Joe Biden heard three words that spell deep trouble for Democrats in 2022

Joe Biden and the Democrats have a major problem on their hands.

They cannot wish it away.

And Joe Biden heard three words that spell deep trouble for Democrats in 2022.

The September inflation report showed prices rose at 5.4 percent compared to one year ago.

That was the biggest jump in inflation in thirteen years.

Thanks to shutdowns that Joe Biden and his party supported in 2020, cargo ships are backed up off the coasts and ports do not have enough crews and truckers to unload and transport goods, creating a crisis of nationwide surges.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is one of the Biden officials trying to spin a rosy picture of the deteriorating economic outlook.

Klain retweeted a post from a Harvard University professor of the practice of economic policy who called massive shortages and inflation “high class problems.”

For Americans that are seeing their paychecks eaten up by rising gas and food prices and who are unable to buy basic goods because shelves are empty, inflation and shortages are not “high class problems.”

Instead, inflation and shortages represent a real-world crisis.

Traditionally, the economy is the number one issue in every election.

Joe Biden and his allies appearing indifferent to the inflation and supply chain crises that are driving up prices, choking off economic growth, and hurting working class Americans is not going to be a winning message.

And with Democrats defending historically narrow margins in both the House and the Senate, it will not take much of a shift in swing voters to hand Republicans control over Congress, which would spell the end of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

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