Jen Psaki did one strange thing when Fox News hit with this tough question

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for Joe Biden and the White House staff.

Multiple crises overwhelmed his administration and Biden’s poll numbers plummeted as a result.

And now Jen Psaki did one strange thing when Fox News hit with this tough question.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked about the failed withdrawal that stranded hundreds – and probably more – American citizens in Afghanistan.

Biden claimed his team planned for every contingency, but that was obviously not the case as the administration deserted Americans to put their fate in the hands of the Taliban.

“We’re hearing from senior State Department officials that there were constraints getting people through the gates at HKIA, that the communication methods to contact people were available to so many that they were instantly stopped,” Heinrich began.

“The priority groups couldn’t get through. Was that a contingency that was planned for?” Heinrich asked.

Psaki knew she had no answer for Heinrich’s question, so Psaki’s fell back on the classic political spin tactic of answering the question you want to answer instead of the question you were asked.

“Jacqui, it’s important to remember, 120,000 people made it out of the airport. Out of the country,” Psaki responded.

Psaki never addressed the idea of whether the Biden administration was planning for throngs of Afghans to mob the airport, blocking access for U.S. citizens.

Instead, Psaki claimed the evacuation was a success because the administration evacuated 120,000 despite the fact just around 6,000 were American citizens and 7,000 were Afghan Special Immigrant Visas – meaning the administration just flew a bunch of random people out of Afghanistan and left behind the people most in danger who the administration said were the top priority.

Ten percent of 6,000, let alone 120,000, people does not equal the “fewer than 200,” claimed by Biden officials.

So with Biden and his officials stating repeatedly that 90% of those who wanted to get out did, the administration’s own words don’t add up.

But Psaki doubled down and shifted to blaming the victim, saying the Americans left behind were essentially “asking for it.”

“The State Department would blast notifications to a variety of channels to American citizens telling them to meet at a specific location that would bus people to the airport or on foot. We had multiple opportunities for each of these muster points, each with multiple transits to the airport. The majority of Americans that go out were evacuated this way,” Psaki added.

The administration’s withdrawal planned abandoned Americans and resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. soldiers.

Americans watching the press briefing could understand why Psaki did not want to answer Fox News Channel’s question, but it did not make the lack of planning or preparation any less disturbing.

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