Jesse Watters is under attack from this former CNN host for a strange reason

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Jesse Watters took over the 8 PM time slot on Fox News after the network fired Tucker Carlson.

That means Watters is now public enemy number one for liberals in the media.

And now Jesse Watters is under attack from this former CNN host for a strange reason.

New CNN management fired Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter due to Stelter’s insane left-wing partisanship and ironically unreliable stories. 

Stelter still needs to make a living so he cashed in on the Left’s paranoia about Fox News with a new book entitled Network of Lies where Stelter again trashed everyone on the channel as a threat to democracy because they don’t tell their audience the Democrat Party’s talking points are the absolute truth.

In an appearance on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show, Stelter attacked Watters as the new “extremist” at Fox News claiming Watters – like Carlson before him – adopted the persona of a rabid Trump supporter because that is what the audience wants.

“In the Roger Ailes era, it was top-down. But now, as you said, it is bottom-up. It is now driven by the audience. The audience is in charge, which is a scary prospect sometimes, even though I love our viewers right now, Joy,” Stelter stated.

“I agree with your banner a moment ago. Jesse Watters has taken over as the Fox primetime extremist. They think they are, quote, ‘respecting the audience,’ and that’s the quote that comes up time and time again in the treasure trove of emails from 2020. They think they’re respecting the audience by giving the audience what they want, but that’s actually disrespectful, and you know what? It’s hurt the GOP,” Stelter added.

Stelter then appeared on Dan Abrams’ NewsNation program where Abrams pressed Stelter about the biases at the other cable news networks.

While refusing to use the word “bias” about liberal hosts but admitted that Reid had a “perspective.”

“I was on Joy Reid’s show last week. The segment before me, the banner was ‘Trump’s authoritarian streak.’ I happen to agree Trump has an authoritarian streak, but I think she comes with a very clear point of view. I don’t think it’s a bias, I think it’s a point of view, a perspective, just like you,” Stelter stated.

Stelter never says conservative hosts on Fox have a “perspective.”

Instead, he attacks them as propagandists.

Abrams then asked about CNN to which Stelter claimed there wasn’t a single biased host on the air at the network.

That caused Abrams to guffaw and mention Jim Acosta, who built his name on opposing Donald Trump.

Stelter rejected any characterization of Acosta as a partisan and declared Acosta was a brave truth-teller while again deploying his favorite buzzword saying Acosta merely had a “perspective.”

“I think Jim is telling the truth. I really do. The truth hurts really sometimes,” adding that Acosta simply had a “point of view” as well as a “perspective.”