Joe Biden blew a gasket after a Fox host said these two words

Joe Biden is taking fire from all sides as his Presidency implodes.

But Biden never expected to hear this criticism.

And Joe Biden blew a gasket after a Fox host said these two words.

Joe Biden’s war on American energy has plunged the country into the biggest energy crisis since Jimmy Carter.

Gas prices keep hitting one record high after another with no relief in sight.

The pain at the pump could get even worse, with JPMorgan Chase analysts predicting that the nationwide average could be $6 a gallon by August.

Biden is fumbling around looking for a solution, as high gas prices grind away at his approval rating like a millstone.

Since Biden refuses to unleash American energy, he’s been forced to use desperate political ploys to find a solution.

In an effort to turn Big Oil into a boogeyman for the problem he created, Biden recently sent an angry letter to executives at seven oil companies demanding that they lower prices.

“At a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable,” Biden wrote.

Instead of taking his foot off the neck of American oil companies, Biden is planning a major trip to Saudi Arabia.

Even though he called Saudi Arabia a “pariah” during the 2020 Presidential election, Biden is traveling there hat in hand to beg them to increase oil production.

Now that oil prices are skyrocketing, Biden has no choice but to beg Saudi Arabia to save his sinking Presidency.

Geraldo Rivera is one of the leftists employed by Fox News to keep the network fair and balanced.

Biden’s recent moves on oil were too much for the left-wing Rivera.

During an episode of The Five, Rivera ripped Biden for making these desperate moves.

“I deplore the fact that the President is going to go to Saudi Arabia and whore himself – excuse my language – to the Saudis, attempting to get them to increase production,” Rivera said. “I think it’s really unseemly.”

Rivera also unloaded on Biden’s pointless, angry letter to oil companies.

“A letter? What the hell is a letter? Where is the energy to do something substantive… rather than writing a silly letter?” an exasperated Rivera said.

Judge Jeanine Pirro corrected Geraldo on Biden’s actions.

“First of all, when you say he’s whoring himself to the Saudis, it’s really prostituting himself,” she said.

Joe Biden’s bumbling of gas prices is causing leftists like Geraldo Rivera to abandon him.

Biden is in over his head with no serious answers for the problem he created.

Instead of unleashing American energy, he’s turned to cheap political stunts.

With more record high gas prices on the way, Joe Biden will keep feeling the heat from every side of the political aisle.

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