Joe Biden admitted one truth about Tara Reade’s allegations that just changed everything

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign struggled with how to handle Tara Reade’s credible allegations of sexual assault.

Many Democrats wanted him to drop out of the race.

And now Joe Biden admitted one truth about Tara Reade’s allegations that just changed everything.

Joe Biden sat for an hour long interview with Vice Presidential contender failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on MSNBC’s The Last Word.

During the interview, host Laurence O’Donnell asked Biden about Tara Reade’s credible allegations of sexual assault and how that comported with Biden’s proclaimed slogan of “believe all women.”

Biden then made the gaffe of the campaign when he admitted that if anyone believed Tara Reade they shouldn’t vote for him.

“Well, I think they should vote their heart. If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believe Tara Reade. The fact is that — look at Tara Reade’s story. It changes considerably.

“And so, but I don’t want to question her motive. I don’t want to question anything other than to say the truth matters. This is being vetted. It’s been vetted. They went and people interviewed scores of my employees over my whole career,” Biden told O’Donnell.

A recent Monmouth University poll found a full 20 percent of Democrats believe Reade.

Biden just gave over millions of potential voters a permission slip to stay home in November.

The former Vice President also tried to convince those voters Reade was making stuff up by falsely claiming inappropriate touching was out of character for him.

“This is just totally, thoroughly, completely out of character, and the idea that in a public place in a hallway, I would assault a woman? I mean, it’s — I mean — anyway, I promise you, it never happened. It should be vetted. She should be thoroughly looked at and whether or not these happened, look at the story, follow the story line and determine whether there’s any truth to it. And there is no truth to it. I promise you,” Biden added.

But there are plenty of videos on the internet of Biden creeping around women – and even young girls – rubbing their shoulders, putting his hands all over them and sniffing their hair.

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  2. 1st PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE quit showing photos of Piggrossi she makes me want to vomit. Ill be honest I live in horrible Libafornia and I have heard several neighbors saying if Heer Newsom sends ballots to everyone if they get any for people that no longer live at an address they will vote Trump then send it in. Hoping the Demotardic trash screws itself while trying to screw Trump that would be pure justice!!!!!!!

  3. Have you noticed Joe is not out campaigning? HE doesn’t need to! they are planning the largest voter fraud in US History with MAIL in voting! they are determined to win at all costs. thats why stay at home orders keep getting extended without reason! Biden is just a figure-head! A place holder..!! Yall need to wake up and get involved! Stop the mail in voter fraud!

  4. Joe Biden put out a statement this morning on the Tara Reade Sexual allegations:
    Quote “I did not have sex with that woman. I licked and sniffed it but I did not inhale”.

  5. @RogerMann: Just a thought: you might want to consider “credibility” … the quality of being trusted and believed. Maybe do a little research about these two women and you may see why I suggest this. Agree not all women (nor all men) can necessarily be believed about what they say about anything but credibility does come into play. This does not seem to be a well-informed group here so it would not surprise me that you may not be interested; and if that is so then that’s to your discredit and your lack of credibility.

  6. If that poll is accurate it means trouble for Biden. A protracted cat fight at the convention will do nothing to improve the democrats’ chances. And if Biden is nominated, and that 20% stays home on Election Day or casts protest votes watch out.

  7. I can’t wait when U.S. Attorney Durham, and Barrs Indictments come out.. This summer… It’s going to be a show of a LIFE TIME… Get the popcorn and beers. As well the up coming Presitenal debates… That to is going to be Epic… It’s going to be a interesting battle… Trump being an arrogant man and Sleepy Joe together on stage… Wow… Have the Paramedics and Oxygen ready for Joe… Trump is going to go all out… Especially when he gets The Durham , Barr reports…

  8. to Tony Bell, and Brother James of the 75th..
    I think as a Christian founded County… I hope this helps a little more..
    Jesus said a wise man Builds his house on a rock, Not on sand.. This country was built on a Rock by our forefathers to withstand all that our enemy’s that tried to break down.. Now many of our Nations enemy’s are in our own Government.. 1776 all over again… They woke up a Sleeping LION…

  9. Face it folks, truth is the left’s ideology is not sustainable – period.

    ***** Lies, false accusations kill trust.

    ***** Gay marriages do not procreate.

    ***** Abortion kills potential genius.

    ***** “By any means necessary” kills truth, honesty, integrity, trust, justice, etc…

    ***** Evolution lie kills God’s presence, removing God’s blessing and guidance.

    ***** Support of Islamic doctrine of sharia law “All Muslims are obliged to kill the infidel”.

    ***** Illegal immigration kills American citizens opportunities and culture.

    ***** Gun control, confiscation, kills honest citizens.

    See a pattern here? Democrats are the party of death!

    They have nothing to look forward to but death, no wonder why they are so angry.
    They should try God, give themselves a future.

