Jen Psaki picked the wrong fight over Donald Trump’s trial

MSNBC host Jen Psaki is still in campaign mode.

But Psaki stepped in it with her latest attempt at spin.

And Jen Psaki picked the wrong fight over Donald Trump’s trial.

Jen Psaki’s misleading claim about Trump’s trial

Alvin Bragg’s sham case against Donald Trump involves weaving a criminal conspiracy out of legal conduct.

It’s legal for a campaign to squash a story it thinks will hurt its candidate.

It’s legal for a candidate to payout to settle a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Alvin Bragg and his prosecutors falsely claimed a NDA payment to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen was a federal campaign finance violation that involved Donald Trump.

Psaki tried to help muddy the waters on social media by claiming that campaigns never pay off sources to keep embarrassing stories out of the press.

“Campaigns do NOT work with media to pay off sources to suppress stories.  It is not normal. It does not happen. Am certain democrats and republican from many campaigns will confirm that,” Psaki posted on social media.

Breitbart reporter Emma-Jo Morris instantly fact-checked Psaki to say that wasn’t true at all.

Morris cited the campaign Psaki last worked on – Joe Biden’s 2020 effort – and its collusion with the CIA to censor her stories she wrote at the time for the New York Post about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“The Biden campaign did that, in collaboration with the CIA, to my stories at the New York Post based on Hunter Biden’s laptop,” Morris wrote on X.

The plot to censor the laptops story 

Former Obama acting CIA Director Michael Morell testified that he helped organize the now infamous letter signed by 51 former intelligence committee officials falsely claiming that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

In his testimony, Morell told Congress he put the letter together after a call from Biden campaign advisor Antony Blinken telling the committee he wanted to do whatever he could to “help Vice President Biden . . . because I wanted him to win the election.”

Morell then described how he put the letter together.

“Morell testified that he sent an email telling Nick Shapiro, former deputy chief of staff to Brennan, that the Biden campaign wanted the statement to go to a particular reporter at The Washington Post and that he should send the statement to the campaign as well,” the New York Post reported.

“Morell did not recall why he told Shapiro the campaign wanted the statement to go to this reporter first and admitted that he may have spoken to the campaign on another occasion,” the Post also reported.

Facebook and Twitter censored the Post’s story.

The media seized on the letter as the basis not to report on the evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption contained on the laptop.

Jen Psaki is gaslighting the public by trying to claim campaigns don’t try and bury bad stories.

Psaki is reverting back to spin mode in trying to falsely present Alvin Bragg’s joke of a case as something legitimate.

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