Joe Biden found out the devastating news that reveals just how deep of a hole he’s in

Democrats were in shock.

No one on the Left thought Joe Biden’s problems were this bad.

But now Joe Biden found out the devastating news that reveals just how deep of a hole he’s in.

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd revealed the jaw-dropping results of the network’s latest round of public opinion polling.

The news was not good for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Just 42 percent of voters approved of Joe Biden’s job as President and 71 percent told pollsters the country was on the wrong track.

Another 50 percent did not believe Joe Biden was competent.

Todd told viewers that NBC’s polling showed “Americans have lost their confidence in President Biden and their optimism for the country, at least they have right now.”

Conservative talk show host Steve Deace quipped that Biden’s poll numbers sunk to such low levels that not even the Leftists in the corporate media could avoid speaking honestly about how dire the situation facing Democrats truly is.

“How bad is it really if regime approved media are saying this?” Deace wrote on social media.

There appears to be no end in sight for Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers.

Americans blame Biden’s socialist policies for rising inflation, supply chain shortages, and the crisis at the southern border.

And there is no rebound in sight as Biden refuses to reverse course and drop his socialist agenda as the administration is looking to ram Bernie Sanders’ $1.75 trillion socialist spending scam through Congress and pay thousands of illegal alien families up to a $1,000,0000 reparations reward for breaking the country’s immigration laws.

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