Jen Psaki said two words to Fox News that she will live to regret

Most corporate-controlled media outlets act as press agents for the Biden administration.

Fox News is one of the few media companies that aggressively covers Joe Biden.

And now Jen Psaki said two words to Fox News that she will live to regret.

The evidence continues to stack up that the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology following a lab accident.

But the Communist Chinese government refuses to allow a meaningful investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s security and procedures to determine if the virus did originate from the lab.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed Press Secretary Jen Psaki to explain why the administration was not pressuring China to commit to a full and transparent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

“We are,” Psaki shot back.

But Psaki revealed the White House was – in fact – doing nothing because it still relied on the Communist Chinese compromised World Health Organization to insist Chinese President Xi Jingping to agree to an investigation.

“And we have repeatedly called for the WHO to support an expert-driven evaluation of the pandemic’s origins that is free from interference or politicization,” Psaki added.

Psaki tried to claim the initial WHO investigation – which was not granted access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology – was just “phase one.”

“There were phase I results that came through,” Psaki. “We were not — during that first phase of the investigation, there was not access to data, there was not information provided. Now we’re hopeful that WHO can move into a more transparent, independent, phase II investigation,” Psaki stated.

That wasn’t nearly enough for Doocy who prodded Psaki to respond to why Biden wasn’t doing more for the families of the nearly 600,000 Americans that died from the coronavirus.

“With 589,920 dead Americans, at what point does President Biden say we don’t want to wait for the WHO? We don’t know what we’re doing. This needs to be an American-led effort to get to the bottom of what happened,” Doocy asked.

Psaki again restated the fact that the administration had no plan to force China to provide a credible accounting of the goings on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology by relying on the hapless and incompetent WHO.

“I think you’re misunderstanding how this process actually works,” Psaki stated. “An international investigation led by the World Health Organization is something that we’ve actually been pressing for several months.”

“What we can’t do . . . is leap ahead of an actual international process. We don’t have enough information and data to draw a conclusion at this point in time,” Psaki concluded.

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