Joe Biden is about to make the border crisis go from bad to worse with this insane order

Caravans consisting of thousands of illegal aliens are marching toward the southern border.

There is a full on disaster in the making.

And now Joe Biden is about to make the border crisis go from bad to worse with this insane order.

The focus of Joe Biden’s latest round of executive orders was the Marxists concept of equity where the government guarantees outcomes instead of opportunity.

To that end, Joe Biden canceled government contracts with private prisons.

But private prisons hold 14,000 noncitizens and their fate is now up in the air.

“President Joe Biden is considering an executive order to phase out government contracts with private immigrant detention facilities, multiple sources with knowledge of the process say. But he has no immediate plans to issue such an order and the White House would only say that it ‘will take additional action in the future relating to the detention of undocumented immigrants,’” POLITICO reported.

Even if Biden does not go through with this executive order, the message to thousands of illegal aliens forming caravans is that interior enforcement policy in the United States is up in the air.

The Biden administration leaving it an open question as to whether or not private detention facilities will continue to house illegal aliens sends the signal that if illegal aliens make it into the country and are apprehended, there is a good chance they will be immediately released.

When Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s Vice President, the administration’s open borders policies invited an historic surge at the border in 2014.

That immigration crisis played a large role in getting Donald Trump elected.

And now it appears Joe Biden did not learn a lesson from the failures of the Obama administration.

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