Joe Biden faced one question from Fox News that just proved he is senile

Joe Biden is facing mounting questions about his cognitive decline.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And that’s because Joe Biden faced one question from Fox News that just proved he is senile.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Joe Biden about his disastrous, gaffe-filled trip to Europe.

During his trip to Europe, Biden announced the United States would deploy chemical weapons if Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a bioweapons attack in Ukraine.

Biden also told troops in Poland he would deploy them to Ukraine.

And to cap it all off, Biden declared his support for regime change in Russia.

Since any one of the three gaffes by Biden could have started World War III, Biden’s handlers quickly walked back all three comments.

Doocy pressed Biden to explain how – in Biden’s own words – “America is back” if no one can trust the words of the President of the United States since his own staff must constantly clean up the verbal messes he makes.

When Biden asked what Doocy meant, Doocy pointed to his three gaffes in Europe, to which the President responded, “none of the three occurred, you interpreted the language that way.”

Of course, that is a lie.

As the video from Townhall shows, not only did Biden make all three comments, but his staff had to correct the record on each occasion.

The dangerous aspect of Biden’s answer is the fact that he may legitimately believe he never said any of those three things.

Joe Biden is 79-years-old and clearly in cognitive decline.

Biden struggles to keep his train of thought and erupts into random fits of anger.

One of the symptoms of dementia is sudden shouting or bursts of anger.

Biden displays these bouts of seemingly random rage on a regular basis.

That combined with Biden repeatedly calling Kamala Harris “President,” forgetting names, or struggling to form coherent thoughts when speaking off the cuff raises the terrifying specter of a President in early onset dementia trying to guide the country through a crisis where one mistake could lead to nuclear war.

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