Joe Biden is about to confess to the worst mistake of his life

Joe Biden is running for president.

It’s one of the worst kept secrets in Washington, D.C.

But he is about to make a shocking revelation about his campaign that will be the worst mistake of his life.

Joe Biden is the Democrat establishment favorite to take on Donald Trump.

But the Democrat grassroots that is obsessed with socialism, race, and gender don’t want a 77 year-old white man as their standard bearer.

To correct that, Biden is mulling over announcing he will select failed Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as his running mate when he announces his Presidential campaign.

Breitbart reports:

According to Axios, Biden aides believe adding Abrams to the ticket would send a strong signal to voters that he’s not “just another old white guy.” The outlet said Team Biden isn’t going all-in on picking the rising progressive star just yet, worrying that the move could be received as a “gimmick” and open the former Vice President up to a new line of attacks.

The report comes after the two high-profile Democrats met last week in Washington, D.C.

Abrams’ failed bid for the governor of Georgia against Republican Brian Kemp garnered her national attention. Despite losing to Kemp 50.2 percent to 48.8 percent, Abrams still refuses to concede the race, accusing her opponent of suppressing black voters to win what was one of the 2018 midterm elections’ most-watched races.

Abrams, who delivered the Democrat Party’s official response to President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, recently launched Fair Fight Action, a group aimed at combatting voter suppression. In a federal lawsuit against Georgia officials, the group accused the state of grossly mismanaging its election system.

This would be a disastrous mistake.

It reeks of a desperation gimmick.

Some Trump supporters think Biden is a Jeb Bush-like figure that looks good on paper but is out of step with his party’s grassroots.

And picking Stacey Abrams would be a clear sign Biden knows he starts his campaign from behind the 8 ball.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



  1. If Joe and Stacey are running, I would hope that they will just keep running until they drop. Are the Democrats so desperate that they will have TWO LOSERS running on the same ticket? Losers will always be losers.

    • The rats will get rid of Ol joe and then Abrams be POTUS and Odumbass ERA starts all over! ONLY the DEMONRATS COULD PLOT SUCH A THING!!

  2. Yes, Biden is a pedophile; pawing all the little girls knowing the big ones would slap his face harder…is his son the same way?

  3. So o’l uncle Joe is going to double down and choose another loser, like himself for his running mate? Joe, you might want to go out behind that shed you wanted to take President Trump, and pick out a good strong SWITCH, because your going to need one if you think you can make Stacy Abrams run! you’ll be lucky if you can get her to walk fast!

  4. Thank you JanMetdePet for saying the “little girl” thing, I was going to but instead I’ll say I watched a couple of those videos and it’s very plain to see what he is….absolutely sickening and disgusting….unbelievable🤔 that anyone would vote for a reprobate😝like him. I would assume they are the same type he is! We can hope he chooses big-mouth pi$$ed-off radical Stacey Abrams as his running mate he’ll be even less likely to get votes!! Plus he’s a big fake and not smart!!

  5. China was not the only place ol joe traveled to with his son Hunter and entourage on board Air Force 2–He also visited the Ukraine and Hunter was made a board member of a Ukranian business and 3 billion bucks went back to the USA into the coffers of the BIDEN EMPIRE.. Peter Schweitzer has a new book coming out this month called “Hidden Empires” and it is a tell all complete with photos of the Biden criminals. Where was Obama when this was going on? Are they that brazen they commit this criminal activity under everyone’s nose or is it just fine with their constituents?. Please Demomarxists put ol joe and the GA loser on the ballot????

    • This would be a disastrous mistake…………….The whole democRATic party is a mistake. Let them two run together, maybe with her as a running mate he will keep his hands off little girls.(Lots of pictures on the net)

    • He has not Ben convicted but the evidence is there. Are you blind to that?! You haven’t seen tolder vid where he is seen draping himself over young girls as well as older women?! Are you that evil you can’t see evil?

  6. Joe can add anyone they’ve got as his Presidential running mate; e.g., A Cortez, E poke-&-haunt-us Warren, Stormy Daniels, Whoopi Goldberg, or Donna Brazille. But that still leaves “Blarney Joe” on the ticket. It isn’t his age or his skin color that gives Americans concern. Heck, Bernie Sanders is old and White too. It’s his uncanny ability to assert the worst course of action for the country and his phoney portrayal of a caring person.

  7. Personally let him do as he pleases that’s another thumbs up for Republicans. Furthermore remember all the stupid (just a true DemoRat) remarks he made while vice pres, and oh shall we not forget that this guy can’t keep his hands off “young” women/girls. quote, pic of him on WH steps touching a young girl inappropriate girl in front of all and her parents. And I believe there were women also. Elect a Demo and say goodbye to your country.

    • PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE can you believe if these 2 LOSERS would make it to be president and vice President. GOD HELP US!!!!! Biden is 77 years old lives for a couple months into the Presidencey and then CROOKS< GOD HEP US we now have a BLACK KILLARY CLINTON LOSER, LOSER, LOSER for Pesident and she doesn't know her A$$ from a hle in the ground,and a DEMONRAT that the DEMONRATS can use as their puppet President and will be worse then whenOBAMA BIN LYING was president, there goes our country into a third world country. MY GOD This is just a thought but could happen…

  8. Stacy Abrams the woman who Hates White People And is a Racist Bigot!? That Stacy Abrams!? OMG well one thing I can say is that at least this one time he will probably keep his hands to himself!! Disgusting Pervert that he is! He only likes white girls ages 9-11 so I guess Stacy will be crying Racist and discrimination!!! Lmao 😂 This is so beyond ridiculous to pick this disgusting disgraceful so called woman! She is nothing but another Corrupt has been LOSER!!!!

    • Susan it’s said white people are taught to be racists. That’s probably true. People like abrams preach that it’s okay to hate whitey

      • Gee I thought that according to them, all white males are racists regardless of being taught that way. If you are a white male you are guilty until proven innocent in this instance.

  9. As unlikely as it may sound, the biggest mistake Joe made was getting his son on the Board of Directors for Gazprom. Joe put his son head to head against Putin where Putin’s #1 source of money acquisition was coming from.
    It was no ‘unfortunate occurrence’ Joe’s son got a massive case of a rare desease with a very rare subset of brain Cancer. As did Senator McCain… the #1 arms dealer in the world, the #1 military opponent to Putin via weapon sales to Putin adversaries…. same very rare cancer.

  10. We are reminded “If we don’t learn from history you will repeat it”
    Here is a piece of history that blacks in America have ignored at their own peril.
    “The Democrats are playing you for a political CHUMP and if you vote for them, not only are you a CHUMP, you are a traitor to your race!” — Malcolm X
    He was killed 2 days after he said those words!

  11. Biden’s next BIG MISTAKE of selecting Stacy Abrams as his running mate…

    Let’s be clear, President Johnson launched the “WAR ON POVERTY” and POVERTY WON! The same Asshole president that said “I’ll have those Nig*ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”…Taxpayers spent over $20 Trillion dollars over 25 years and blacks accepted that war chest like it was “reparations” and sat on their asses and utilized those funds like drunken sailors never giving a Rat’s Ass about advancing or improving themselves with those TRILLIONS that were squandered… Abrams is a classic example of the results… Black privilege, preaching to White Taxpayers that WE HAVE NOT DONE ENOUGH! To her and her black ilk she needs reminding that 600,000 white Americans lost their lives fighting against slavery in the Civil War, ending that slavery and giving blacks the right to vote and citizenship—to her and her, that is NOT ENOUGH. Nor was it ENOUGH that the majority of White Americans elected Obama twice…It’s time we throw this Poverty Pimp, Al Sharpton and this Old White Fart under the bus…

    • so very true.. yet the idiot morons that are voting now for idiot morons like occasional-cortezhole, the MOFOHO from Michiganistan and the rag hor illihanhole from Minnesotastan do not have the intellect, historical knowledge, civics knowledge, or the economic knowledge that would give them the ability to see beyond the lies of the leftist that they put into office.. What really steams me is after these ignorant voters put the trash mongers into the legislature in DC they are still supportive of them while watching the ignorance and arrogance on public display day in and day out..

  12. Biden looks good on paper? What the he’ll is wrong with the idiot media? Let’s see. Joe Biden likes feeling women up. especially young girls. Oh yes, that looks real good. What Does this say about the media? Maybe we need to look at the medias part, and hand into child trafficking. Does the media see the same thing the rest of us do? What is the media covering up?

    • You are right! What’s with Biden and little girls, and who knows what else? Just click on his name, and add little girls or pedophilia, and you’ll find more than you ever wanted to know. You know it’s even worse than what you’ve just read. Tell me why we, year after year, empower evil people to represent us in the world? We are as guilty as they, if we, knowing, continue to vote for these people. That he would think he could run, and pedophilia wouldn’t matter is a HIGH crime in itself! The average “Joe” would be jailed. Of course, there are no perfect people to elect, but pedophilia is worse than a bad business deal, and it should be a punishable high crime. We’re as guilty as they are, if we know and vote them into high offices or any office, for that matter. I, for one, am angry that these sick frauds have the nerve to show their face in public much less run for office.

  13. she was a poor loser in GA–had a recount and still insists she won–excuses”voter suppression etc., etc” and ol Joe has some splanin to do over the scandal when he and son Hunter and family entourage flew in A.F. 2 on our nickel to play footsies with the BANK OF CHINA to benefit his son’s equity fund by about a billion bucks. Peter Schweitzer has a new book out all about this scandal–It has taken ol joe 40+ years to build his family empire. THE BIDENS ARE CORRUPT THEIVES. Will the Marxist dummies really vote him in as President?

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