Jen Psaki tried to attack Ron DeSantis. This jaw dropping photo proved she was lying

The White House decided to pick a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

That decision blew up in the Democrats’ faces.

And it all began as Jen Psaki tried to attack Ron DeSantis. This jaw dropping photo proved she was lying .

Joe Biden is trying to pin the blame for his falling poll numbers on Ron DeSantis because Ron DeSantis refuses to shut down businesses, mandate masks in schools and force Floridians to take the vaccine.

Governor DeSantis fired back at Biden, ripping him for denying science by ignoring natural immunity, wanting to make kids wear masks and for trying to impose a biomedical security state on America.

Press secretary Jen Psaki feebly tried to defend her boss by falsely claiming Ron DeSantis was some kind of anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist.

That was a flat-out life.

Governor DeSantis only opposes mandatory vaccinations and Soviet-style “papers please” laws that segregate America based on vaccination status.

It was simple enough to produce multiple photos of DeSantis holding public events promoting the vaccine and encouraging Floridians to take the vaccine.

In fact, earlier this year CBS’s 60 Minutes ran a hit piece attacking DeSantis for promoting the vaccine by falsely claiming DeSantis used the grocery store chain Publix as a vaccination site as a kickback for a campaign contribution.

Democrats and the media are very worried about Ron DeSantis as a 2024 prospect because he exposed the farce of Democrats’ pro-lockdown, pro-mask mandate narrative.

Jen Psaki’s smears and falsehoods were the latest failed attempt to stop DeSantis’ political momentum.

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