Joe Biden discovered one startling truth that left him deep in despair

Joe Biden thought he had a magic bullet to secure victory in November.

But Biden got some bad news from an unlikely source.

And Joe Biden discovered one startling truth that left him deep in despair.

Biden tries to make the November election all about abortion 

According to polls from The Hill/Emerson and Bloomberg/Morning Consult, Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in all seven battleground states.

To try and reverse his polling deficit, Biden rolled out a new $30 million ad campaign focused entirely on Biden’s support for abortion-on-demand.

But CNN broke down the numbers and showed a maniacal focus on abortion is a losing hand for Biden.

Polls show Biden misread the public 

Like all media outlets, the editorial slant at CNN is in favor of abortion-on-demand.

But the numbers don’t lie.

And CNN polling analyst Harry Enten broke down how Biden was making a big mistake.

Enten began with polling numbers showing nearly sixty percent support for ballot initiatives in Arizona, Florida, and Nevada to enshrine abortion-on-demand in the state constitution.

“In Arizona, 59% believe that abortion should be always or mostly legal. In Nevada, two-thirds, 66%. Now in Florida, where all the news is developing this morning, 57% of registered voters say that in fact, abortion should be legal up to 24 weeks,” Enten began.

Florida used to be considered a swing state.

Arizona and Nevada are two of the seven battlegrounds that will decide the election.

Host John Herman asked Enten how the abortion issue figured to play in those states.

“If you are the Biden campaign looking at these numbers in important states for them on the map, Arizona and Nevada, what do you see?” Herman asked.

Abortion falls flat 

Enten explained that abortion is the one issue where Biden leads Trump by his largest margin, so making the election a referendum on abortion would seem like a good strategy from Biden.

“Yeah, you love the fact that abortion is in the news because would Biden or Trump do a better job? This is nationally, look at abortion. Biden leads on this measure by 14 points. It’s by far his best issue,” Enten began.

Enten explained this was the only card Biden could play because Trump leads Biden on all other issues.

“The economy, Trump leads. Immigration, Trump leads, foreign conflicts, Trump leads. And even on preserving democracy, which is obviously been a focal point of the Joe Biden campaign. He only leads on issue by this issue by four points. So abortion being in the news is something that Joe Biden wants, because it’s the issue that he runs most ahead of Donald Trump on,” Enten stated.

But then Enten revealed the polling date, which showed Biden’s whole campaign strategy was a flop.

Less than one-quarter of voters said the candidate’s stance on abortion would dictate their vote.

“Yeah. So all right. You see this 14-point lead for Joe Biden. But will abortion be important for votes, for folks in their voting patterns? So in our new CNN poll, how does abortion affect your vote for major offices? Candidates must share your views? Only 23%, John. Only 23% of Americans say that candidates must share your views on abortion,” Enten declared.

And Enten noted this was even worse news for Biden because there are Pro-Lifers in that group who will never vote for him because he supports unregulated abortion up until the moment of birth.

“So even if they agree with Joe Biden, it doesn’t necessarily mean they vote for him. And more than that, John, when we look at the top issues, the nation’s most urgent issues, look where abortion is on this list. It’s all the way down at 5%. The issues that are at the top of this list are immigration and the economy, which of course are Donald Trump’s best issues,” Enten concluded.

The polling from Arizona and Nevada shows Biden is betting big on a losing hand.

RealClearPolitics shows Trump leading Biden by 5 points in Arizona and 4.5 in Nevada because Trump’s campaign is laser focused on immigration and the economy, which every poll shows are the top two issues for voters.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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