Jill Biden just called Donald Trump one unthinkable name

First Lady Jill Biden is stepping up her campaign activities as she forces Joe Biden to stay in the Presidential race.

Jill Biden is unhinged.

And Jill Biden just called Donald Trump one unthinkable name.

Jill Biden takes the place of Joe Biden 

Joe Biden’s largely stayed out of the spotlight since his eye-opening debate performance.

Biden made a few public appearances here and there while never speaking for any great length of time.

This light schedule did little to reassure Democrats that Biden was cognitively capable of waging a campaign for President.

Meanwhile, Jill Biden visited three states.

It didn’t escape notice that she was maintaining a heavier campaign schedule than her husband.

During a trip to Georgia, Jill Biden repeated the “suckers and losers” hoax, which came from a 2020 Atlantic report claiming Trump disparaged soldiers who fell in battle in WWI.

“He disparages those who sacrifice for our country. His own chief of staff said he called P.O.W.s and those who died in war ‘losers and suckers!’” Jill Biden ranted.

Jill Biden then shouted that Trump was “evil” and recounted another one of the media’s uncorroborated attacks on Trump.

“He’s evil! He said he didn’t want to be seen with injured veterans because it didn’t look good for him. It’s disgraceful!” Jill raged. 

Jill Biden forcing Joe Biden to stay in the race

The post-debate polling is dreadful.

AARP’s survey of Wisconsin found Trump leading Biden by five points.

Emerson’s new poll shows Trump up three.

Major donors like Abigail Disney are saying they won’t give money to Democrats until Biden goes.

So why is Joe Biden staying in the race?

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy said it’s all because of Jill Biden’s lust for power.

“They are fighting for their lives but rather than him being out, because he can’t, she is out. That’s why she is barn storming. That’s why she was in three states yesterday,” Doocy said of Jill Biden’s multi-state campaign tour.

Jill Biden also fought for decades for Joe Biden to sit in the Oval Office.

And Steve Doocy said that Jill Biden’s ego won’t allow Biden to willingly surrender the Presidency.

“Because they had made it clear they are not going to leave the White House without a fight. And Joe has warned people close to him, according to Axios, he is staying in but that is not a sure thing because he knows if the Democratic leaders, or the elites as he referred to them yesterday, if they say Joe, we can’t raise money anymore, Hollywood says you have got to go, the pundits say you have got to go, all these Democrats in unsafe for Democrat congressional districts say you got go, he’s got to go, but Donald Trump hit the nail on the head. It’s about ego. It’s not about Joe Biden’s ego. It’s Jill Biden’s ego,” Doocy concluded.

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