Jen Psaki slammed the panic button after this Joe Biden debate meltdown

Democrats watched in horror as Joe Biden began to glitch during the debate.

That’s when reality set in.

And Jen Psaki slammed the panic button after this Joe Biden debate meltdown.

The media turns on Biden

After Joe Biden experienced 90 minutes of cognitive failure during his debate with Donald Trump, Democrats and the media now believe Biden’s candidacy is a lost cause.

Biden found himself buried under an avalanche of negative press coverage the media usually reserves for Donald Trump because the press knows there is no way under the Democrat Party rules to remove Biden as the nominee.

The only way to get Biden out of the race is for him to decide to drop out on his own.

That’s why you saw left-wing websites like Mediaite – which eagerly peddled the “cheap fake” hoax, which falsely claimed videos of Biden acting senile were manipulated media – flipped to writing posts on social media mocking Biden’s cognitive failure.

“Biden Short-Circuits in Debate and Declares, ‘We Finally Beat Medicare,’” Mediaite’s X account posted.

Jen Psaki sounds the alarm 

Even the legion of Biden loyalists who work in the media began ramping up the pressure on forcing Biden out of the race.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t mince words on MSNBC.

Psaki said the campaign would now only face questions about Biden’s age and mental acuity.

“The chatter is very distracting and it’s going to be very consuming for the campaign,” Psaki began.

Psaki admitted Democrats will now debate the idea of replacing Biden. 

“Should he be replaced? They’re going to be answering that question instead of breaking through on attacking Trump,” Psaki added.

Democrats held out hope that Judge Juan Merchan sentencing Trump to prison on July 11 in the Manhattan show trial would save Biden.

Psaki threw cold water on that idea.

“Is that chatter the same chatter . . . in two weeks when Trump is sentenced and JB goes out and has a strong couple of weeks? It may not be,” Psaki continued. 

Former White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield pulled no punches on CNN.

Bedingfield said all Biden had to do at the debate was essentially prove that he was alive.

And Bedingfield admitted Biden couldn’t even cross that low threshold.

“It was a really disappointing debate performance from Joe Biden. I don’t think there’s any other way to slice it. His biggest issue was to prove to the American people that he had the energy, the stamina — and he didn’t do that,” Bedingfield lamented.

The anti-Trump website The Drudge Report summed up the mood on the Left, announcing that Democrats must attempt to salvage the 2024 campaign by removing Biden.

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