Joe Biden got hit with an impeachment ultimatum that made him sick to his stomach

Joe Biden cannot escape his involvement in impeachment.

And now Biden is realizing he will pay a price for his scandals involving Ukraine.

That’s because Joe Biden got his with an impeachment ultimatum that made him sick to his stomach.

This entire impeachment hoax started because Democrats tried to weaponize Donald Trump rooting out corruption in Ukraine to try and protect Joe Biden.

Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian President into firing a prosecutor who had been investigating Burisma – the corrupt energy company paying Biden’s son Hunter one million dollars a year – by threatening to withhold one billion dollars in U.S. aid.

Democrats impeached President Trump for trying to make sure a formerly high ranking United States official did not abuse his power with a corrupt Ukrainian government before turning over nearly $400 million in military aid.

But the Senate is poised to acquit Donald Trump. And now Republicans are warning Democrats the shoe could be on the other foot if Biden wins the election.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst warned that if Biden becomes the next President, Republicans will immediately push to impeach Biden for his quid pro quo over U.S. aid to Ukraine.

“Joe Biden should be very careful what he’s asking for because, you know, we can have a situation where, if it should ever be President Biden, that immediately, people – right the day after he would be elected – would be saying, ‘Well, we’re going to impeach him,’” Ernst declared.

Republicans sitting in the minority in the House will not deter this push.

Democrats began trying to impeach President Trump back in 2017 when Republicans still ran the House of Representatives.

In this case, should Biden win the Presidency, Democrats will reap what they sowed on impeachment.

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  1. WHY wait impeach/charge him with bribery NOW…he is recorded that he committed the crime and just like Killery ….”We know there was a crime , BUT we refuse to indict”…TWO TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM being enforced by our politicians.

  2. Joe Biteme is a lying scumbag just like piglosi, schitt and humpty dumpty. He and his son will eventually end up in jail over their bribery and tax evasion and fraud and perjury. They can’t skate forever. Schum-shum will fall too…he couldn’t tell the truth if it slapped him in the face.

  3. Jack you are so right about sleepy creepy Joe.I saw that picture of him kissing his granddaughter it grossed me out!!I love my granddaughter and give her kisses all the time but on the forehead or the cheek but she’s only 4 years old. His granddaughter is old about eighteen I think? Biden is one sick puppy.The Biden crime family needs to be investigated and convicted with prison time!

  4. It’s gonna happen. Remember what Hilliary said, ” if he wins, we’re all going to jail”. The offence is about to go on the defence. God this is going to be an exciting four years. No not four, Trump was deprived of his first four so should be entitled to eight more. HEH, HEH. HEH. That would drive em crazy.

  5. What is this crap. “If Biden wins the Presidency he will be impeached immediately “. How about Biden broke the law and is on his legal journey to GITMO?

  6. #FinishUkraine (Go to the Blaze) Glenn Beck.Rudy is right also Patriots demand Ukraine to be Finished.Its about USA our Country!!! Pres.45 doesn’t just say things for No reason.I want my Tax money Back!8-9 Billion.Constitional Crime From Obama,Bidens,Kerry

  7. People, read between the lines. When the republicans win back the House of Representatives, senate and executive branches. The democrats party members will be subjected to investigations of corruption.

  8. Biden is crooked. And now they are letting him off the hook. Really. BS this man has to pay. Period. The man even admitted to doing it. Got to know why he did it. Why are we letting him off the hook??? Why??????

  9. Hillary and the DNC paid for the phony dossier from the Russian spy but democrats accused Trump of colluding with the Russians.
    Biden had the Berisma investigator fired by ransoming one billion U.S. tax dollars but democrats accuse Trump of quid pro quo.

    If you want to know what crime the democrats are involved in next just wait for them to accuse the other side of it.

  10. Uncle Hoppy, they already have rigged it against Bernie. Why do you think they are holding the Iowa totals because, Bernie won and Biden is sitting about 4 or 5 places behind…

  11. Maybe reporters should ask if Hunter had to pay for his plane ride when he rode round-trip on his Dad’s government provided airplane to Ukraine, China and who know where else.

