Jen Psaki lost it when Fox News asked why Joe Biden never did this one simple thing

The Biden administration is losing control of the narrative.

That’s becoming clear watching Jen Psaki’s daily White House press briefings.

And Jen Psaki lost it when Fox News asked why Joe Biden never did this one simple thing.

The Biden administration created a crisis on the southern border when President Biden signaled to the world that the days of enforcing the nation’s immigration laws were over.

Thousands of Haitians marched into the country in response and camped under a bridge in Texas creating a massive public health crisis as human waste and trash piled up outside under a beating sun.

Biden has ignored this disaster, refusing to comment publicly except to divert blame to border czar Kamala Harris over the debacle unfolding on their watch.

During a recent briefing Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki whether Biden had ever visited the border during his nearly 50 years in Washington D.C.

“Has President Biden ever been to the southern border?” Doocy asked Psaki.

Psaki was flabbergasted by the question and had no idea if Biden ever traveled to the southern border at any point as Senator, Vice President or President.

“In his life?” Psaki responded. “I will have to look back in my history books and check the times he’s been to the southern border.”

Doocy then admitted he already knew the answer and told Psaki that Fox News could not find evidence that Joe Biden ever visited the border.

“We have looked all morning and we can’t find any record of him as President, Vice President, Senator, or even as a concerned citizen,” Doocy added. “Why would that be?”

Politicians’ most-valuable asset is their time.

The fact that in 50 years, Joe Biden never made time to visit the border shows it was never a concern of his and adds fuel to the fire that Biden is allowing this border crisis to happen on purpose so the Democrats can find new voters.

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