Joe Biden held a campaign rally and you won’t believe what happened next

In 2016, Donald Trump attracting tens of thousands of supporters to his rallies was an early clue the polls were wrong and Trump could win the election.

Now, in 2020, there may be more tell-tale signs from on the ground developments that Americans may once again be in for a surprise on Election Night.

And that’s because Joe Biden held a campaign rally and you won’t believe what happened next.

Arizona could be a pivotal state in this election.

Due to changing demographics and an influx of transplants from California, Arizona is trending blue.

Polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump and many forecasters think Arizona is the most likely red state to flip blue.

But on the ground reporting shows this may not be the case.

Fox 10’s Nicole Garcia reported from the scene of a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris event with tribal leaders where no supporters showed up.

“We’re right outside of the Heard Museum where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their motorcade arrived about one o’clock this afternoon,” Garcia reported. “They are meeting with several tribal leaders here at the Heard Museum, and not a lot of fanfare out here. There’s really not much to see — and I’ll step out of the way. So, it’s not your typical presidential campaign event. We don’t see people rallying outside. We don’t see signs or much of what’s going on. I’m told by one of the Biden staffers, local staffers, is that they kind of kept the details about the visit — as far as the timing and exact location — they didn’t want to give that out to the public because they want to keep the crowds to a minimum. They realize we are in a pandemic, and they don’t want a crowd of more than 50 people at their events.”

While most polls show Joe Biden leading in Arizona, the Trafalgar Group – who was the most accurate pollster in 2016 – just published a survey showing Trump leading Biden by four points in Arizona.

If this poll is accurate, then it is picking up on the lack of enthusiasm on the ground as evidenced by no supporters coming out to see Biden in Arizona.

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