Jen Psaki wished she was somewhere else when Fox News asked her this question

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has not distinguished herself in this role.

On Monday, matters only got worse.

That’s because Jen Psaki wished she was somewhere else when Fox News asked her this question.

On multiple occasions, Joe Biden has repeated the lie that the new Georgia election integrity law ends voting at 5pm, which prevents working people from casting a ballot.

This is not true.

The law maintains that on election days polls remain open from 7AM to 7PM and that during the 17 days of early voting counties have the option to extend early voting hours to 7PM.

Even the liberal Washington Post’s fact checker Glen Kessler slapped Joe Biden with a four Pinocchio rating for telling a demonstrable falsehood.

So in Monday’s White House press briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki if Biden would stop lying about the Georgia law.

“Is the President going to change the way that he talks about the new Georgia voting law because . . . he said the law would end voting at 5:00 when working people are just getting off, and he said it would end voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over,” Doocy stated. “The Washington Post gave that claim four Pinocchios because that part of the law gives counties the option to extend voting hours. So, I’m just curious if the President is going to change the way that he’s talking about this.”

Psaki refused to engage on the question and falsely claimed the Georgia law made it harder to vote despite the fact that it expanded the number of early voting days.

Doocy was not about to accept Psaki’s non-answer and pressed Psaki to tell the American people that Joe Biden would pledge to stop spreading lies about Georgia’s election integrity law.

“But the thing he said has been determined by election law experts to be not true, so I’m just curious if he’s going to stop saying it,” Doocy pressed further.

Psaki made it clear that Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party had every intention to continue to lie about the Georgia law.

“Well, again, I think we can — the fact checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of Georgia to vote, and that’s where he has concern,” Psaki added.

Democrats need to lie about the Georgia law and present it as Jim Crow for two reasons.

First, they need to fire up their base ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Second, they need their base enraged about election integrity laws to ramp up the pressure on Democrat Senators to junk the filibuster so Democrats can ram H.R.1 into law, which will mandate universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting in all 50 states, as well as gutting voter id laws, allowing some illegal aliens to register to vote, and rig every election in the future in the Democrats favor.

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