Jim Jordan put Joe Biden on notice when he revealed this stunning move

Jim Jordan is the tenacious watchdog that Democrats fear.

With the Biden regime, he’s got plenty of things to keep an eye on.

And Jim Jordan put Joe Biden on notice when he revealed this stunning move.

Jim Jordan is the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.

He’s inheriting the mantle from Congressman Trey Gowdy as the leading Republican watchdog.

With Republicans expected to retake control of the House after the Midterm elections, Jordan would lead the powerful Judiciary Committee’s investigations.

He’s rolling up his sleeves and getting ready to shine a spotlight on the Biden regime’s corruption.

At a media event on Capitol Hill before Biden’s State of the Union Address, Jordan laid out the top priorities for House Republicans to investigate if they retake control in November.

Jordan was asked what the top priority would be, but because of the Biden regime’s rampant corruption, he had to list three.

The first is a deep dive into Anthony Fauci and the public health bureaucracies’ botched, corrupt handling of the pandemic.

Jordan said, “All the lies from the misinformation, the disinformation from Fauci and the CDC. That is because they knew from the get-go that coronavirus came from the lab, likely came from a lab, gain-of-function was likely done, and our tax dollars were used.”

Jordan joins Republican Senators like Rand Paul and Roger Marshall in pushing for an investigation into Fauci.

The rampant lies and flip-flops on things like masks, the virus’s origin, and the devastating lockdowns would hold totalitarians like Fauci accountable for their rampant abuse of power.

Jordan then laid out his second investigative priority, the Biden border crisis.

“I mean, this is intentional, this is deliberate, there’s no other logical conclusion you can reach. So we have to investigate the border situation, two million illegals crossing our border in one year, just wrong,” Jordan remarked.

Biden’s own Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, even admitted to Border Patrol agents in leaked audio that the situation is a historic disaster.

He said, “Look, it’s worse now than it, frankly, has been in at least 20 years, if not ever.”

Finally, Jordan said the “weaponization” of “parts of government to go specifically against parents.”

The Department of Justice branded concerned parents who protested Marxist indoctrination in school board meetings as “terrorists.”

This “concern” was referred to federal law enforcement in an attempt to muzzle these parents.

“There are others, but those are the top three. And all three of those have connections to the Judiciary Committee, which is the committee I get the privilege to serve,” Jordan concluded.

If Republicans can retake the House, they could get to the bottom of some of Biden’s biggest scandals that he’s trying to sweep under the rug.

With Jim Jordan potentially leading a hard-hitting investigation into the regime’s corruption, Joe Biden could be in for some major heartburn.

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