served in the Department of Justice–he loves the Department of Justice. I have considered him a friend and served under him. … I have the highest regard for Attorney General Bill Barr.

The Alabama Senate race features a large field of six candidates.

Sessions is the biggest name and presumed frontrunner.

But as Trump has shown in past Republican primaries, one tweet endorsing a candidate is enough to propel that candidate to victory.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Jeff Sessions’ only merit is his opposition to sanctuary cities and certain Democratic Party agendas. He is totally blind to how asset forfeiture statutes violate the Bill of Rights, therefore he is a turd. Not much is known about his stance on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, but he is the kind of attorney who would jump at the opportunity to seize the weapons of somebody who has committed no felony.

  2. Jeff Sessions did an awesome job! He is the one who went to work right away to target the swamp and it is larger than anyone knew. It could not be made public, but hopefully will some day! God Bless You Jeff Sessions! We will be forever grateful! Alabama is so lucky to have you!!!

  3. Zee…I’m from Michigan too. Did you happen to see the TV coverage of Grand Rapids Republicans tonight. Getting turned off by Trump and Grand Rapids is strongly Republican. Not good for a swing state!!

  4. Zee these idiots don’t understand about what drives us. Once we’ve lost, we’re done. Look at my post in the article about Tlaib.

  5. mj
    William Barr and his team will be arresting the conspirators of the Russian collusion and Ukrainian phone coup in early to mid 2020.

    The democrats haven’t tied DJT in knots, DJT has been playing the democrats like a violin.

    That’s a brilliant plan for the democrats re-election campaign. Focus on impeachment coup for 3yrs, which has been a epic failure. Then use the mantra “vote for the democrats is a vote to obstruct DJT and his administration”.

    The real problem with this, is that the American people can see and feel the benefits from all the achievements made by DJT and his administration.

    While the only achievement in 3yrs, by the democrats is a monumental epic failure of a coup attempt disguised as an impeachment inquiries. The American citizens are over this and will display their displeasure at the polling booths come 2020.

  6. MJ you like being stupid. It shows every time you post your garbage. I wish that you and I were neighbors so that you could see a REAL American.

  7. So Steve what was he going to arrest them for tell me one thing they did that would cause arrest. What tying tRUMP in knots is not against the law. And before you gripe about getting nothing done they are doing exactly what we elected to do obstruct.

  8. geez, i hate to ‘hog’ space like some,(vasu etc)
    BUTTT, MR. Sessions (w/ his brief stinr as AG )
    IS MORE ‘SEAASONED’ Than Ever Before !, To Get ‘a job’ Done
    for Alabama &&& USA___

  9. Hey, ‘it came thru !!!
    >>> An Aside : ‘IT’ TAKES a
    In ‘the CALL of DUTY’ For Alabama &&&
    USA !!! . Total Support for Mr. Sessions.
    (coming from Michigan)

  10. DJT will “Forgive & Forget” …
    Sessions ‘recusal’ 0PENED ‘the Door’ To
    AG Barr. A Good Thing ? I hope So.
    > When 1 Door Shuts, Another 1 0PENS.

  11. ‘Willard’ mitt IS NOT EVEN IN the ‘picture’ HERE.
    As AG, Sessions Was GOOD & Held Power ” Close to the Vest”…
    Capish___ His ‘recusal’ WAS ‘Very Complicated’ For REASONS
    the ‘general public Will NEVER Know___ &&& Rightly S0…
    > POTUS DJT WILL REALIZE & ‘may’ KNOW NOW, ‘WHY’ the ‘recusal’.
    Review post below re ‘close to the Vest’ Accomplishments.
    > I Absolutely Do NOT ACCEPT that Mr. Sessions Is of the ‘Deep State’
    SWAMP’. NO WAY. ___
    >>> I Pray Alabama !!! ALL of the 0PP ‘against’ Mr. Sessions Will Absolutely
    Do You Wrong & ‘bring you Down, To a ‘Place’ Y’all Do NOT NEED To Be.
    >>> Good Luck? Alabama !!! Stay Strong. HELP SAVE USA. Thank you.

