Jen Psaki melted down during a confrontation that no one saw coming

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is used to fawning reporters tossing her softball questions.

Fireworks go off whenever Psaki faces a real question.

And Jen Psaki melted down during a confrontation that no one saw coming.

When Donald Trump imposed travel restrictions on China in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden and other Democrats slammed the move as racist.

But after South African doctors recently discovered the extremely mild omicron variant, Joe Biden immediately imposed travel bans on South Africa and six other African nations.

Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba confronted Jen Psaki about these travel restrictions, noting that South Africa only accounts for 6% of the Omicron and that no one in the country died from the variant.

Ateba turned the tables on Jen Psaki and demanded she defend these “racist” travel restrictions.

“What would you say to those who believe that this is a racist ban, that it is only on African and black African nations?” Ateba asked.

Of course, Democrats are not used to being called racists.

After all, that is the Left’s go to attack when confronting Republicans.

Psaki freaked out and claimed the travel restrictions were out of an abundance of caution to slow the spread of the variant.

“Simon, I would convey to you that that is absolutely not the intention, that is not our policy,” Psaki responded. “This was a recommendation of the health and medical experts because there were a large number of cases in South Africa, and they made a decision early on out of an abundance of caution to protect the American people to slow the spread of the variant.”

Donald Trump made similar arguments in 2020.

But it didn’t matter.

Joe Biden and other Democrats still slammed him as a racist.

And now the corporate-controlled media is giving Psaki and Biden a pass on this double standard.

It’s shameful that it took a reporter from South Africa to finally ask real questions and hold Joe Biden accountable for his own words and statements.

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