  10. I don’t think all women should be believed just because they are women but anyone that thought Christine Blaise Ford should be believed, should believe Tara Reade!

  11. Dozens of pictures of him being too touchy feely with small girls but we’re not supposed to believe claim from an adult?

  12. Look we all know Creepy Joe Biden was nominated by the majority of the democrat party. We also all know that no one in the democrat party cares one bit about facts, issues, or what a person stands for. the democrats nominated Creepy Joe because they thought he was the most electable. Democrats have no values. period.

    the Bernie crowd at least believes in what Bernie is pushing even if most of us think it is crazy. I respect that the Bernie folks stand for something.

    the rest of the democrats stand for nothing other then having their team win. They think is it high school football.

    Oh yeah they scream about how terrible their opponent is but they don’t really care and often their own folks are far worse then what they are saying about the opponent.

    Democrats literally stand for nothing. they get broad sided a little by finding out their “electable” nominee is not electable, but if he was they would vote for him even as a rapist pedophile. Need proof? The democrats voted for Clinton twice and he is a rapist. they followed up voting for his wife who they knew threatened the rape victims.

    Democrats have no values and never have had any values.

  13. Biden Is a ‘goners-ville’… A Pity Indeed.
    > 0ld JFK Dems Would Never Support the ‘new dems’
    In a Million years.

  14. I came from a Democrat stronghold and watched JFK march in my hometown parade seeking his first term in Congress. I was a Democrat voter for 25 yrs but saw what the DNC devolved into and switched to independent then Republican. It’s amazing how low the DNC has sunk, and having switched parties I have to say it was the best political move I ever made !

  15. Like Lieutenant “T” states…Together we Stand, Divided we Fall. We haven’t been more divided since the Civil War. Like Stalin stated, the United States will be the demise of itself & believe me folks were not far from that fact. Don’t let the vision of our fathers fall to the wayside, if we do well be just like the Red Communist Chinese Party.

  16. Vasu. At least you are consistent. Virtually every post from you is nonsensical. Fortunately, just about every person on this board knows who are and what you represent – and just skip over the crap you spew.

  17. Like I have been saying ever sense this has been bought forth all you have to do is watch him at any of his TV showing and watch him do it on TV.

  18. What are the Dems up to. Everyone knows Joe’s in 3/4 stage dementia .and will not be the president of the United States why is anyone actually talking like he’s real something fishy and if those that endorsed him believe there words about him lies

  19. Joe’s fingers did more than just walk through the Yellow Pages. Joe should tap Colonel Sanders for VP, finger licking good.

  20. With all the so called polls, so called Petitions nothing will change… The Corruption in ALL Governments are around the world. THAT Will never go away…. What I love is when I hear people and family’s LAUGHING.. Having a good time.. Yes bad times are here for us all.. RECALL a family and good friends no matter what happens gives all of us a good day. I too hate what is going on in D.C. But remember friends we were never Invited to that CLOSED DOOR PARTY… Nor never will.. Yes vote and vote for lying Political People.. But listen to what they say first… Look at what they said nor never delivered… WE are on our own… Draw close to each other make friends honor each other, That’s how we can do this.. They do not care for the low life Smelly Warmart shoppers, like US. Nor never will… Make friends, love your family try to do the best that you can… With that said as an American Community This will be Addressed with one way or another when the time comes…

  21. Whittakerwalt is just another liberturd who can’t tell the truth on anything. He is easy to ignore because its all DNC talking points with nothing real.
    Joe Biteme is going down because he can’t remember anything. He doesn’t know what is true or not. If there is ever a face off with Trump, he will fold like a cheap suit and totally embarrass himself. Demoncrats can’t hide senility and dementia from the American people and nobody wants that fat lying pig stacy adams to inherit his job.

  22. Touchy-Feely would never do such a thing, just like he would never comment on the size of a 14 year olds breast. NOT TOUCHY-FEELY.
    It is a wonder that his nose does not grow longer.
    The definition of censorship is the practice of limiting access to information.

  23. To all those Fogg heads that keep bringing up Trump paying off Stormy and the other model. These are called Non Disclosure Agreements that are perfectly legal and that are used everyday of the week.They are not suddenly illegal just because you do not like Trump. Please get a life and move on. Why not fight for the top secret list of all the Senators and Congresspeople that have used the secret slush fund of tax payer dollars to pay off all the people they had improper relations with. Now that would be a real eye opener

  24. Bidden is an old senile idiot who has less brain than a goose and totally unfit to run his life even more so UNFIT to run this Nation.

