Jen Psaki completely humiliated herself after she made this shocking statement

Jen Psaki’s embarrassing time trying to defend the failed Biden regime is coming to an end.

But she saved her biggest humiliation for last.

And Jen Psaki completely humiliated herself after she made this shocking statement.

Regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki has the hardest job in the Biden administration.

She has to lie and spin away Biden’s constant blunders to members of the press.

But she can always count on her buddies in the corporate-controlled media to only ask her softball questions.

Peter Doocy of Fox News has been the one exception to this embarrassing display.

Doocy is one of the few reporters to press Psaki on Biden’s failures.

His ability to ask hard-hitting questions about Biden’s failures has frequently left Psaki red with rage.

She recently appeared on the left-wing podcast, Pod Save America, where an Obama speechwriter asked her if “Peter Doocy is a stupid son of a bitch or does he just play one on tv.”

The “stupid son a bitch” remark is what Biden called Doocy after he asked him about inflation during a previous press conference.

Psaki couldn’t resist going after Fox News for being one of the few networks to attempt actual journalism.

“He works for a network that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a bitch,” Psaki replied.

This classless attack on Fox and Doocy exposes how unprofessional she is as White House Press Secretary.

Instead of dealing with a journalist in a professional manner, Psaki resorts to sniping at them with petty insults on a left-wing podcast.

After taking heat for her lack of professionalism, she attempted to “clarify” her comments.

But Psaki only ended up further embarrassing herself.

“Full video shows I also told a story about Peter’s grace last night and made very clear I was not being critical of him or any reporter at Fox, and instead was critical of the slant of some Fox topics. He is doing his job. I am doing mine. We debate. We disagree. I respect that,” she said.

During her appearance on the podcast, Psaki said Doocy handled being insulted by Biden for doing his job with “grace.”

But saying she wasn’t critical of him or Fox has to be one of her most jaw-dropping lies.

She told her Obama buddies that Fox’s questions made him “sound like a stupid son of a bitch.”

That is quite clearly being “critical” of Doocy.

But lying and spinning is a job requirement to defend the failed Biden regime.

This is the latest hot water that Psaki finds herself in after it was announced she is leaving the regime for MSNBC.

Taking questions from the corporate-controlled media while under contract with MSNBC is a massive ethics violation.

Fortunately, conservatives won’t have to put up with her much longer after she leaves the regime for a miniscule MSNBC audience.

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