  12. You must be kidding. It’s one thing to think he’s “sweet” another to think he knew his job which he did and simply gas lighted Trump and America. IF he felt he had to recuse himself, he should have resigned.

    You should also look into the Volunteers of America which is a HUD scam that routinely screws Veterans. Truly the most evil people I’ve ever dealt with. Don’t be fooled by their “sweet” Southern manners. It’s the first and only thing they learn and use to stab you in the back.

  13. Jeff was a good Senator but an incompetent AG. Just hope President Trump supports him and his coming back.
    He is completely different from Mitt Romney.


  15. Sessions is an easy reelection. Trump needs to forgive and forget, the Ala Sen seat is far too important. Sessions is a man of high integrity. Something not usually found
    in Washington. And the Mueller report cleared Trump 100%. No one, at the time of the recusal had an inkling that the Dems in truth were fishing for anything, just as they are now to discredit Trump, rather than focus on Making America Great Again.


  17. Sessions is a cowardly worm. He needs to hide in his storm pit in Alabama so the left-wing trash won’t yell BOO! at him and cause him to faint with fear.

  18. That’s Right Dan, We’ll see.
    I Wish Jeff Seesions Well.
    He has a LOT MORE GOOD Wk To Do.
    & Hope the ppl of Alabama Realize
    what’s at stake here. I think they will.

  19. I would say that he ran into a batch of Deep Staters at the DOJ that he just could not handle. I wish him well on his reelection bid.

  20. Just like with Barr meeting with Trump without the MSM getting a clue about it. I’d bet that Trump got a heads up about the Horowitz report that will be out soon. I’d say it will be released in about 10 days. Just in time to ruin the Dem’s Thanksgiving.

  21. Sesssions DID ACCOMPLISH Much as AG. (as mentioned above)
    > There Was MORE to his ‘recusal’ Than ‘we’ will Ever know.
    I’m NOT READY to throw Mr. Sessions ‘under the bus’ for
    Way less Accomplished & Weak in Policy 0pposition.

  22. After a witness was found murdered, on the day of his flight to Washington, DC for his scheduled appointment w US AG Jeff Sessions, within “hours” of this sudden death is wheb Democrats scumbag Maxine Waters started demanding for sessions to resign – over Russia Collusion Delusion – with Charles Schumer joining her tirade for sessions to resign as US AG.
    Jeff sessions refused to resign and would only recuse himself. People do not know what was going on in the background where he stayed on the job as US AG – and went after Ms13 Gang Members as foot soldiers for Drug Cartels; Doctors, Nurses, Medical Professionals involved in creating the OPIOID Epidemic; PEDOPHILES involved in CHILD PORN RINGS, CHILD SEX CRIMES, CHILD TRAFFICKING.
    These were the biggest Round Ups in US history and got no media attention for it.

    These ARRESTS led to the BUST of NXVIM Sex CULT, for Sex Trafficking and Grooming Children – Claire Bronfman the Seagram heiress funding NXVIM, founding member Keith Raniere, branding his Sex Slaves w his initials, and Allison Mack whose arrest for Sex trafficking and grooming children resulted in her admission to “selling” children to The Rothchilds and The Clintons.
    The co-founder and President of NXVIM = Nancy Salzman pled guilty to CHILD TRAFFICKING. Salzman worked for The Clinton Global Initiative.

    That’s the GOOD WORK of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General – under TRUMP Administration.
    When they made the announcement on The ROSE GARDEN of the WHITE HOUSE, only few seconds mention by the deep State media. No mentions thereafter, bc it was the friends and associates of the politically elite who were being arrested – in the BIGGEST ROUNDUPS in US History.

    At the VERY LEAST, give them credit for those serious ARRESTS, and the amount of work involved – all the while Democrats were pushing their RUSSIA COLLUSION DELUSION, PEEPEEGATE, FISAGATE, SPYGATE, OBAMAGATE, RUSSIAGATE, to COVERUP EMAILGATE, SERVERGATE, to COVERUP BENGHAZIGATE… we have Meullergate and UkraineGate….

