Joe Biden had everyone asking about coronavirus after this shocking video

Joe Biden is adding fuel to the fire about concerns regarding his health.

Americans skepticism of Biden only grew about a jaw-dropping moment during the latest Democrat debate.

And Joe Biden had everyone asking about the Chinese coronavirus after this shocking video.

The latest Democrat debate kicked off with a discussion about the candidate’s plans to combat the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

Biden began his answer by coughing into this hand.

Biden’s campaign claimed the 77-year-old did not need to be tested for the Chinese coronavirus – despite being a member of an at risk group – because he was not showing any symptoms.

But Biden repeatedly coughed during the debate.

Donald Trump took a coronavirus test of an abundance of caution – despite not showing any symptoms and the White House doctor stating that the President was not in need of a test – to help calm any fears.

Many Americans are wondering why Biden does not take similar steps.

It reminds voters of Hillary Clinton hiding obvious health issues – including a supposed diagnosis of pneumonia – during the 2016 campaign.

Will Biden put these concerns to bed by taking a coronavirus test?

Will the Fake News Media demand he do so?

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Joe Biteme Biden is a demented, senile , old fool who doesn’t even remember where he is or who he was VP for. Why would anyone vote for this pathetic lying crooked old jerk?DCC

  2. Bernie Sanders is dirty communist and dictator He is immoral Because he wants to take 18 trillion from us and to share with his friend Ocasio included Obama Crazy dreams will go in bin They can relax on that

  3. You got it, Vincent! Everyone knows Joe Biden has no business being president, so why do you think the democrats are pushing so hard for his election to the presidency?!? So he gets shoved aside and the real democratic person takes over! WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE!!!

  4. I have very little faith in what the Democrats would be doing in this situation of the China sent over Crisis. And God forbid if we had Moscow Bernies Medideath for All. Crap health care for everybody…Yaaaaa Non Citizens in line in front of you, Surely there would be riots because of it for sure… If you.have any memory of the Obama administration Health Care Rollout, and they still can’t even get a caucus correct in little Iowa. Surely millions would die from incompetence in this crisis!

  5. Biden should be tested. And what happened to Julio? He has learned new words. But he still proves himself to be an idiot

  6. I think that Mr Trump will make the best president. He is the best President ever. No question asked. He has done what he said that he would do. Besides you don’t want a dictator do you?

  7. Biden is not mentally fit to lead the country. He has had too many senior moments or what I call: slipping gears. Besides, his whole attitude depicts his inability to stay calm under pressure as noted in some of his town hall meetings.

  8. Let’s see. Joe coughed into his hand? I bet he shook Bernie’s hand at the end. Maybe there is method in his feebleness.

  9. The issue is ( not) his health or his mind…. he is telling everyone else what to do and he doesn’t know, or remember, to cough
    into his sleeve!!!!

  10. I’m not concerned about Biden’s physical health, I’m profoundly concerned about Biden’s mental acuity, the man has obvious mental health issues and shouldn’t be anywhere near the nuclear button.

  11. Joe would pick a black woman as Supreme Court Judge. OMG talk about kissing up for the vote. Justice is supposed to be blind. Sex, the color should have nothing to do with the selection. He would select based on sex and color regardless of the best choice. When we pick our next president his qualities will come into play and sex and color will have nothing to do with it. Dementia and Communist might disqualify

  12. Biden has serious mental issues. If the Dumbocrats want him in office so they can claim him incompetent’s and let his VP of choice take over, they are really stupid and hard up. the Dumbocrat do not have anybody in their party that is competitive enough to be President

  13. H3 just coughed no big deal. I just hope the devil worshippers realize that he is no longer home. Who ever the left wants to be president they will put as his vp. If he were to be elected they would declare him incompetent and put the vp in office.

  14. In response to Uncle Hoppy’s post, Biden has expressed no desire to appoint “Bolshevik Lenin-Sanders” as his VP, the Hildabeast or even the Naziist jew are more likely to be chosen as “Creepy Criminal Treasonous Pedophile Sleepy Eyed Ole Joe’s” running mate.

    So you cannot be a jew and still adhere to the Nazi ideology then clearly you know nothing of so many wealthy zionists, you can start with Georgie Soros.

  15. Why are not the members of the Chinese government and the major investors of multinational corporations of United States citizens not being held accountable for those infected within the United States by those middle mgmt. lackeys for said major investors of United States multinational corporations?

    From what I hear the top executive for prior mentioned corporations and the Chinese government have approved United States multinational corporations to send miidle mgmt. representatives back to China to continue to conduct business there.

  16. Notice how Sanders won’t directly attack Biden? All Sanders says is we must remove Trump from office. Makes me wonder if Sanders is keeping the door open for the VP spot, or at least throwing his support towards Biden once he loses like he did with Hillary.

  17. That’s all we need. A sick old fool with coronavirus. Not to mention being retarded. Biden and Bernie looked like two old guys in a rest home arguing about a dominos game.

  18. Old Joe still need a check up! If I was Bernie Sanders I would ask for a mask! Old Joe doesn’t care about anything but getting his dream job of destory AMERICA!

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