Jen Psaki faced a major question about a big ethical violation

Jen Psaki’s conduct is in the spotlight.

Even the press is turning on her.

And Jen Psaki faced a major question about a big ethical violation.

Axios’ Sara Fisher broke the story that MSNBC signed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to host a show on the network’s streaming platform Peacock beginning in May.

That led even Psaki’s admirers in the corporate-controlled media to question the ethics of her remaining on as Press Secretary despite having agreed to a contract with a media outlet.

CBS White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe pressed Psaki on her blatant conflict of interest and how she could function as both the Press Secretary and a member of the media.

Psaki tried to dodge the question.

“I would say that, again, I have taken the ethical requirements very seriously and any discussions and any considerations about any future employment just as any White House official would and have taken steps beyond that to ensure there’s no conflicts,” Psaki stated.

Without citing any evidence, Psaki then claimed that the Biden administration imposed a strict set of ethics rules to avoid any conflict of interests.

“Well, there are a range of stringent ethical and legal requirements that are imposed on everybody and this administration, and many administrations past, about any conversations you’re having with future employers. That is true of any industry you’re working in and I have abided by those and tried to take steps to go beyond that as well,” Psaki added.

Psaki claimed she worked through her MSNBC negotiations with the White House counsel’s office.

“It is the policy of this White House that anyone who’s having conversations about future employment does so through consultation with the White House counsel’s office and ensuring they abide by ethics and legal requirements and those are conversations that I have taken very seriously and abided by every component of,” she concluded.

Conservatives long blasted the revolving door between the left-wing media and Democrat Party politics.

It’s a story that repeats itself every time there is a Democrat President in office.

Psaki being the latest member of the Democrat Party to take a prominent job in the press shows that the real state media is the corporate-controlled media acting like a propaganda service for Democrat administrations.

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