Jen Psaki made a giant fool out of herself by picking a dumb fight with a top Republican

The Biden administration can’t go one day without embarrassing itself.

Usually it’s Joe Biden committing the gaffes.

But this time Jen Psaki made a giant fool out of herself by picking a dumb fight with a top Republican.

Newly elected Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders on his first day in office, including one ending the state’s mask mandate for schools.

Democrat strongholds like Arlington and Fairfax County immediately pledged to defy the Governor.

The school districts went even farther than before and demanded children wear either n95 masks or double masks with one being a surgical mask.

This cruelty would force children to wear uncomfortable masks for eight hours a day.

Governor Youngkin responded by doubling down and declaring that any school district in defiance of his ban on mask mandates would lose state resources.

Even though Joe Biden’s slide in the polls started when he retreated on COVID and began demanding even vaccinated Americans wear masks, Jen Psaki thought picking a fight over mask mandates was a winner for Democrats.

The American people want an off-ramp from mask mandates and COVID in general.

People are sick and tired of the mandates and restrictions.

They want normal life back.

But Democrats like Psaki and the hacks who run the Arlington and Fairfax County schools see COVID as a mechanism to control the population.

Governor Youngkin’s order did not ban masks in schools.

Any parent – like Jen Psaki – can choose to have their child wear a mask in school.

Governor Youngkin’s order only bans requiring all children to wear masks.

There is no reason Democrats should oppose that order unless all they really care about is being able to force kids to wear masks.

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