Joe Biden held one private meeting that did not go at all like he hoped

Joe Biden tried to right the ship on his flailing Presidency.

Biden’s first effort was a bust.

And Joe Biden held one private meeting that did not go at all like he hoped.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers slumped as the American people judged his Presidency as a failure.

Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, COVID, the southern border, stamping out crime, creating jobs and controlling inflation.

Democrats wagered that ramming through a $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill that expanded socialism in America would turn Biden’s sagging fortunes around.

Those hopes were dashed by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin demanded Democrats pause on this bill and declared he would not support $3.5 trillion in higher taxes and socialist spending.

Biden hauled Joe Manchin into the White House to pressure Manchin to support the full $3.5 trillion dollars in new socialist programs.

But Manchin turned Biden down.

Axios exclusively reports:

Axios was told Biden explained to Manchin his opposition could imperil the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that’s already passed the Senate. Biden’s analysis did little to persuade Manchin to raise his top line.

Manchin held his position and appears willing to let the bipartisan bill hang in the balance, given his entrenched opposition to many of the specific proposals in the $3.5 trillion spending package, Axios was told.

The far-left wing of the Democrat Party initially proposed $6 trillion in socialist welfare programs and believes it already compromised too much with the $3.5 dollar proposal.

If Democrats cannot get on the same page then Joe Biden’s last lifeline to save his Presidency will fail.

And at that point Democrats may be wondering if they need a new candidate in 2024.

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