  23. gee,guess your crystal ball is all clouded up today huh,cause YOU HAVE NO IDEA if he will not be re-elected.he will be if enough SMART people that vote for an honorable man,than vote for a loser who wants yell,vote for me,cause I’ll give ya everything free.

  24. You totally CORRECT!!!something else Mike does not get.Trump & Jeff work very well together & Trump is very good at staging fights for the media,cause we ALL know,that’s all the media does is chase gossip.That way,they can get things done behind the scenes.Jeff is a great team player,lol

  25. Sessions obviously was a minion of the liberals , He did NOTHING to arrest the obvious liberal criminals for 2 years , to allow them to do their constant sedition against America & Trump . Totally worthless , complicit criminal of the left !

  26. Sessions can try to mend fences all he wants…..President Trump will NEVER trust him again…! FACT…!! He was a horrible AG and should have NEVER recused himself from the RUSSIA BS, HOAX, WITCH HUNT…!! He just left President Trump flapping in the wind for NO reason…!! He should have stood up to the LEFTIST LIARS…!! Sessions is WEAK…!! FACT..!!

  27. I for one do not believe Sessions is anything but a good Republican. He has served with honor. He may have been placed in a position he should not have occupied. When you have two strong hard headed people in the same situation, you can be sure they will produce fireworks. Sessions was not a yes man, and Trump should have acknowledged that. I wish him all the luck in his current quest!!!

  28. Redman, I have seen a lot of idiot comments here but you would take first prize if they were having a contest to see who is the dumbest. I asked you one time why you hate President Trump so much and never got an answer. Don’t you know? I think you were number 21 that I asked that question and never got an answer from any of them including you. Wanta tell us, or would you lose you mind if you had one trying to think of something. We’re waiting. Lets hear it. Why do you hate President Trump so much?

  29. And you are a computer programmed by people whose minds are scattered throughout multiple dimensions it takes at least 100,000,000 many citizens of 3rd world nations to write the algorithms because one software writer alone would be too mindless to accomplish the task.

  30. Anyone who does not believe Sessions was one of the Rats conspiring with the Democrats to get Trump removed from the office of the Presidency for colluding with Putin to steal the 2016 Presidential election away from the Hildabeast is a mindless fool, do not trust Jeff Sessions.

  31. Mike, you have no clue. Pres. Trump is far from a dictator. Move to North Korea to see what a dictator is. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for us. But if you don’t like it you are free to move elsewhere.

  32. when Jeff Sessions was a AG he was a ambarrestment to the office he was holding, he should had recuse himself from the position and left quietly and not let the dems make a fool of him.

  33. Jeff Sessions is a sniveling coward and a profound liar. He would not know the truth if it was staring him in the face. This is a career diplomat who should not be in Congress!

  34. Mike Trump does his best to keep his promises. And he had me at stating that America will never become social ist on his watch. And don’t get me started on the 2nd amendment

  35. Dan Tyree, sounds like Trump, “a fair weathered fiend” god forbid ANYONE disagree with him. He is meant to be a “dictator” (he surely is a dick) not a president!!!!!!

  36. There are so many stupid white-folks dat post on here who do nothing but whine like lil greasy headed trump-butt-bump babies. They really worship old lying, money greedy, trump-ah-hump more den God. hahahaahaha

  37. Jeff Sessions was a United States Attorney for the southern district of Alabama for 12 years before spending 18 years as a US Senator. I had a relative from Alabama who told me he was a very good, hard working, respected and well thought of man in Alabama.
    With that said, he was a total and complete failure as the Attorney General in the DjT administration, in my humble opinion! I don’t know if I could vote for him even though he is a well respected former longtime US Senator. I think he should be retired or have a small private law practice. And yes, I am being kind…….

  38. He was a good Senator, but he was over his head in the DOJ, i don’t know about the other candidates and since i don’t vote in the Ala. elections I guess I will just have to leave it up to the people of Ala. and hope they choose someone who will stand with President Trump.

  39. President Trump does NOT need any more back stabbed in his administration! It was a blessing to get rid of Sessions!

  40. Jeff you seem sincere but what happens if schiff ask you to stand down ( recuse) will you crawl into your shell ?

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