  12. You watch. The democrats will rig the election again like they did in 2016, and then turn around and accuse Trump and the republicans of it. It always the same game they play every election cycle. They cannot allow Sanders to be the nominee because he’s too radical to win the general election.

  13. Don Juan, I agree the family is corrupt but, that’s not the only thing wrong with them. If you want to talk about sick to your stomach. Did you see the picture of Creepy Joe kissing his “granddaughter”??? They need counseling to the max…

  14. When impeachment is weaponized for political gain there is no end to it. The democrats are trying to kill democracy and capitalism.

  15. TO The Icecube and other Trumpistas, funny how the Stable Genius will be acquittted by his GOP-stormtroopers in the Senate while almost all of his former inner circle is in jail or stand indicted…..

    Some MAGA, huh!

  16. Marie you are not informed.
    The prosecutor who got fired was an honest man, who a corrupt VPOUS didn’t want his son to be investigated. Burisma was a known corrupt company, that was being investigated for corruption.
    Hunter Biden was named to the board, not because he knew anything about energy. But because they would get money from the US government through his Daddy connection. Which of course there’s a string attached, whereby Hunter Biden would get his percentage. Probably had to share with Dad?
    Quid pro Joe wanted to make sure his son was not investigated and so Hunter would get money for doing nothing.

  17. The Prosecutor was investigating the corruption in Ukraine and Burisma. Because Biden’s son was on the board of that corrupt company, Joe was forcing the firing of the man investigating his money cow. The Prosecutor was the good guy. The Bidens were the ones ripping off the people in the Ukraine with the help of the former administration in the Ukraine. They all belong in prison.

  18. Wow what a lot of Bull. Biden was doing his Job as he was asked to not just by America but the other Nations who were offering millions in financial aide and support to remove a corrupt prosecutor, who wasn’t doing his job including investigating the Owner of Burmisa. So how was Biden corrupt.

  19. The sins of father and son are come to light. Biden and son need to do some hard time at Attica to think upon the crimes against the American people.

  20. If Biden is capable of winning this year’s Presidential Election, every Republican Representative should start working on impeaching Biden for his whole family for their corruption, whether here in the United States of even in Ukraine or any other Country.
    Because, Biden wouldn’t be trustworthy to run our country or anything else. Biden and his son Hunter should be held accountable for their actions.

  21. Alright Julio, who do you want for President??? Please entail why you think this candidate will be a good choice. If you don’t have adequate information the banana boat will be making the cut between Florida and Cuban tonight, make sure your on it please…Demorats are done, stick a fork in it…He will be out of the closet shortly!!!

  22. Biden and his corrupt family are as guilty as sin. They all deserve stiff prison sentences for their high crimes and misdemeanors. One day they will get theirs. Either in this life or the next they will get it big time.

  23. Joe Biden hesitated before declaring his intention to run for president. One has to wonder why the hesitation and the decision to run at all. Thinking his option to run would provide protection against investigation was most likely the motivation. However, as we see it has failed to stop the questions and will ultimately fail to protect from exposure of his nefarious activities. Senator Graham has made a promise to the public an investigation into the Biden’s, we will hold him to it. KAG 2020

  24. I don’t think Biden will get the nomination. The rabid base will not stand for another repeat of 2016 where Bernie got railroaded, and the DNC installed their own swamp creature HRC. Many of them refused to come out and vote after that.
    The rabid base wants more communism. Bernie is their guy to bring it to them.
    If democrats want to win future elections they will have to pander to their communist base now and forever moving forward.

  25. Funny how the Dims spout off that Hunter and dad Joey did nothing wrong and everything they were accused of was debunked somehow without an investigation being done. So if everything was proper and above board why did Hunter QUIT his high paying Burisma job the month before daddy Joey announced he was running for POTUS? Ya right nothing to see here.

