Joe Biden has a big coronavirus problem that no one wants to talk about

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now the frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential nomination.

Democrats and the Fake News Media are popping the champagne corks over his supposedly “inevitable” victory over Donald Trump.

But now Joe Biden has a big coronavirus problem that no one wants to talk about.

The Fake News Media and Democrats want to exploit the spread of the Chinese coronavirus to damage President Trump’s re-election chances.

However, the top digital staffer for Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign tweeted out a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is allowing the Chinese coronavirus to spread uncontrollably to create a crisis that would benefit his re-election campaign.

This is the type of baseless conspiracy theory that so-called ”journalists” at fake news CNN seized on to ban Trump supporters like radio host Alex Jones from all social media platforms.

In this case, Biden’s top digital staffer is claiming the President allowed the Chinese coronavirus to spread because supposedly the American people won’t change leaders during a crisis or because the President thinks he will lose and will use Chinese coronavirus as an excuse to suspend the election.

Both of these claims are utter nonsense.

And Joe Biden and his campaign should disavow these outrageous remarks.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Have you not noticed??The Demons plan’s are to show the many Biden gaffs over and over so they can declare him incompetent and replace him with Andrew Mark Cuomo to challenge Trump. Why else would Cuomo have news briefs that aren’t so brief every day. He is building his ‘base’ and already challenging Trump. Demons are not going to let Biden be in that position – Now they think they have the perfect answer – Andrew Mark Cuomo

  2. with democrats…the only thing that exceeds the breadth of their ignorance is the depth of their stupidity.

  3. We must take back the house and send the Democrats packing and in the senate as well every man and women’s vote will help make that happen as well as our. Young people as well so they will have nation called America one nation under Godwith liberty and justice for all in theirs mothers womb as well save Americaj

  4. All the house democrats are selfish pigs that don’t care about American people, They just what money in their pocket and I don’t mean pocket change they what to clean you out because they are on china’s side down with the baby killing communist democrats. They are racist ,hateful and im sure they stink

  5. Joe Biteme Biden is the American living form of the Corona virus. Hopefully he will be stamped out in Nov. election.

  6. The DEMONcRATs have truly lost any and all comprehension of reality. We are watching their evil Baby murdering and their sodomy devour their souls.

  7. These people are INSANE to want the very serious virus to take out the President. I pray that God punished everyone of them!!!!

  8. If the democRATs think Biden is the best man for the job I shudder to think what they would find unsuitable. I know the leftists are insane but come on, Biden as president? That’s a surefire disaster waiting to happen. I’d watch who his VP is as that is who will be president when he is declared incompetent, in the very unlikely scenario he got elected.

  9. Be that as it may, Joe Biteme is a senile demented old fool who couldn’t be elected dog catcher cause the dogs are smarter than he is. Of course that goes for julio laredo also, what an imbecile.

  10. Memory refresher: 2009. In June of 2009 WHO declared the H1N1 ,Swine flu a pandemic. Obama didn’t react until October of 2009.
    Over 59 MILLION people were infected, 265,000 were hospitalized. And the death toll was 12,496. All these same democrats were in office then and say around with their thumb up their butts so as not to embarrass Obama for his lack of action.
    Trump is on this. He will win again even with the opposition from the dems who are want to turn this into a major crisis to try to steal the 2020 election, knowing they can’t win.
    They should all be voted out. We need true Americans in the House and Congress, not these useless crap muffins the clueless den voters have stuck Americans with.
    Vote, vote get out the vote and Make America Great Again. MAGA 2020!!

  11. Vicious rumors, sensationalism, fake news.

    To proclaim that Trump is deliberately exploiting coronavirus is INSANE — clearly, dysfunctional stunted haters will imagine any irrational fiction to discount and attack Trump.

    Hitting below the belt. Pathetically disgusting.

    Such ridiculous slander will only sway more Democrats and Independents to switch to the Republican Party and vote to re-elect Trump.

    People are not that stupid and gullible.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  12. You have to keep in mind the fact that there is nothing lower than a communist-democrat. They will lie and cheat and steal and even murder to get their way or to get into a position of power.

  13. They are nothing but stinking liars! The nazi democrats would lie, steal, cheat and even murder to get into power! That ass that’s spreading this vicious lie about our president should be sued for damages! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised id these mongrel dems are the ones who colluded with China to bring this virus! Thry don’t care who they murder as long as it fits their evil agenda!

  14. Think about this! There has been talk about “Germ Warfare”. Could it be that China did not notify the world about this crisis earlier for a reason. Take down countries without ever firing a shot? And Joe Biden thinks “China” is so great?

  15. We have a so-called government that has lost its way to money. They all need to go. We need real people in the office.

  16. When congress should been doing something about the coronavirus instead they were trying to impeach the president.

  17. Joe Biden has far more problems than just an idiotic campaign staffer. His biggest problem is being a Democrat. The Democrat party is nothing more than a collection of useful idiots for CPUSA.

