Joe Biden ended up with egg on his face after Democrats pushed this one laughable excuse

Joe Biden created one crisis after another with his colossal blunder of a Presidency.

Democrats are scrambling to prop up his failing regime.

And Joe Biden ended up with egg on his face after Democrats pushed this one laughable excuse.

High gas prices are becoming a major self-inflicted headache for Joe Biden.

He declared war on American energy on his first day in office by shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline and halting all drilling permits for oil and gas on federal land.

Predictably, gas prices have soared across the country to their highest levels in nearly a decade.

And now, with Biden’s approval rating in free fall, Democrats have come up with their most absurd excuse for skyrocketing gas prices yet.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) posted a graph on social media showing gas prices going down by 2 cents between November 22 and November 29, with the quote, “Thanks, Joe Biden.”

Apparently, the DCCC took the graph from a leftist pundit, Matthew Yglesias, who intended for it to be viewed as sarcasm.

Conservative critics were quick to point out that gas prices have increased by nearly $1 per gallon over the past year.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) blasted the DCCC on social media by posting a chart showing the dramatic rise in gas prices under Joe Biden.

Even the ultra-liberal Washington Post didn’t buy the regime’s spin on gas prices.

In one article, The Post wrote that “it might be the worst defense of the Biden administration yet.”

This is the latest flailing action taken by Democrats to spin Biden’s failure to control skyrocketing gas prices, especially after he falsely claimed in a press conference that oil and gas prices have dropped “significantly” over the past month.

Of course, with Democrats pushing to ram through $3.5 trillion in so-called “infrastructure spending,” this is only the beginning of pain at the pump for battered consumers.

And high gas prices will be one of the many problems Joe Biden and the Democrats face heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

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