Joe Biden hid this secret kill switch inside your car

Photo by The White House via Wikimedia

Joe Biden’s power grabs threaten every aspect of American freedom.

Americans never knew what hit them.

And Joe Biden hid this secret kill switch inside your car.

Democrats and RINO Republicans defeated an amendment to the government funding bill offered by Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

Massie’s amendment would have defunded the car kill switch mandate Joe Biden snuck into the 2021 Green New Deal bill Congress passed.

The provision mandates each new car purchased after 2026 to include a kill switch that allows the government to spy on your driving and shut down your vehicle if the car senses your driving is impaired.

Democrats claim the kill switch will cut down on drunk driving.

But Massie noted during the debate on his amendment that the language into the bill didn’t specify drunk driving but that the vehicle would monitor driver performance.

“This law that was passed in a 1,000-page bill two years ago requires that automobiles can passively monitor the performance of a driver — not the blood alcohol content but the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle — to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired, not drunk. It says impaired and prevents or limits motor vehicle operation. That’s a kill switch. How much time do you have once your dashboard tells you that it doesn’t approve of your driving?” Massie stated.

Massie listed a common example of how the car kill switch will negatively impact everyday Americans.

“What if you’re a single mother and you’re out on in bad weather and you’re trying to avoid some obstacles? Ice perhaps, and you swerve three times? And your dashboard says swerve one more time, and you’re going to be pulled over to the side of the road, that you’ll have 100 yards to park this vehicle in the middle of nowhere with your children in the backseat,” he said, explaining that this is not “some fantastical scenario,” Massie added.

“This is what will happen if this is implemented. And this is the law. I have read it to you here. Now you maybe should have read it two years ago when you all voted for it on that side of the aisle. But it was in a bill that was 1,039 pages long. So I can understand how you don’t know what the law has in it,” Massie continued.

The point of the Green New Deal is to punish Americans who live lifestyles that liberal elites don’t approve of.

And that means Americans who live in rural communities where driving is a way of life.

Joe Biden already wants to force Americans into expensive and inefficient electric vehicles that can’t travel the same mileage as gas-powered cars.

Now Biden will mandate spying on Americans’ driving habits and force every vehicle to include a kill switch to turn off your car if you aren’t in compliance with whatever arbitrary standard the government sets.