  18. As our President has stated” The Swamp Is Even Deeper Than I Thought”. Those of us that have any intelligence can see exactly what the Democrats and the Fake News Media are up to so the swamp will need not only 4 more years of President Trump we will need another 8 years of another Man/Women of his caliber. We need to vote all the Democrats out of the House and give our President the support of the House and Senate. This upcoming election is a critical need in order to drain the Swamp a little more. The devious Democrats and the Fake news Media will say and do anything to regain controls and sell out the American People for their New World Order and get rich doing so.

  19. These DemocRATS in congress make me sick, they are willing to hold up the funding needed to help stop this virus. But no they have to put on their big pork spending plans.
    So if the president rejects this bill, these slime demoRATS in congress can let their proper gender new media run wild with fake news stories on how this president is against the people. WHAT SCUM WE HAVE IN CONGRESS.

  20. I love my president. He is smart and a great guy. Cares about the country and love USA. I am proud to be
    here for my man. Love both her and him. Mr. & Mrs. America.,,❤️

  21. Hey Julio LAredo you dont have brains. You think that our President is an IDIOT?
    You are the one, just look at the results.

  22. Joe Biden and his “Staff” are living in a Fantasy land of
    make believe ! I guess they don’t realize that the American Public are well aware by now of all their “Fake news ” and ridiculous comments designed to smear all the good work being done by Our Duly Elected President Donald Trump and his Administration Very much unlike the Donkey People’s Speaker who giggles at the Corona virus and the Criticism of a working organization that actually cares about the Welfare of ALL Americans !

  23. You know this virus may be a good thing if it infects the congress and Senate. Then the swamp might get drained and we the people elect people that actually want to help this country. I don’t want anyone to die. I just want people that actually love this country in our government. Big government is not what this country was founded on. It was founded to get away from big government and unfair taxes.

  24. Don’t worry people God put Trump into office and only be he can him out. It doesn’t matter how stupid some people are there will not be enough of them to remove our president. The people on the left will laugh at this because they don’t believe in God but that is why they still don’t know why they lost in 2016. They will be scratching their heads for another 4 years after November lol.

  25. Biden is a corrupt beady eyed little puke. He’s the only reason Obama was not taken out, because nobody wanted Biden to be president then and anyone with any sense doesn’t want him as presiden now.

  26. Can anyone explain to me how Joe Buffoon is qualified to be president when half the time he doesn’t know where he is and can’t tell his blond wife from his brunette sister. The only logical reason is the DNC will ensure their choice is VP on the ticket and soon will immediately enact the 25th Amendment to replace him with someone who couldn’t otherwise get elected aka Hillary, Mooch, etc.

  27. all th false info is coming from the dum o rats and there fake media reporters who keep lying to the american public . very shameful and proves they have no morals , sure hope someone in there family comes dowm wit c-19

  28. Who will be his running mate. Word is going around that it just might be HUNTER BIDEN, hoping to save each other.

  29. Julio Laredo can actually spell “idiot”. Amazing. The question is, does he know the meaning of the word? Since he thinks President Trump is an idiot, I think not Perhaps he should apply the term to himself.

  30. Bitme was VP when the swine/Obama flu killed 100.000 Americana. I’m sure most of you don’t remember this, because the MSN didn’t report on it. They had to protect their black creature.

  31. The left (aka Democrats) always accuse others of that which they are guilty. What President Trump did yesterday in preparation for a pandemic here in the US, is beyond their ability to create themselves so, all that is left to them is their own thoughts which , if they were in power, might be to encourage the carnage of a pandemic. Thank God none of them can do this with Trump at the helm.

    Democrats are the shame of the US.

  32. Remember the democrats mantra “by any means necessary” whether it be logical or not.
    They are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. Sadly the low intellect of those that support democrats is acting as an impediment to prosperity for all. KAG 2020

  33. President TRUMP is A Man with HONOR and Serinit y! He will never never be smll minded wizzle like that! Whoecer created suh rummors is the one who is guilty of this kind of SHAMEME!

    God bless and keep our President TRump Healathy, Happy and Frutiful for the Good of our be loved Country! And, HE will wins his SECOND TERM!

  34. So first they’re cheering for a pandemic and financial collapse, claiming it could be Trump’s ‘Katrina’ or even ‘Chernobyl’, and now they’re claiming Trump let it happen just to hurt them? Fools can’t even keep their own damn lies straight, and they want to run the country.

  35. @Julio
    you are th idgit President Trump knows exactly what he is doing for we the people and this country. ulio go crawl in corner think about what our great President is doing and why.

  36. Vote for Biden if you want CubaCare.
    One size fits all government rationed healthcare. It’s wonderful.
    Don’t forget to bring sheets, toilet paper, and soap.

  37. Trump should be given a 3rd term because the democrats have done nothing but mess with Trump’s 1st term.

  38. The Dems are being led by the swamp creatures down the same devious lying manipulative slime they have been for decades. These are NOT the kind of people Americans need in positions of power and influence. It is vital to the survival of our freedoms and the preservation of our country that these skulking wraiths be stopped and put down hard. Trump 2020 for the sake and well being of the USA we love and that is the envy of the world.

  39. Suspend the election? What an excuse? The Democrates have been playing weirded out games since President Trump took office. They SHOULD illegally allow him to serve his three years that they have been messing with him!

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