Joe Biden is a nervous wreck after this bombshell news about Hunter Biden just broke

Hunter Biden is like a cold sore that won’t go away for his father.

His corruption is a thorn in Joe Biden’s side.

And Joe Biden is a nervous wreck after this bombshell news about Hunter Biden just broke.

Kazakhstan is a backwater former Soviet Republic located in Central Asia.

The country was recently rocked by an attempted revolution over rising gas prices.

Thousands were arrested and hundreds were killed as protesters burned government buildings before being put down.

It was the worst unrest for the country since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Normally, this wouldn’t be major news for Americans.

But there’s a Hunter Biden angle in the story.

Kazakhstan’s Chief of Intelligence, Karim Massimov, was arrested on suspicion of high treason.

Hunter Biden described Massimov as a “close friend.”

Now pictures have surfaced of Joe and Hunter Biden posing for a picture with Massimov.

The photo – which was originally posted by an anti-corruption website in Kazakhstan – also included powerful businessman Kenes Rakishev.

Information from Hunter’s infamous laptop confirms that he and Massimov were “close friends” and had a business relationship.

While working with Ukrainian energy company Burisma in 2014, Hunter attempted to get an oil and gas deal with Massimov while he served as Prime Minister of the country.

Hunter Biden even ditched his Secret Service protection to take the meeting with Massimov in Kazakhstan.

Hunter also brokered a separate $1 million business deal with Rakishev.

According to the New York Post, Joe Biden was a regular at a swanky Washington, D.C. restaurant where he and Hunter met Rakishev and Massimov during his time as Vice President.

The photo of the group was allegedly taken there.

According to a Republican Senate report, Rakishev wired Hunter’s partner at Burisma, Devon Archer, $142,300 on the same day in 2014 that Joe Biden met with members of the Ukrainian government about sanctions over Russia’s actions in the country’s Crimean Peninsula.

The same report says Rakishev supposedly wired the funds for a car.

“Hunter Biden’s long standing relationship with Archer . . . and the fact that the payment was timed perfectly with Vice President Biden’s visit to Kyiv to discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Crimea, the April 22, 2014 payment from Rakishev to [Archer’s company] raises serious questions,” the Senate Republican report stated.

Archer was later convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy on a separate matter.

In addition to the obvious potential corruption involved with Kazaks, the situation is giving Joe Biden another problem.

Hunter Biden has connections to a man alleged to be involved with the attempted overthrow of the Russian-backed Kazak government.

This potential connection could further inflame relations with Russia while Biden is already dealing with a tense situation with Putin over the Russian-Ukrainian border.

With another Hunter Biden scandal coming to light, it’s clear that Joe’s Hunter problems aren’t going away.

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