  25. Does anyone commenting on this matter not get 100% of their information from FoxNews? In the dictionary next to the term “conspiracy theory” are the words “FoxNews”, “Rush Limbaugh”, “Sean Hannity”, and “Laura Ingram” along with the sentence ” Major perpetrators of conspiracy theories”. I have noticed that not one of the train-load of Far Right talking heads have menttioned Tara Reade’s history of false accusations, complaints, and un-filed charges all of which accuse some poor slob of touching her, feeling her up, kissing her, assaulting her, and in Bidens case sticking his finger into her with out mentioning the oriface. Of course these same folks completely avoided mention of Trumps Hollywood Video as well as information about his attorney using campaign funds to pay off Stormy Daniels; any smell a litle bit of hipocrisy here?

  26. When I look at or hear Biden…All I can think is: Out of all that were trying…’That’s’ the sperm that won?

  27. Joe has taught son Hunter well! The acorn does not fall very far from the tree! Democrats are a facade a false appearance that makes someone or something seem more pleasant or better than they really are: He kept his hostility hidden behind a friendly façade! That is what Joe does daily!

  28. Lie detector tests for both
    Not administered by the FBI AKA CBI Clinton Bureau of Investigation
    P.S. Trump was a private citizen at the time of the accusations Public officials that claim to care about women are supposed to be held to higher standards.

  29. Look. He admitted to rape on TV last week. He said ‘doing those things to a girl in a hallway? No way.’ Basically he is not denying rape but only the place where he would do it.

  30. How to identify an idiot. It’s the fool who never knows when to shut up or listen to itself speak. You know that person who thinks they are the smartest person in the room!

    We all have one mouth and TWO EARS. What does that tell U.S. about the Dims?

  31. Never vote for democrats again because they only work for their self interests and NOT America!!!

  32. Invading personal space is a far cry from sexual assault. There is no pattern of assault from Biden and considering all the opportunity, a single assault seems extremely unlikely. I can understand how a man who tragically lost his own daughter and wife would want to express the love through touch to others. I had no problem believing Reade about the invasion of her personal space, but not her latest story. Most people who change their stories are eventually proved to be liars.

  33. Julio,


    There’s not one woman that trump assaulted. Not one! How do I know? The libtard media would be on that like a Democrat on a child, balls out.

  34. I think we all know that creepy joe biden the Pedophile raped tara reade. I don;t believe it is even a question for most people: he did it. He also bribed the Ukrainians. no one is dumb enough not to know that happened. He was part of the fast and furious gun trafficking scheme. Creepy joe has been a corrupt politician for 30 years.

    That has not stopped the democrats from voting for him before and it will not keep them from voting for him now.

    Democrat voters are corrupt subhuman slim and they know it so it makes no difference to them what crimes their leaders have committed.

  35. Old man Biden loves women for sure. His son Hunter had some good lessons. He knocked up a table dancer! Biden wants a woman running mate. Give him Max Wax Waters. She will let him put his hands and fingers all over her!

  36. Joe Biden wants to appear pro-woman by saying he’ll select a woman as his running mate. If the Tara Reads scandal persists, Joe Biden might be forced to choose Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate, as Gretchen Whitmer, a victim of sexual assault herself, has stood by Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden is a traditional liberal Democrat. To balance the ticket, the running mate should be a moderate or conservative Democrat: a pro-life Democrat like John Bel Edwards or Joe Manchin. Amy Klobuchar, a Midwest moderate, would be perfect, and she says there’s room in the Party for pro-life Democrats.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  37. It’s true he did it. Ive seen him onTV kissing a woman and hanging over her shoulder. He just won’t admit it

  38. Biden said Reade keeps changing her story because he’s known about the allegation for a long time now. This isn’t the first time she’s come forward.
    Don’t be fooled by the man that doesn’t seem to remember anything. He remembers.
    He remember that smell on his finger.


  40. We all know Julio will make up a LIES for any fool who is a Democrat to believe. I have asked her hundred of time to post their names! But Julio REFUSE TO! Because Julio know it a LIES! Now did Joe Biden just accused Tara of changing her story? I don’t believe it has changed! Still the same as always been told. But Joe Biden story keep changing! Sound like Joe Biden and Democrat can’t be trusted!

  41. 23 Trump accusers? Someone must be keeping count. I’m not sure Trump was ever accused of rape and with his money it is understandable he is accused a lot rather it be true or not. As far as his ability to be President, he is by far better than any democrat. He has common sense and sees what is going on that is ruining the United States. Those are the things that really matter. If Biden or any other Democrat had the ability to do half the job Trump has done I wouldn’t care about a charge that happened 30 years ago as long as it didn’t involve a child. Speaking of that. The Dems are all for killing babies up until they are born. That is far worse than anything Biden is being accused of or Trump. 99% of these women who claim the stuff they do could have easily not let it happen or stop it as soon as it started. These babies have no say so when they get cut up and burned.

  42. The democrats can’t hide the truth by just NOT REPORTING IT!!!!!!!!!

    I HAVE NOT ALREADY SAID THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. The democrats can’t hide the truth by just NOT REPORTING IT!!!!!!!!!

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