Joe Biden forgot one name that made Democrats want to run and hide

Many Americans are concerned about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Now some Democrats are too.

And Joe Biden forgot one name that made Democrats want to run and hide.

POLITICO recently reported that members of the White House staff mute the TV when Joe Biden delivers speeches because they cringe when he rambles off onto unrelated topics and comes across as senile.

Press secretary Jen Psaki has stated that the communications team orders Joe Biden not to take off the cuff questions after his speeches because his staff can’t prepare answers since they won’t have the questions in advance.

Now, at a recent White House event commemorating the United States and the United Kingdom striking a deal to help Australia acquire nuclear powered submarines as part of a bulwark against Communist China, Joe Biden forgot the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

When Biden couldn’t remember the Australian leaders’ name he called him the “fella down under” and then only referred to his title of Prime Minister.

During the crisis in Afghanistan Joe Biden would disappear for days at a time and appear feeble, frail and forgetful on the rare occasions he did take questions from the press.

Biden’s concerning performance is one reason his poll numbers tanked so badly over recent weeks.

And this embarrassing moment with Scott Morrison will only serve to keep questions about Biden’s cognitive decline front and center.

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