Jen Psaki had one message to Trump voters that will leave you red with rage

Joe Biden campaigned on being a uniter who would serve as President for all Americans.

The American people were in for a nasty surprise.

And Jen Psaki had one message to Trump voters that will leave you red with rage.

At a recent White House press briefing, The Washington Post’s Oliver Knox asked Psaki how the Biden administration planned to address the concerns of the 70 percent of Republicans – according to a recent CNN poll – who did not think Joe Biden legitimately won the Presidential election.

“We don’t,” Psaki shot back.

The Washington Post’s left-wing, anti-Trump activist David Farenthold flagged the comment and Psaki tried to clean up her mess with a response on social media.

“[M]ore from my full comment: @POTUS is president for all Americans no matter who they voted for. And so our focus is on continuing to plug away on pushing for policies that will help everyone and through that work we can rebuild trust in government. That government can work,” Psaki continued. “Our view is the election was certified and confirmed by election officials from both parties in every state. Court challenges were fully heard.”

Joe Biden tried to talk like a moderate by mouthing words about bipartisanship and having Republicans to the White House for token meetings while at the same time plotting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to ram his socialist agenda through Congress with just Democrat votes.

That’s how Democrats passed their nearly $2 trillion blue state bailout bill.

And it’s how many suspect Biden and his Democrat allies plan to pass nearly $4 trillion in socialist welfare spending.

It’s clear that Joe Biden is not a President for all Americans.

Biden is only governing for the far-left.

And Jen Psaki saying Biden does not take into account the views of Trump voters was one of the few times she told the truth.

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