Joe Biden gave the military one order that changes everything for Trump supporters

Joe Biden is off to a disastrous start as President.

It’s every bit the nightmare the Americans who voted for President Trump feared.

And Joe Biden gave the military one order that changes everything for Trump supporters.

Joe Biden nominated retired general Lloyd Austin to serve as Secretary of Defense.

In his opening remarks at his confirmation hearing, Austin pledged to rid the military of racists and extremists.

Austin stated, “We also owe our people a working environment free of discrimination, hate and harassment. If confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault, to rid our ranks of racists and extremists, and to create a climate where everyone fit and willing has the opportunity to serve this country with dignity. The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies. But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

That sounds like a worthy goal.

But the events of the last several days makes it clear that what the Biden administration means by “racists and extremists” is anyone who voted for Donald Trump.

The FBI purged 12 members of the National Guard force protecting the Capitol supposedly for ties to “extremist groups.”

Reports indicated that these “ties” were social media posts supporting Donald Trump or membership in the National Rifle Association.

Democrats’ new crusade is now trying to declare a domestic war on terror against Donald Trump’s voters.

The Left wants to eliminate all opposition to their agenda.

And Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Pentagon announced in a confirmation hearing that the military would play a role in the Left’s effort to smear anyone who disagrees with the Democrat Party as a racist and an extremist.

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