Joe Biden gave this one-word answer when asked about the prospect of nuclear war

Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed nations to the cusp of World War III by invading Ukraine.

Putin escalated the crisis to threat levels not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

And Joe Biden gave this one-word answer when asked about the prospect of nuclear war.

On Sunday, Putin ordered his nuclear forces to “enhanced combat duty.”

This worried global leaders, as Russia owns the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.

No one quite understood what Putin’s order meant, but U.S. officials said they saw no change in the posture of Russia’s nuclear forces.

Reporters asked Joe Biden if Americans should worry about the prospect of global thermonuclear war.

Biden responded, “no.”

“President Joe Biden said on Monday Americans should not worry about a nuclear war after Moscow put its nuclear deterrent on high alert amid a barrage of Western reprisals over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Reuters reported.

“In response to a question about whether U.S. citizens should be concerned about a nuclear war breaking out, Biden said ‘no,’” Reuters continued, adding that “he was responding to a shouted question at the end of an event at the White House.”

“White House officials said earlier in the day the United States sees no reason to change its nuclear alert levels at this time, a point press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated during her briefing with reporters,” Reuters concluded.

Ukrainian officials have already accused Putin of war crimes after Russian forces allegedly launched cluster bombs into Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, killing a child and several other civilians.

But the threat of nuclear war is what keeps leaders awake at night.

No one knows how far Putin is willing to push this crisis.

The West leveled crippling sanctions on Russia’s economy, destroying the value of their currency and limiting the ability of businesses to function or banks to process transactions.

Some worry that if Putin finds himself backed into a corner, Russia’s nuclear weapons remain the most significant tool for him to reset the terms of engagement in their favor.

This is also why NATO and the United States flatly refused to send troops into Ukraine.

Any confrontation with Russian forces could serve as the trip wire to nuclear war.

But for now, Putin’s threats about his nuclear forces appear to be more posturing than operational.

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