Jen Psaki had one response to Fox News that will stun you into silence

Jen Psaki and Fox News reporters spar in the White House press briefings.

Those dust ups led to some of the biggest embarrassments of the Biden administration.

And Jen Psaki had one response to Fox News that will leave you at a loss for words.

In the latest White House press briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy confronted Psaki over the administration refusing to call the unfolding catastrophe at the border a crisis.

Doocy honed in on the fact that the administration called in FEMA to assist with the surge of illegal aliens pouring over the southern border as an admission that the situation was a disaster.

Psaki refused to budge off her talking points.

“I know that we always get into the fun of labels around here, but I would say our focus is on solutions. And this is one of the steps that the President felt would help not become a final solution, but help expedite processing; help ensure that people who are coming across the border are — have access to health and medical care. Clearly, the numbers are enormous. This is a big challenge, and it certainly is a reflection of using every lever of the federal government to help address that,” Psaki responded.

Doocy tried one more time noting that FEMA’s mission is to assist Americans in the aftermath of a disaster so Doocy asked if by calling in FEMA the administration was admitting they were presiding over a disaster at the border.

Psaki again denied the reality of the situation.

“I appreciate the opportunity . . . But I will say that FEMA is there to help ensure that the people who are at the border, who are coming across the border, have access to — can — to HHS and ORR shelters; that we can swiftly place them with vetted families. They’re playing a number of roles there to address what we feel is a significant problem and a significant challenge. And I think we haven’t — we haven’t stepped — been hiding about that,” Psaki responded.

The numbers of illegal aliens streaming into the country is estimated to be the highest number in 20 years.

And every day the Biden administration sends the message that the border is wide open.

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