Joe Biden found out he may disqualified from being President over this criminal investigation

Democrats see polls showing Joe Biden leading President Trump.

Liberals are already planning Biden’s inauguration and first term agenda.

But Joe Biden found out he may be disqualified from being President over this criminal investigation.

On Thursday, news broke that the FBI interviewed Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski as part of an active and ongoing money laundering investigation into Hunter Biden and his business associates.

Bobulinski also told Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden was compromised in his dealings with China because of Hunter Biden selling access to a Communist Chinese government connected energy company.

House Minority Leader California Congressman Kevin McCarthy told Fox Business Channel that this investigation and potential possibility that Joe Biden was compromised by the Chinese went beyond mere legal issues and presented a fundamental question as to whether or not Biden could even legally serve as President.

“The interesting part here is, Joe Biden, for those who know and those who are sitting out asking, they know he cannot sustain that job as a president,” McCarthy explained. “So, if Joe Biden cannot sustain it, one, for the activity we’re finding out now with Hunter Biden and himself — so we don’t know if legally he could stay in the office. You don’t know from his capacity if he has to put a lid on it, almost every other day, from a physical point of view to do the job. But Kamala Harris taking the job of presidency?”

McCarthy compared the questions surrounding Biden to the record of achievement for President Trump, which was highlighted by the fact that in the third quarter the economy grew at a record annualized rate of 33.1 percent and that the choice for the American people on Tuesday was obvious.

“I mean, look at what this president has been able to accomplish — just the number today, 33.1[%] for GDP,” McCarthy added. “That’s not a good number, Lou, that is the greatest number this country has ever seen in its history. This is the leadership of this President and what the future holds.”

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