Joe Biden got a brutal rejection from Democrats that sent him into a fit of rage

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is trying to give away the farm to China.

But even Democrats turned on him after one shocking giveaway.

And Joe Biden got a brutal rejection from Democrats that sent him into a fit of rage.

A top priority of President Joe Biden is trying to force the country to transition from reliable fossil fuels to green energy.

This transition is handing the country’s energy future over to the Chinese.

China controls most of the resources and manufacturing for solar panels, which is a centerpiece of Biden’s green energy agenda.

Biden quietly undid a rule implemented under former President Barack Obama in a massive giveaway to China.

He issued an executive order that put a 24 month freeze in place on tariffs against Chinese solar manufacturers that his regime claimed would be good for building up American solar production.

Biden claims that the green energy economy will be good for American jobs but he made the curious decision to empower Chinese manufacturing.

To circumvent the now-suspended tariff, Chinese companies were routing solar panels through Southeast Asia countries.

“Even after the U.S. Department of Commerce determined in an investigation that solar panels imported from Southeast Asian countries were circumventing tariffs on Chinese-made solar components, the Biden Administration continued to put American manufacturers last by keeping in place a two-year tariff exemption for these solar panels,” Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) told Fox News Digital.

Now, Congressional Democrats are joining with Republicans in a bipartisan effort to rescind Biden’s executive order lifting Chinese solar tariffs and punish companies that violate American trade law.

A bill was introduced by Reps. Dan Kildee (D-MI) and Bill Posey (R-FL) that uses the Congressional Review Act (CRA), a law that allows Congress to cancel executive branch regulations.

The bill is expected to have significant bipartisan support.

“Not enforcing our trade laws only accelerates the demise of American solar manufacturers and strengthens China’s control over the supply chain for the long term,” a spokesman for Posey said. “The Biden Proclamation is effective for two years, which is the amount of time China needs to dominate the solar industry and eliminate any major American competition.”

An anonymous American solar industry official was shocked that Biden gave China a “sweetheart deal” after they violated American trade law.

“I’m willing to bet that not even China’s President Xi Jinping could have dreamed up such a sweetheart deal,” the official said.

The official explained that the two-year tariff exemption was just enough time for China to build a workaround when they return.

“So when the solar emergency declaration expires, not only did the Biden administration protect them from facing any retribution from illegal trade activity, but they also gave the Chinese enough time to construct a vertical supply chain in order to avoid any U.S. tariffs on Chinese solar imports,” the official added.

Joe Biden’s latest disturbing giveaway to China was a bridge too far for Democrats.

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