Joe Biden instantly regretted sitting for this Fox News interview

Former Joe Biden took a media victory lap after his blowout win in the South Carolina primary.

But that strategy blew up in the former Vice President’s face.

That’s because Joe Biden instantly regretted sitting for this Fox News interview.

Since Biden can’t fundraise like Bernie Sanders and lacks Mike Bloomberg’s personal fortune, Biden depends on free media to get his campaign message out.

After South Carolina there was just 48-hours before Super Tuesday so Biden could not afford to pass up any interviews.

That led Biden to agree to his first Fox News interview in years.

But Biden’s appearance on Fox News Sunday turned into a disaster.

Host Chris Wallace quizzed Biden about his declining mental faculties by playing clips of Biden telling a South Carolina crowd he was a candidate for Senate and other gaffes that led many to question if Biden was going senile.

Biden tried to dodge the question by attacking President Trump and trying to turn the President’s “Sleepy Joe” nickname around.

“I’m not gonna try to, you know, assign names and insults to the stable genius,” Biden told Wallace. “This is a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, he doesn’t know how to run the country, he is making us more unsafe the way he’s responding to the coronavirus. He’s done virtually nothing well that I can see, and so I can hardly wait to debate him on stage. I want people to see me standing next to him and him standing next to me. We’ll see whose sleepy.”

But Biden ended the interview by confirming what the President and others who believe Biden is not mentally capable of handling the job of President were correct when Biden botched the name of host Chris Wallace by calling him “Chuck.”

“All right, Chuck, thank you very much,” Biden stated.

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  1. Joe Biden needs to be seen by a Doctor and have a check up for dementia I think he is in serious trouble he may be developing this dreded disease. Joe you better get a check up this is serious..

  2. I believe that the President can fix every America’s problem if the Democrats stop attacking him to win the election and let him do his job for the American people

  3. Alvin Hopper you are right it is pitiful to watch. This whole body of democrats is a joke. Trump 2020 God bless President Trump.

  4. I want Trump to go up against Bernie. I want someone to put that lying hypocrite communist in his place.
    If Trump goes up against Biden and defeats him the Democrats will just cry foul and say Trump rigged the election, or the Russians meddled in the election, or the republicans engaged in voter fraud. Any excuse they can make.

  5. Hey Loco Joe, just hang in there, the short bus is on the way it may have some extra marbles or not?

  6. We would be better off with Bernie facing Trump. There’s no way that Bernie could win. I believe that Trump would win against any of them, but commie Bernie would be easier to beat.

  7. It’s pitiful to watch – the powers that be will have him out of there as soon as Bernie is gone – If Joe can keep all his marbles in the can until then.

  8. If Biden were to get on stage with Trump it would be a blood bath. And Biden wouldn’t have enough band-aids to stop the bleeding. Andsomebody better lead him onto the stage and tell him what state he is in!

  9. This guy must be brain dead! Doesn’t he read thesame reports that Trump is quoting? Figuers don’t lie. He and the other dim witted Democrats tell so many lies and so often that they begin to believe them themselves. Warren, Beto, Biden, Bernie, Schiff, Pelosi, Clapper, Strock, Page,Rosenstein and the list goes on and on all the way up to Obama.

  10. It’s very sad to witness the demise of anyone!
    We, all, will get there, eventually-unless death comes first.

  11. I look for old Joe Joe to soon be extradited to Ukraine for his part in him and his son’s money laundering scheme. Joe on his way to the BIG HOUSE. This is the exact reason for his memory loss.

  12. When a candidate or an incumbent shows obvious signs of mental dysfunction, they should be told to leave the race & concentrate on their recovery instead. Biden is not well & should drop out. Talking about mental collapse, Bernard isn’t so fluid either. That’s from the insane & idiotic policies & radicalism he’s preaching. Have him build a retirement house in Russia…after his wife gets out of jail for her bank fraud.

  13. i would really relish the site of biden next to trump on the debate stage trump would make Biden look like the moron he is, Biden is a bumbling IDIOT

  14. President Trump is doing quite well for not knowing what to do. We need more presidents that are not politicians.

  15. Senile old Uncle Joe, the head of the Biden Crime Family, who enriched himself and his family when Obama placed him to head up liason with Ukraine and China. He can’t remember the host, or where he is. He should have called his “boss”–Obama and had him send his teleprompter, if Obama did not wear it out.

  16. First if President Trump does not know what he is doing we needed more Presidents why have all these ones that do been failing for the last 20 years? As far as Quid Pro Joe’s finance Issues he should be calling on his family as I am sure they will continue to reap the rewards of any political office thie crook holds!!!

  17. Right Jerilyn. His family should have a talk with him and explain that he’s had a long career and it’s time to stand down. We all will reach that time in our lives.

  18. Barry is pretty smart. He’s not endorsing anyone …so he says…until there’s only one candidate? Really? Even if its sleepy, creep, crazy, hair sniffin’, 30330 Quid Pro Quo Joe? Barry better do all the talking and let Joe wave to the 300 people attending and give the closing remarks. I’m expecting to hear something like BUDA BUDA BUDAT ALL FOLKS!!

  19. Such a sad state of affairs that his wife/family would still allow this man to run. It is evident that he has some serious issues. Very Sad

  20. Remember when Biden’s wife said we all need to just swallow and get Joe in the White House. WOW! LOOKS LIKE THE DEMOCROOKS ARE GULPING. Jack got it right.

  21. Old Joe Buffoon is really getting pathetic and I almost (not quite) feel sorry for him for his advancing dementia.

  22. Sad to watch Biden’ Moderate Stage Dementia progress in real time. His family and handlers are in obvious denial of the severity of his declining mental condition. President Trump will slaughter Biden on the debate stage.

  23. If Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, then Old Corn Pop better look at his campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders. If he can remember what her name is… “Lost in Space”

  24. Julio Richard Laredo: Donde esta’ usted, Senor? Loco en la cabeza? Two threads, same post. Makes NO sense, fella.

  25. Retard joe proved that his marbles are missing. He said that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Lol

  26. Bernie is too upfront and in your face about communism, and democrats know that will be a turn off in November for the general population. That’s why they’re looking for a more stealthy candidate like Obama was that will help bring communism incrementally.
    Creeping communism is what the democrats want – not a revolution.
    Look how much closer to communism we are today than 20-30 years ago.

  27. Democrats are in real trouble. Their party is fractured into so called moderates and outright communists. The two leading contenders are; a sympathetic Castro communist, and an old crooked man with the onset of dementia. Maybe the democrat party should split in half so we can have a 3 party system.

  28. I saw that on TV last night and I couldn’t believe it. Biden is trying to play down his dementia, and then forgets who’s interviewing him.

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