Jen Psaki ran away from this question from Fox News about Joe Biden’s illegal order to the FBI

The Biden regime is turning out to be a totalitarian nightmare.

It’s even worse than anyone thought.

And Jen Psaki ran away from this question from Fox News about Joe Biden’s illegal order to the FBI.

On Joe Biden’s watch, Attorney General Merrick Garland authorized the FBI to spy on parents who stage protests at school board meetings over the racist Critical Race Theory and absurd mask mandates.

The FBI will now monitor and arrest parents who “harass” or “threaten” left-wing school board members.

Garland’s letter never defines what threats or harassment mean so it forces parents to live in fear of FBI surveillance and arrest if they criticize left-wing indoctrination and abusive mask mandates in schools.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy grilled press secretary Jen Psaki on the regime unleashing armed federal agents to terrorize parents who believe that they – and not the government – know what is best for their children.

In a disturbing moment in American history, Jen Psaki sidestepped answering the question, making it clear that the Biden regime believes armed federal agents had every right to arrest the political opponents of the people in power.

“The Department of Justice said … threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values,” Psaki responded. “That is true. These are threats against public servants, threats against members of the school board. Regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against public servants is illegal.”

Doocy pressed further citing the letter from the National School Board Association that sparked the Biden regime’s decree that the FBI should treat parents at school board meetings like Al Qaeda terrorists.

The National School Boards Association begged the administration to use the government’s illegal domestic spying powers under the so-called “PATRIOT Act” to surveil parents who objected to schools implementing Critical Race Theory or mask mandates.

“Something that the School Boards Association is asking for is the administration to consider using the Patriot Act to consider investigating some of these school board protesters,” Doocy added. “So would the administration be OK with the FBI using the Patriot Act to surveil these parents?”

Psaki claimed she spoke for the U.S. government but would not disavow the U.S. government illegally spying on parents without a warrant and using that illegally obtained evidence to arrest them.

“I don’t speak on behalf of the National School Boards Association,” Psaki shot back. “I speak on behalf of this government.”

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