Joe Biden got hit with a resignation demand that he can’t ignore

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Joe Biden disaster took a shameful turn.

Biden is trying to dodge accountability for one giant failure.

And now Joe Biden got hit with a resignation demand that he can’t ignore.

One of the turning points for the American people was Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It wasn’t just that Biden bungled the withdrawal plan set up by President Trump.

Biden delayed the removal of U.S. forces from May 1 to September 2021 so Biden could stage a photo op of U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

But doing so delayed the withdrawal to the summer fighting season when the Taliban would be at its strongest.

Biden also lied to the American people about the ability of the Afghan army to hold off the Taliban.

When Kabul fell, Biden largely hid from the public.

13 American troops died in a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport after the Biden administration had to rush troops back into Afghanistan because the administration forgot to evacuate the American citizens first, which left them trapped behind enemy lines.

But what really angered the parents of some of the fallen troops was the lack of empathy and accountability.

Carol Briseno is the mother of Marine Cpl. Humberto Sanchez, of the deceased U.S, soldiers.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Briseno blasted Biden for never speaking the name of her son or his fallen comrades.

“Nobody’s paying for what they did. Nobody is saying ‘yes we messed up’ and ‘I’m sorry,’” Briseno stated. “Biden never said the 13 names. He didn’t say the names because he knows that he failed. That he actually failed our kids and failed our families and messed up.”

Darin Hoover’s son, Marine Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, also tragically died in the attack on the Kabul Airport.

Hoover echoed Briseno’s criticism that Biden won’t say the name of troops his bungled withdrawal got killed.

“Biden hasn’t said our kids’ names once. Not a single time,” Hoover told the Daily Caller. “These kids need to be celebrated. They need to be thanked . . . They need to have their names said, have them be remembered.”

Both Hoover and Briseno both expressed their belief that Joe Biden must resign.

“I would say he needs to resign. Because something else is going to happen and he’s not there 100 percent to take decisions and he needs to resign. Two years ago it was the 13 kids. Maybe next month it’s going to be some other parents losing kids or any other stupid decision that he’s not capable to take,” Briseno declared.

“There is General Milley. There’s Secretary Austin, there’s Secretary Blinken. McKenzie can be involved in that decision as well. Resign. The president needs to resign. Admit their faults,” Hoover added.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan may have been the most humiliating military defeat in American history.

And to this day no one has been held accountable for this fiasco.

The media, which breathlessly covered every single development in the Trump administration and once tried to make a news cycle out of Trump getting two scoops of ice cream, ignored this debacle out of fear of making Joe Biden look bad, which in turn could help Donald Trump win back the White House.

The families most affected by Joe Biden’s Afghanistan adventure will not remain silent and will keep pushing for those responsible to face the consequences of their failures.

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