Joe Biden blew a gasket when Jen Psaki made this surprising statement

Joe Biden never thought things would turn out this bad.

His dream of being President crumbled in less than a year.

And Joe Biden blew a gasket when Jen Psaki made this surprising statement.

The latest foreign policy fiasco that Joe Biden is dealing with is Russia.

Sensing weakness from the feeble Biden regime, Putin has amassed troops near the border of Ukraine.

Under another weak Democrat President, Barack Obama, Putin was able to grab parts of Ukraine in 2014.

With America the weakest it has been since Jimmy Carter, it looks like Putin is back for more.

Biden and the Democrats were constantly shrieking about Russia when Trump was President.

Even though they’ve talked a tough game recently when it comes to Russia, Joe Biden mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting the Russians were a foe.

But with the country on the brink of another crisis with Russia, regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki delivered what she thought was some tough talk against Putin.

“We have been clear that we oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is a Russian geopolitical project that undercuts the energy security and national security of a significant part of the European community,” Psaki said.

Nord Stream 2, a natural gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany, is expected to be a major source of Russian natural gas into Europe.

Since the Russian economy is expecting to reap significant rewards from the pipeline, it’s considered a major pressure point when dealing with Putin.

Psaki just told one of her most Orwellian lies yet by claiming that the regime opposes Nord Stream 2.

Biden removed all sanctions on the pipeline last year.

At the time, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez blasted the move, saying that he didn’t see “how today’s decision will advance U.S. efforts to counter Russian aggression in Europe.”

Republican Senator Jim Risch was even more blunt, saying that removing the sanctions was a “gift to Putin that will only weaken the United States’ leverage.”

Earlier this year, Senate Democrats used the filibuster to kill a bill by Ted Cruz to sanction the pipeline.

It was later revealed that Schumer received campaign contributions from companies connected to Nord Stream 2.

The tough talk from Democrats on Russia is clearly an act.

They used the Russian threat as a weapon to try to get President Trump out of office.

While Trump was President, the Russians were contained.

But now that Biden is in office, they’re looking to grab parts of Ukraine under their second straight Democrat President.

With a feeble Joe Biden in the White House, Russia and others will be looking to take advantage of America while they can.

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