Joe Biden instantly regretted sitting for this Fox News interview

Former Joe Biden took a media victory lap after his blowout win in the South Carolina primary.

But that strategy blew up in the former Vice President’s face.

That’s because Joe Biden instantly regretted sitting for this Fox News interview.

Since Biden can’t fundraise like Bernie Sanders and lacks Mike Bloomberg’s personal fortune, Biden depends on free media to get his campaign message out.

After South Carolina there was just 48-hours before Super Tuesday so Biden could not afford to pass up any interviews.

That led Biden to agree to his first Fox News interview in years.

But Biden’s appearance on Fox News Sunday turned into a disaster.

Host Chris Wallace quizzed Biden about his declining mental faculties by playing clips of Biden telling a South Carolina crowd he was a candidate for Senate and other gaffes that led many to question if Biden was going senile.

Biden tried to dodge the question by attacking President Trump and trying to turn the President’s “Sleepy Joe” nickname around.

“I’m not gonna try to, you know, assign names and insults to the stable genius,” Biden told Wallace. “This is a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, he doesn’t know how to run the country, he is making us more unsafe the way he’s responding to the coronavirus. He’s done virtually nothing well that I can see, and so I can hardly wait to debate him on stage. I want people to see me standing next to him and him standing next to me. We’ll see whose sleepy.”

But Biden ended the interview by confirming what the President and others who believe Biden is not mentally capable of handling the job of President were correct when Biden botched the name of host Chris Wallace by calling him “Chuck.”

“All right, Chuck, thank you very much,” Biden stated.

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