  26. BIDEN made a comment that he doesn’t believe he will finish his term if elect President. Now we have heard that he planned on having Michelle/ Micheal as his VP! That shall turn you away from him! We know that the Obama HATE AMERICA AND WHITE PEOPLE! We don’t need to fall back into another down turn toward a third world country. That is OBAMA idea of staying in power of the country.

  27. IF Biden somehow does win we had better flip the house….IF not there will NEVER be an inquiry into the misdeeds of Biden OR ANY other democrat.

  28. “Exploitation”? spewing from the lips of Pelosi about the Supreme Court Judge—from the richest woman in Congress worth $170 Million, a ‘catholic’ creature who claims “she prays for Trump,”… Does she not pray for the 59 Million Abortions in the U.S. and the tens of thousands of children molested by the priests she takes Holy Communion from?…in other words, Pelosi willingly consumes the “Body & Blood of Christ” that has been contaminated …it’s her soul that has been “Exploited” in thinking praying has fixed these problems in her 70+ years in which she worships at the altar of sexual proclivities and the ugly animal instincts of her catholic priesthood…

  29. The Democrates cannot get their administration together. Thanks to their leadership on the backs of these corrupt leadership. Not only the top but the intelligence community as well. Wow! What a shame. This is very bad news with a bad mark insulting to an injury on my party. They can’t be trusted. What can we do to fix this? What mess of a Democrat train wreck.

  30. Sorry Julio Richard you are so WRONG! Obama was the one who didn’t belong as president! He did nothing but divide the country. And it look like you are still left behind. Because our economy was BEING PUSH TO CHINA BY OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRAT HOUSE! But TRUMP bring back those jobs and help ALL RACE TO FIND JOBS! The only problem there left of Obama and people like you. IS THERE JOBS WERE THERE ONLY BLACK MANAGER HIRE ONLY BLACK PEOPLE! SO WHO ARE THE RACIST ONES? Yes I can prove it! Because if a company is NOT divide down the middle then there is RACE CARD BEING PLAY! They don’t deserve any federal funds.

  31. Bwa hah hah! The Dems are between a rock and a hard place! They are finagling and coniving every way they can to make sure Comrade Bernie doesn’t get the nomination so Biden can get it and Biden, if elected President will be impeached and removed, then there’s Lieawatha Warren the airhead spacecadet screwball, then there’s failed Mayor Pete Buthead, then there’s, there’s, there’s….okay everyone’s got the picture!
    The Dem party is going to implode, bigly! I don’t think I have ever seen them without a relatively viable candidate EVER before! Bwa hah hah!

  32. Hell yes impeach Biden!!!! And watch the two faced commiecrats run to his rescue. That retarded old bastard admitted to bribery on camera. If he’s elected, I might look into what I as a citizen can do about it.

  33. julio Trump has been the best thing that has happened to this Country in decades no matter what you think the Bidens Pelosi and the rest of scum-sucking democrats need to be in prison for what they have put this country thru

  34. The Bidens, John Kerry’s stepson, pelosi’s nephew, & the same others were involved in $1 Billion dollar scam. Part of which was the reason for the ranch debacle involving government authorities. Biden’s son posed as a Cracker Jack investment banker.

    Biden’s, Clinton’s, Obamas, Pelosis, Waters, no Democrat politician will ever be convicted of anything until the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, basically all the alphabet soup government agencies are closed down one by one with staffs replaced from top to bottom. I am tired of hearing about good agents in any of them. The foot soldiers had to be complicit in all cases.

  35. she is right biden should be investigated with his family following behind him, but hunter first, i would like ya all to pick up a book by Peter Schweizer ( profiles in corruption the political elete) politicians who and their families get rich just because of family name or a friend of a politician sanders also and many other’s. read all of his books. and see what john solomon’s reports and check his new news outlet, (just the news .com) it’s time for real thinking people to listen to real truth’s instead of fake news propraganda.

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