Joe Biden announced this insane plan to force every American to take the COVID vaccine

Joe Biden unveiled the biggest power grab by any President in American history.

The scope of this new mandate left jaws on the ground.

And Joe Biden announced this insane plan to force every American to take the COVID vaccine.

Joe Biden finally announced his federal vaccine mandate for employers with more than 100 workers would go into effect on January 4.

Biden claims this isn’t technically a “mandate” because workers who choose to go unvaccinated must submit to weekly testing.

But there was one outstanding question: who would pay for the coronavirus tests?

Biden answered that by issuing a rule stating that employees were responsible for paying for the tests – which can cost as much as $170 a pop – on a weekly basis.

“The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Public Health’s (OSHA) emergency temporary standard (ETS), which imposes vaccine and testing requirements on private businesses with over 100 employees, forces weighty burdens on unvaccinated workers who choose the testing option. It requires them to wear a mask in almost all social situations and places the burden of testing costs on the individual, as OSHA’s rule “does not require employers to pay for any costs associated with testing,” Breitbart reports.

Joe Biden’s plan is clear.

Biden is claiming that no one has to take the vaccine.

But if Americans choose not to take the vaccine, they face crippling testing costs that deprive them and their families of the ability to afford a normal life.

In many ways, this is like the Obamacare individual mandate penalty that imposed costs on Americans who chose not to get one of the Barack Obama-approved health plans.

This illegal and tyrannical mandate will be challenged in court.

Even Joe Biden previously admitted he was unsure if the federal government had the authority to mandate vaccines.

Biden clearly doesn’t care what the answer is and just wants to mandate the vaccine to impose as much control over as much of the population as he can.

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