Jen Psaki was caught red handed pushing this outrageous lie

Jen Psaki’s time as White House Press Secretary is coming to an end.

She had one final humiliation on the way out the door.

And Jen Psaki was caught red handed pushing this outrageous lie.

Regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki has been lying and spinning Joe Biden failures to the press.

She took a lucrative pay day with MSNBC to continue serving as a mouthpiece for the Democrats.

At one of her final press briefings, she told one of her biggest whoppers to date.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich pressed Psaki on Joe Biden’s plan to fund crack pipes with taxpayer money as part of providing safe smoking kits to drug addicts.

Heinrich had previously asked Psaki about this when the story first broke back in February.

“You said in February that no money from a $30 million harm reduction program would fund distribution of crack pipes in safe smoking kits,” Heinrich stated.

“The Washington Free Beacon reported that they went to harm reduction facilities in five cities, and all of those facilities had crack pipes in their kits. HHS would not say which programs had applied for funding, and the recipient list is not out yet,” Heinrich continued.

“So, I’m just wondering if the White House can say if any taxpayer dollars paid for these crack pipes?” Heinrich asked.

“No federal funding has gone to it,” Psaki replied.

“And is there any oversight to ensure that when that money goes out for the program, that these organizations will not use federal dollars for crack pipes?” Heinrich followed up.

“This policy does not allow for crack pipes to be included. I would just note that this is a bit of a conspiracy theory that’s been spread out there. It’s not accurate,” Psaki stated.

“There’s important drug treatment programs for people who have been suffering from what we’ve seen as an epidemic across the country, and money is not used for crack pipes,” Psaki added.

While Psaki calls taxpayer funded crack pipes a “conspiracy theory,” she’s been caught red handed lying about them again.

In February, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the Department of Health and Human Services handed out grants worth $30 million to nonprofits and local governments to fund “smoking kits/supplies” for safer drug use.

When the Free Beacon reached out to an HHS spokesman, he said the pipes were for crack, crystal meth, or “any illicit substance.”

After being caught for this absurd use of taxpayer money, the regime began to deny it was happening, with left-wing “fact checkers” backing them up.

But the intrepid reporters from the Free Beacon pursued the story by visiting non-profits that supplied drug addicts in five cities on the east coast.

In each city, these government-funded organizations provided free crack pipes to the reporters, raising questions about Psaki’s claim that it was a “conspiracy theory.”

While Psaki’s time with the regime is ending, she went out with one of her most blatant lies yet.

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