Jen Psaki is about to abandon Joe Biden for this stunning new job

Jen Psaki’s time in the White House is almost up.

The Press Secretary is fleeing Washington as Biden’s poll numbers sink and Democrats stare a massive Midterm defeat in the face.

And now Jen Psaki is about to abandon Joe Biden for this stunning new job.

Jen Psaki announced last year that she planned to leave her post as White House Press Secretary sometime around the spring of 2022.

Psaki’s self-imposed end date is upon her, and she is looking to cash in big time for her next act.

Due to her arrogant and sneering performance as Press Secretary, leftist cable networks MSNBC and CNN both raced to D.C. to set up meetings to try to recruit Psaki to the left-wing propaganda outfits.

“CNN interim co-president Amy Entelis and CNN+ programming lead Rebecca Kutler were in Washington for a top-secret and mission-critical recruitment assignment. The chaos embroiling their brand had not deterred their efforts to court a new potential on-air talent who, in their eyes, had the potential to become a marquee star both in the CNN lineup and its nascent streaming service,” Puck News’s leftwing media gossip Dylan Byers also reported.

While CNN is in the game, the most natural landing spot for Psaki looks to be MSNBC, where she could serve as the replacement for Rachel Maddow, who is leaving her nightly show on April 30 as part of a massive new contract with the network.

“They weren’t the only ones to hatch this novel idea. Less than one week later, NBC News Chairman Cesar Conde and MSNBC President Rashida Jones made a similar pilgrimage to Washington to meet with the very same talent, in the hopes that she might one day join their networks in a flagship role, and perhaps even take the top spot in primetime on MSNBC. CNN may be reeling from the Zucker mess, but MSNBC is imperiled in its own way, as Rachel Maddow prepares to exit her nightly show, prompting a presumed top-down re-think of primetime,” Byers also reported.

Corporate-controlled media activists like Byers worship Psaki because they think she conducts herself like the C.J. Cregg character who served as the fictional Press Secretary in the hit NBC drama West Wing that millennial political reporters grew up watching.

And now it looks like Psaki is going to parlay that perception into a big money cable deal.

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