Joe Biden got some bad news with this devastating response to his State of the Union

Joe Biden and the Democrats hoped the State of the Union speech would reset their flagging political fortunes.

But even Biden’s allies panned the effort.

And Joe Biden got some bad news with this devastating response to his State of the Union.

You know it is bad for a Democrat when not even the corporate-controlled media can cheerlead for the State of the Union.

On NBC’s Today Show, co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Meet the Press host Chuck Todd about how Biden’s speech fit into the bigger geopolitical context of Russia invading Ukraine.

“Chuck, when we look back at this speech in history, and the moment that we are in, not just as a nation but the world. I mean, the President framed it as democracy versus autocracy. He said this is a real test. Did it meet the moment in terms of, you know, the real good versus evil struggle that is unfolding, you know, half a world away right now,” Guthrie began.

Todd did not give the speech rave reviews.

“Let me put it this way. In some ways, for the sake of the Ukrainians, I hope we don’t say it didn’t — I hope we say, oh, it was about right. But I fear this is going to feel like a speech that didn’t age well…,” Todd began.

Biden began the speech by taking a victory lap over the sanctions America and the West leveled against Russia.

But the triumphalism in Biden’s rhetoric did not match the reality that all the sanctions in the world failed to deter Putin from invading Ukraine.

And the Russian army still holds overwhelming military superiority over the Ukrainians and is likely to achieve victory in the end.

Todd also criticized Biden for not offering a fuller explanation about the origins of the conflict and why deterring Russia from seizing land was important, stating:

As you said, good versus evil, explain what — a little bit more and a little bit of the history of the defense of Europe, and a little bit of how — why we’re in this position, why we have these alliances, what it all means.

And it just felt like an abrupt end after the 12 minutes of that. And it felt like, boy, we could have had more. There was more to say. I think there was more that the public would have. And this turned.

The corporate-controlled media serves as an adjunct for the Democrat Party.

And when the corporate-controlled media criticizes Democrats, it means events have gone off the rails.

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